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Why to Learn JQuery? (Answered)

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Although there are several kinds of Javascripts frameworks available, JQuery is the most popular one amongst them. And in my opinion, it is the best Javascript framework. But people are always in confusion about is it worthy for them to learn Jquery, in this article, I am going to clear your confusion and discuss why to Learn Jquery?

There are few reasons which will state that Jquery is still worthied for you to learn. It is a very popular Javascript framework that is used through 75% of popular websites. It is very easy to learn, it is supportive to various browsers in old browsers as well as in newer browsers. Besides that, there are numerous plugins available within this library that will be helpful for the developers to accomplish their works. 

These are some of the most common and popular reasons why to learn Jquery, in the section below I have discussed this in detail. 

Why to Learn JQuery? (Major Reasons)

As I mentioned Jquery is a kind of Library of JavaScript which allows web developers to add several functionalities and features to websites.

Here in this section, I am going to state few essential reasons about Why to Learn Jquery?

Open Source:

JQuery is an open-source library of JavaScript And it is usually provided for free under the MIT license. 

Some other libraries and frameworks are also available for JavaScript but most of those frameworks are not open source.  

But jQuery is very much open source software therefore it has become very useful for web developers.


It is a very popular library or Framework that JavaScript has. and according to some statistics, there were almost 75% of websites are built with the help of this framework.

And being a popular Framework it has multiple tutorials and documentation available on the internet.

And therefore if you found some error within the learning process of jQuery then you can very easily solve that error or problem.


There are several plugins available for the jQuery framework.

Generally, the plugin is a piece of code That is written in a standard JavaScript file. And This file provides a short jQuery way That can be used along with jQuery library methods. 

With the help of these plugins, you can easily create social platforms.

Some popular Jquery plugins are-

  • Jquery Tooltip plugin
  • JQuery Image progress bar Plugin
  • JQuery Animated Scroll navigation Plugin
  • JQuery smart news ticker Plugin
  • Range slider plugin in JQuery and javascript
  • All in one chat on any social platform JQuery plugin

Animation and Ajax Support:

This is another good advantage of using the jQuery library. JQuery comes with several kinds of built-in animation effects, and these animation effects are not available to other libraries or in other frameworks. 

It also helps the developers a lot in developing a responsive and feature-rich site Using ajax technology. 

Cross Browser Support:

One of the most common problems of using libraries is that libraries do not always support all the browsers. Some libraries or frameworks support old browsers while some libraries and frameworks support modern browsers. 

But jQuery is one of the most popular frameworks of JavaScript which supports all the old browsers as well as in the modern browsers.

It supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers.

Besides that, it also supports css3 selection and basic XPath syntax. 

Easy to Learn:

If you have properly learned HTML and CSS then you can very easily learn the jQuery framework.

It is almost similar to some Syntax of CSS so if you properly gained the knowledge of CSS then jQuery might be a very little task for you.

Write less and Do more:

This is another good feature of using this framework. By using this Framework or library you can write less amount of code. 

And this less amount of code is enough to state the multiple lines of codes.

And in comparison with other JavaScript frameworks in this Framework, you have to write much less code to express or perform any coding lines.

Search Engine OptimiZed:  

Another good advantage of using the jQuery Framework is that it is fully to search engine optimized. It suggests that it is very much suitable for search engines.

Not all the frameworks or libraries are suitable for search engines but jQuery is very advanced and it is suitable for search engines.

DOM manipulation: 

Generally the time the Dem stands for document object model. And it is a programming interface for the HTML or XML language. Usually, it is an object-oriented representation of any document. 

And jQuery exists with this document object model manipulation features.  

And this feature is not available within other frameworks or libraries of JavaScript. 

Integration with VS Studio IDE:

Visual Studio IDE is one of the most advanced IDEs which is helpful for web developers. And most of the developers choose this IDE for its advanced functionalities.

The JQuery Framework is fully integrated with the Visual Studio code editor or IDE and therefore it has become very easier to use.

Similar with Animated Application:

It is very similar to animated applications and it also creates flash-like animated applications.

Compatible with JavaScript: 

This Framework is very much compatible with JavaScript programming. These programming languages are written with the help of JavaScript programming. 

Even in some cases when Javascript is disabled, a JQuery element is still displayed.

And this feature is not available within other frameworks of JavaScript and the other libraries are compatible with Javascript but not as much as the JQuery. 

Is it Worth Learning JQuery in 2021?

Well, in the upper section I have mentioned some of the useful points about why to learn JQuery, now in this section, I will discuss is JQery worth it for you to learn. 

JQuery is a very old framework of Javascript and it has come from that time when JavaScript was not much advanced and no APIs are present within the JavaScript.

