why Windows 10 is slow

Why Windows 10 is Slow? [Reason & Solutions]

There were various operating systems were available in the market such as mac os, Linux, and Unix but amongst all these operating systems Windows is the most popular one. And at the current time windows, 10 version is available in the market, it is the updated version of windows 8.1. And there is an argument amongst the people that Windows 10 is a little bit slower.

So, in this article, I am going to explain to you some of the reasons why Windows 10 is slow and besides that also provide you the solutions about how should you make it faster. So, read this entire article for detailed information.

So, why Windows 10 is slow? there were several reasons and based on those reasons our windows 10 operating systems become slow, and here I mention all the reasons one by one- First is not enabling high-performance power option, the second reason is startup apps or unwanted apps, the third reason is defragmentation, fourth reasons are some temporary files. These are some of the common reasons and besides that, there are other reasons also there.

In the below section I have discussed all the reasons in detail and also provide the solutions about this, so read this entire article for detailed info.

Why Windows 10 is Slow? [Major Reasons]

Here in this section, I am going to share with you some of the essential reasons why windows 10 is so slow-

Not enabling the High-Performance power option:

Power option is a crucial portion of our computer and operating systems. Sometimes due to some reasons, our computer can slow down because of not setting the power button correctly.

And to resolve this problem you have to enable the high-performance power option.

Start-Up apps:

Sometimes due to some unwanted apps, your computer can slow down, and therefore to resolve this problem you have to disable the start-up apps or unwanted apps one by one.

Once you have deleted the unwanted apps it will help you to speed up the pc.


Generally, defragment or defragmentation is the process through which the defragmented data reduces. With the help of this process, you can make sure that your computer was running faster by improving your computer performance.

Disk Clean Up:

Sometimes lots of temporary files were getting stored on our computer and therefore it can provide harm to our computer and it can slow down our computer and therefore it is a mandatory process to the disk clean up your files.

Not enabling visual settings:

Within your computer, the visual settings are a stunning feature and if it is not checked into adjusting the best performance option then it can slow down your computer.

Therefore this setting is mandatory for you to do.

Temporary Files:

Temporary files are harmful to our computers and if you don’t delete these temporary files they will slow down our computers.

How to Fix your Slow Windows 10 OS and Make it Faster?

Here in this section, I will give you some solutions about how should you make your windows 10 faster for free without any kind of software.

Enable the High-Performance Power option: 

To enable this feature first visit the start menu and then search for the power option and click on that power option.

You will notice that here by default balanced option is selected and from here you have to change this option to the high-performance option.

When it was done just close the window.

Fix the StartUp apps:

To fix this problem just simply right-click on the taskbar option now click on the task manager option, and now go to the startup option.

Now from here, you have to disable the unwanted apps, just simply click the apps one by one and disable the apps and make sure that don’t disable the anti-virus apps or Microsoft corporation apps.


To do defragmentation just right-click on the start menu and type the defragment and optimize drivers and choose them.

Here all the drives appear in front of you and you have to select the c drive where the operating system is installed and now click on the optimize option it will need a few minutes to complete the process of defragmentation after analysis. Whenever it was done then close the window.

Disk Clean Up:

To do the task first right-click on the c drive and select properties and click on the disk clean-up option from here.

Don’t worry about the fact that it will clean everything, it will only clean up the temporary files of your computer.

Now in the new window click on the clean-up system files, it will take some time for calculating, and now finally click on the ok button and then click on the delete files option.

Visual Settings:

Just right-click on the start menu and search for the system option in the results click on the System option and on the left-hand side go to advanced and system settings.

Now click on the Settings option and here you have to change the option to adjust for best performance from here you can also enable other features by selecting them. After that click on the apply option and ok button.

Temporary Files Delete:

To delete all the temporary files from your computer just click on the start option and click on the run button and within the run command box, you have to type the %temp% and click on the ok button.

After that press ctrl + A from here to select, all the temporary files and press right-click from the mouse to delete all the files.

Now again go to the run command and type the prefetch and after that select all files by pressing ctrl+a and deleting all the items.

Hide Windows Services:

To hide the services click on the start button and again type the run to run the command and in the run command box just type the msconfig and press the ok button.

From here you have to go to the services menu and most importantly you have to click on the Hide all Microsoft services to not disable anything, just hide all Microsoft services and then click on the ok button.


To do this just type run on the search open the run command and here you have to type regedit then press the ok button.

From the left bar, you have to select HKEY current user and double click on that and selects control panel and double click on the control panel and then click on the mouse and here selects double click hover mouse option and here you have to change the data into 10.

After that go for desktop and double click on menushowdelay and change the value to 10 and press the ok button.

In ConClusion:

In this article, I have explained some of the essential reasons why windows 10 is slow. I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section please follow our website regularly for this kind of informational article.

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