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Why Python is Better than Java? [Deatailed Analysis]

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According to Wikipedia, there were almost more than 700+ Programming languages available. And Python and Java have become the most prominent and usable programming languages among these languages. But when most programmers start their programming career they fall into confusion about which programming language is best for them to learn, is it Java or is its python?

So, Why Python is Better than Java? there are several causes depending on which we can say that Python is a better language than Java the first reason is python is very easy to learn and it is a dynamically typed language and it is a not compiled programming language it is interpreted language. And besides, several kinds of tasks can be done with the help of Python programming language you can use this language in machine learning applications within the operating system, game development, web development, language development, prototyping, image processing, and in several other areas.

In the below section I have discussed both these languages in detail, so please read this full article for detailed information.

If we compare Java programming with Python programming then we will notice that Java is a general-purpose computer programming language, it is a very fast and Secure, and reliable programming language. While on the other hand Python is a high-level programming language, it is a very efficient and readable, powerful programming language.

Python and Java both languages appeared almost at the same time. 

Java appeared in the year of 1995 while Python appeared in the year of 1991 since that period both languages has become very familiar and usable programming language over the decades.

And over the period Python has updated its algorithm and features and therefore it has become a much more prominent language than Java language.

And here in the below section, I have discussed some of the essential features of Python Programming which not exist within Java programming.

Why Python is Better than Java? [6 Major Reasons]

In this section, I will discuss some of the essential causes of Why Python is Better than Java?

Short Syntax:

If you compare the syntax of Python Programming and Java programming you will notice that both the programming language has simple Syntax but the difference is in their length. 

If you write coding Syntax within both the programming languages within Python Programming as well as within Java programming you will notice that within Python Programming you have to write much less code in comparison to Java programming.

And because of the simple syntax of Python, most developers choose Python before choosing Java programming.


Although Java has become a very familiar programming language for creating mobile applications and games.

But with the help of the Python programming language, you can also perform several kinds of tasks and various kinds of things can also be done with the help of Python programming.

Python is useful in all the latest and trending Technologies. Python can be used in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, web development, IoT, and several other areas.

And therefore because of the diverse uses of Python Programming, programmers adapt this programming language. 


One of the core factors about why developers are choosing Python programming language instead of Java programming is that there are numerous frameworks are available within Python programming.

Frameworks are generally a collection of packages or modules that will help developers to create applications in a much easier and faster manner.

However, there are lots of web frameworks available within the Python programming languages and these frameworks are really helpful to perform several tasks.

Here I mention some of the popular Python frameworks name- Django, Flask, web2py, Turbogears, pylons project, Ruby On Rails, and this kind of frameworks. 

These frameworks do not exist within the Java programming language.

Simple to Learn:

If you are a beginner and want to learn computer programming then I should always suggest you go for Python. 

Because Python is very easy to learn in comparison with Java. 

Java is a little bit difficult to learn because it is a secure language and it is mainly used to patch up security holes.

 If you are a kid and want to learn computer programming then you also can go for the python programming language.

Because of the simplicity of Python programming, it is adapted by most beginner programmers.

Trending Language:

If we compare several programming languages then we will notice wanting that the uses of python are increasing day by day. 

While the use of other programming languages decreasing and at the current time many corporate sectors and information technology sectors hire Python programmers to perform their tasks. And these sectors have started to make software with the help of the Python programming language.

Jobs and Salary:

As Python has become the widely used popular programming language in recent times therefore there are several kinds of jobs are available for Python programmers. Jobs are also available for Java programmers but in comparison with Python, it is nothing.

Besides the job factor Python programmers also get a very decent salary package in comparison to Java programmers. 

If you are a beginner Python programmer you will get a much more salary package than the Java Python programmer. 

On average entry-level Python developer Gate 6 lacs to 7 lakh salary package per annum in different countries. While on the other hand an entry-level Java programmer or developer gets a 4 lakh salary package per annum within different countries. 

Why Python is better than Java for Data Science?

Data science is generally a field which use uses scientific methods or process or algorithm systems from structured and unstructured data.

Data science has become a very popular and growing field in recent times. But to become a data scientist you have to select the right programming language and in this situation, most programmers are getting confused between two programming languages Python and Java.

According to my opinion, Python language is always better than Java language for data science purposes.

There are some reasons why Python becomes much popular in data science.

It is a general-purpose programming language that is very easy to collaborate across all organizations because of its very simple syntax. 

And Developers are choosing python so they can communicate with people, it has very good statistics models and a stunning ecosystem through which it can speed up and simplify data processing and make it a time-saving process.

Why Python is Slower than Java?

When I start to learn python I also heard that Python is very slower than other programming languages.

Well after the completion of python I understood that it is a very big myth about python.

Although I accept the fact that Python is a little bit slower than the other programming languages such as Java, C, and C + +, but not too much.

The main reason for becoming it is slow that is Python is a dynamically typed language and it is not a compiled language it is interpreted language.

However, there are numerous libraries and frameworks attached to Python and through the use of those libraries, you can code in Python much more effective and faster manner.

Why Python is easier than Java?

As a beginner when you want to learn any programming language, at that point you have to select the easiest programming language. 

And amongst all the programming languages Python is one of the easiest programming languages and it is very much suitable for beginners.

Python is very easy in comparison with Java because of its simple syntax and shortcode explanations.

Here it suggests that within Python if you want to express any lines of code or any programming line then you have to write much fewer lines of code in comparison with Java. 

And because of this reason, most beginner programmers choose the easiest Python programming language to learn to program.

Why Python is Popular Over Java?

Python and Java both are very familiar languages but in terms of popularity, Python is more advanced than Java. 

What I mean to say is that Python is a little bit more popular than Java. The main reason is that Python is used in several areas and besides that the syntax of Python is more simple than Java therefore it becomes an easy language for beginners.

Final Verdict:

In this article, I have mentioned some of the essential points about why python is better than java. But in the end, I want to say that both languages are very useful and you can use any of these languages, which is suitable for you.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section and follow our website regularly for this kind of informational article.

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