And at that time JQuery is very good to use because there are several interoperability issues and animations are there which do not exist within JavaScript at that time.

But in recent times modern JavaScript comes and therefore it takes the place of JQuey. Now the question here is which one should you learn – modern JavaScript or JQuery. 

If you are a beginner and you learning Web Development then I should suggest you not learn JQuery instead of that you can learn modern JavaScript which exists all the features of JQuery. Well, that does not mean that if you achieve a master’s in JQuery then you have to leave that because still, JQuery is a very helpful framework for web developers

Here the explanation is that if you are a learner and you just want to build websites then JQuery will not be beneficial for you. But if you have learned the CSS syntax very well and you don’t want to learn Javascript then you can Stick with JQuery.

Finally, if I say about is it worth it to learn JQuery or not then I should say that the time has come to say goodbye to JQuery and adapt modern JavaScript instead of JQuery.

Is JQuery Dead?

Some time ago JQuery became a very popular library to use in Web Development and at that time JavaScript was not an advanced kind of language.

Many features were missing within JavaScript but in the current time, JavaScript has become a very advanced language.

When Javascript was not so much an advanced language at that point JQuery fulfill the place and it has become a very essential library for web development.

Over the period JQuery also updated itself and its stable version was released in the year 2021. But it can be said that Javascript or modern Javascript takes the place of Javascript.

Furthermore, more than moreover than 73 % of websites still use JQuery for websites purpose, and therefore it cannot be said that JQuery is Completely Dead but instead of that it can be said that the use of JavaScript becomes much higher. 

Best Way to Learn JQuery (Roadmap)

Before learning any programming or any library it is necessary to learn it properly. 

Because if you don’t properly learn this you will be unable to learn it and you will leave.

Here I provide a detailed roadmap about how to learn JQuery and from here you will understand what is the best way to learn JQuery within 3 months.

Step 1:

Before starting any programming language, I should suggest everyone learn HTML fast. Because without the concept of HTML you will be unable to understand all the basic concepts of web development and programming. 

So before starting jQuery I recommend learning HTML properly for 1 month.

Step 2: 

After the completion of HTML move on to CSS. And CSS is very essential to learn jQuery properly.  

Because the syntax of jQuery is almost similar to the syntax of CSS.  

So if you learn the CSS properly then you can easily understand the concepts of JQuery syntax. So for the next one month learn CSS and practice CSS so much. 

Step 3:

After learning HTML and CSS then you can move to Jquery. Now you can easily understand the basic concepts of jQuery because you have already learned the HTML and CSS structure. 

If you follow this process then you can easily learn the Jeep jQuery from Basics to advanced within 3 months. 

And there is no need for taking any paid course to learn JQuery. In the below section I have mentioned some of the YouTube channel names from which you can easily learn all the skills and concepts of jQuery from Basics to advanced.

Best Youtube Channel to Learn JQuery

Here in this section, I have stated some of the best YouTube channel names from where you can learn JQuery without paying any kind of cost.

  • Edureka
  • kudvenkat
  • Traversy Media
  • Ej Media
  • Learn code. Academy

These channels provide the best tutorials about JQuery which you can follow.

How Long Does it Take to Learn JQuery?

If you are an absolute beginner in the computer programming field then it will take some time to learn jQuery. Because you have to start with HTML and CSS then move on to Jquery it will take approximately around 3 to 4 months.

But if you already have some knowledge about HTML and CSS then you can learn jQuery within a very short period. And if you devote time then you can learn this within one month also. 

Is it Hard to Learn JQuery?

It is hard for those people who directly started jQuery without learning any other basic programming languages. But if you learn the CSS properly then it will not remain harder for you.

What to Learn after JQuery?

If you are learning web development and you have learned HTML, CSS, and jQuery then I should suggest you learn JavaScript, in fact, modern JavaScript.

It will boost your skills in the field of web development and you will be able to create websites in a much more effective manner.

Is it Necessary to Learn JQuery?

If you have asked this question a few times ago then everyone should say that it is very necessary to learn jQuery to become a web developer.

But over some time JavaScript improves well and in the current situation if you learn JavaScript then it is not necessary to learn jQuery. 

Can i Learn JQuery without JavaScript?

Yes, you can learn jQuery without JavaScript but on the other hand, it can be said that you have to learn the CSS Syntax very well to learn the JQuery. 

CSS is the most essential thing to learn about jQuery. 

Final Thought:

In this article, I have mentioned some of the essential points about why to learn jQuery and why to not learn Jquery.

And based on those facts it can be said that jQuery is a very good framework to learn but it is not necessary to learn web development. 

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of inquiry then you can ask me in the comment section.

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