Why Websites use Cookies

Why Websites use Cookies?

Generally, cookies are some kinds of files that usually save into your browser cache memory. When you visit any cookie-enabled website and if your browser’s cookies option is enabled then the website will drop a file into your device this is how cookies are attached to your website. But the most common question that people have asked that why websites use cookies.

The short answer is that the websites will be monitoring your behavior on the particular website. It will notice which things you are looking for, what products you are purchasing, and other essential information. So, whenever you will visit the website again then the website will show you the recommended and related results.

Besides, there are other uses of cookies and here in this article I will explain all the use of this, so please stick to the end of this article for detailed information. 

What are Cookies?

Website Cookies are also known as HTTP cookies or hypertext transfer protocol cookies. Generally, cookies are some small piece of data of a particular website that is stored on users’ devices while they are doing work or accessing the web.

Cookies can have multiple functions such as-

keeping track of users browsing activities to search for targeted information such as ads.

That is why when you search about books on E-Commerce sites such as Amazon then later you will see ads related to the books.

Cookies can also have simple functions such as remembering your login details for specific websites for example Facebook. And whenever you visit Facebook next time then it will not need your login details.

Furthermore, cookies are also helpful for website owners to track how many unique visitors they are getting every day. 

Because every cookie exists its self unique ID. So if a user visits a website more than two or three times in a day then the cookies allow us to count just ones.

In this way, the owner of the website gets much more accurate data about their website traffic.

The first browser cookie was invented in the year 1994, cookies at that time are used to identify your computer but now at that time there are lots of other functionality added to cookies and they can track your activities.

How do Cookies Works?

Well, how does a cookie is one of the common questions that people have asked, I have done a lot of research about this and here I explain how does a cookie work?

If I take an example of an online store, then when you have visited the online store website for the first time website puts cookies into your hard drive.

And it has its identification code. This site uses these IDs to track your unique sessions. 

Cookies only track you for that particular website and they can not track you for other websites.

Reasons for Why Websites Use Cookies?

I have already mentioned some of the essential information about cookies but if you are still in confusion about how websites use cookies then here I mention those points.

  • If you are a user and you have searched something on the internet and if you have visited any website and allowed their cookies then for the next few months you will see similar ads on websites, this is mainly happening because of cookies.
  • If you have visits to any kind of website where password and login-id are necessary and if by chance you have forgotten the password then you cannot visit that website next time. But if you allow the cookies of that website then there is no need to provide the password. It will automatically save the password for you.
  • Furthermore, website cookies are very helpful for a website owner. With the help of website cookies, and owner tracks the unique visitors to the website.

These are some of the essential reasons why websites use cookies

Why Website Cookies are Harmful?

well, cookies are helpful but as well as harmful also. In this section, I will be discussing why some cookies are harmful to you.

Normal cookies are not so much harm it can be irritative but not harmful but third-party cookies can harm your website and device.

When you visit the website you will notice that there are various kinds of ADS displayed on those websites such as pop-up ads.

And if you click on those ads then you will visit another window or another website if those websites or those windows implant cookies into your website then it can be harmful to you and it can detect your privacy, these are known as third-party vendor cookies.

Cookies are not available in encrypted forms. Generally, the normal cookies observe your activities on one particular website but the third-party cookies observe your activities through multiple websites.

And it can detect your login information, suppose you have entered your bank details somewhere then it can Catch your bank details information also. 

But you can disallow third-party cookies within your browsers.  

You can block cookies within your browser just visit your browser and there you will get three options.

One is to block all cookies this option will block all the cookies from the third-party cookies or the trusted website also.

The second option is to block third-party cookies this option is usually blocked all the third-party vendor cookies something like adds cookies.

Besides, these two options there is one more option that is asked every time, whenever you visit any website then the website asks you whether the cookies will be enabled or not.

What are the Needs for using Website Cookies?

There are some essential needs for using website cookies.

The first need is you can detect the user’s behavior on your website and users’ interest in what kinds of things they are looking for.

Secondly, if a user forgot any kind of information regarding login id and password then at this point cookies might be beneficial for those users. If the user allows the cookies then there is no need to remember the login and password details.

Thirdly cookies help the advertiser to show you the advertisement based on your interest. 

Lastly, when you visit an eCommerce website and looking for some products at that point the website asks you to accept the cookies and if you have accepted their cookie policy, then whenever you will visit that eCommerce website next time it will show you products regarding based on your pasts search products. 

As a website owner, you can use the cookies within your website and it will help you to track your unique and actual traffic.

Why do Websites ask to Accept Cookies?

Mainly the website wants to observe your activity on that particular website about what kind of things you are looking for, what products you are purchasing, and your other interest-based things that when you next time visit the website it will show your interest-based things, products, and other essential things. 

What Happens if you don’t Accept cookies?

Well, there is not any kind of bad thing that happens if you don’t accept cookies from websites. 

But if you are visiting any website where you have to put the login details and password every time then in that case cookies might be beneficial for you.

And if you have accepted cookies of these kinds of websites then there is no need to put the login details and password every time. 


In this article, I have discussed why websites use cookies. Well, you can also disallow the cookies if you don’t like this.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section.

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