Why to Learn swift Programming Language

7 Reasons Why to Learn Swift Programming Language?

With the advancement of technology, the use of programming languages is increasing day by day. There are numerous programming languages available.

According to some stats, there were approximately 700 plus programming languages available. But among all these languages not all languages were used by the programmers.

Swift is a very familiar language and it is used in various areas. In this article, I will introduce some of the primary reasons Why to Learn Swift Programming Language? 

If I converse about why to learn Swift programming in a compact, then I should say that it is a very modernistic and advanced programming language and this programming language can be used in various areas. It is a technology for building applications on Apple-related products and You can use this language within Mac OS, iOS, Watch OS, TV Os, etc. Many individual developers also admit the fact that swift programming language is the better choice to create Apple products in comparison to objective c.

Introduction to Swift Programming Language

Swift is A protocol-oriented and object-oriented programming language. It was discovered by Chris Lattner, Doug Gregor, John Mccall, and others.  

Initially, it was released in the year of 2014 and it supports different operating systems.

It was supported for Apple operating systems for iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, TV OS, watch OS, etc.

And besides that, other operating systems are also available where it can be supported such as in Darwin, Windows 10, Android, and others.

The file extensions of this programming language are. Swift.

This language was created by Apple in 2014 to take the position of objective c

Why to Learn Swift Programming Language?(Major Reasons)

Well, the learning of this programming language depends on your goals. If you want to develop applications for Apple such as in IOS or Mac Os then it is a very convenient programming language.

Besides that, there are some other significant reasons why to learn Swift programming language

Here I will mention some of the important reasons why to learn this language.

Clean and Concise :

It is the first essential feature of this programming language. 

The syntax of this programming language is very short therefore it allows you to write the code cleanly.  

Especially if we compare this Swift programming language with objective C then you will notice that the syntax of this swift programming language is very concise than objective c.

Expressive :

Although the syntax of this programming Swift programming language is very compact and concise but till it is still very expressive.

And you can declare a few lines of coding by declaring a single line of code with the help of this programming language.

And because of this feature, the readability of this programming language has become much better than the other languages.

Speed and Performance : 

Swift has very simple Syntax and the apps which are developed by using this programming language have loaded fast.

And in comparison with objective C, it is very faster.


Swift is a programming language used for iOS development. 

And therefore it has many documents available and very good support is also available.

Update :

Swift is a programming language that was developed in recent times in 2014. After that Apple declares that swift will be the default programming language for developing Apple products.

And being the default programming language of Apple products it was upgraded several times and recently the 5.2 version of this language was launched.


It is a very new programming language and many developers are not focusing on the training of this programming language.

And this language can be used to make various products such as – IOS, Mac os, Watch Os, Tvos, etc.

So if you have learned this programming language then you can easily get a job within any of the big IT companies as a developer.

Bright Future :

The selection of programming language can transform your career.  

If you select any programming language in which no work can be done in the future then you can slump into trouble.

Suppose, if you have selects the C programming language and learn only that language then you are in real trouble.

Because in the current time no work can be done with the help of the C programming language.

But that is not an issue with a swift programming language it is a very modern language that is used to build Apple products.

And the future of these programming languages is also bright.

What is Swift Programming Language Used for?

As I state in the uppermost section that Swift was originally released by Apple and therefore it is mainly used for the creation of Apple products.

And with the help of this programming language, various products can be created for the Apple platforms. Such as – Mac Os, IOS, Watch OS, TV OS, etc.

Furthermore, this language can also be used for the creation of some LINUX-based applications.

Disadvantages of Using Swift Programming Language?

All though Swift is a very popular programming language and it is very beneficial for programmers but still there are some disadvantages to using this programming language, and here I mention those disadvantages-

  • The first disadvantage of using this programming language is it is a very young programming language and it was initially released in the year 2014.
  • Secondly, being a young programming language there is not much documentation prepared about this programming language.
  • Thirdly, Swift programming is not comfortable using various IDEs or editors.
  • Lastly, it not supports IOS earlier versions.

These are some of the essential disadvantages of using this Swift programming Language.

How to Learn Swift Programming Language for Beginners?

There are no such shortcuts available for learning any programming language. To learn any programming language you have to devote time and practice that programming so extremely.

A similar case is with Swift, if you are an absolute beginner in this programming then it will take almost around 7 to 8 months to learn this language.

Or if you have already learned some amount of programming then it will take much minor time.

In this segment, I have suggested some of the resources and from here you can comfortably learn the Swift Programming Language-

  • Coursera
  • Stack Overflow
  • GitHub
  • SoSoSwift
  • Swifty
  • TreeHouse
  • AppCoda
  • Swift.org

These are some of the top websites from where you can easily learn about all the concepts of Swift programming.

Is it Worth Learning the Swift Programming Language?

Definitely yes, it is a pretty good programming language to choose for the developers. And there are several scopes and opportunities available for this programming language.

After the completion of this programming language, you will be able to create IOS and Mac OS applications.

If we compare the Android Developers and IOS Developers then you will be noticed that the IOS Developers will get a much more salary package than the Android Developers.

Besides that, the competition of this IOS Development is much more subordinate than the Android Development.

Based on all these factors it can be said that Swift Programming Language is a very much worthied programming language to learn.

Why is Swift the Best Programming Language?

All though I have already discussed some of the major advantages and disadvantages of using this Swift Programming Language, now in this part I will introduce some of the more essential points about why Swift is the Best Programming Language of the other languages.


It is a very fast programming language than the other languages.


It is also a very modern Programming Language and it was released in the year of 2014 by Apple.


It is a versatile Programming Language in comparison with other languages.

Community Support:

 This Programming Language has very good community support which is helpful for programmers to learn this programming language.

Final Thought

This article is all about Why to Learn Swift Programming Language? and based on all the constituents it can be said that Swift is a very demandable programming language which you can learn.

I believe you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section.

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