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Why OTP Not Coming? [Reason & Solutions]

If you are a frequent internet user then you often noticed that OTP (One Time Password) has become very imperative in recent times. It is almost essential for every person- such as if you are a bank customer, a student, an employee, a teacher, or another professional.

But sometimes due to some technicalities, OTP not comes into our mobile and therefore we become irritated. In, this article I am going to share with you some important causes about why OTP not coming and how should you troubleshoot this problem. So read this entire article for detailed information.

So, why is OTP not coming on our mobile? there are several reasons why OTP not coming to your mobile such as if your mobile data validates then OTP will not comes into your mobile, DND (Do not Disturb) activation is also an important reason, thirdly if you have chosen the blocklists option then it also can bring the same problem and finally if the service provider or company does not sends you the OTP, then it will also not comes into your phone. These are some of the common reasons why OTP is not coming.

If you are still unable to understand the ideas then read this entire article, in the below section I have discussed this topic in detail and also provide you with a solution.

What is OTP?

The term OTP stands for One Time Password. And within the world of the internet OTP plays an essential role to perform any kind of task.

As the name suggests that OTP is a kind of password that you can use only once. And after some time the OTP validations get expired.

Because of OTP, online security becomes much stronger, and because of OTP, it has also become a very difficult task for hackers to hack the systems.

When you are doing any tasks online at that point six digits of OTP will come into your device and if you do not use this 6-digit code within 1 minute then the OTP validation becomes expired.

Why is OTP Not Coming? (In Details)

Although in the upper section I have mentioned some of the essential reasons why OTP not coming on your device now in this section, I will discuss this topic in detail.

Data Validates:

I know this is a very basic factor, but it is important to check up on your data. If your data validates then OTP will not come within your device.

And this thing also happens to me my data pack expired and I am waiting for OTP. So, you have to ensure that your data pack was not expired.

DND(Do Not Disturb):

Generally, if any person activates the DND feature of any device, then he will be unable to receive calls, notifications, chats, messages, and other things.

Besides these things, this DND mode will also stop the vibration of devices, stop the sounds, and stop other important things.

So, if you have enabled the DND (Do not Disturb) mode then there is a high possibility that OTP will not comes within your mobile.


People always getting confused about both the terms blocklists and blacklists.

Generally, these are lists that do not irritate users. What I mean to say is that if you put anyone or any number on the blocklists then you will not receive any kind of notifications from that person or from that number.

So, be ensured and check the blocklists for once so that you don’t put the OTP number on the blocklists.

Besides these reasons, there is also one important reason if the service provider or if the company itself does not sends you the OTP, then it will not come within your device.

These are some of the common reasons for OTP not coming and if you fix this problem one by one then I am sure that any kind of OTP comes within your device.

OTP Not Coming Problem Solutions

Well, you can easily fix the OTP issue by doing some settings within your device. And here in this section, I provide a step-by-step guide about how should you do the settings and resolve the OTP problems.

So, if you want to resolve this problem then follow the steps mentioned below-

Step 1:

In step 1 you have to open your mobile device and you have to visit the settings option.

Step 2:

Once you have visited the settings option then lots of other apps and features will appears in front of you. And from here you have to go to the google option.

If you don’t get google then scroll down a little bit you will get the options. Because without a google account nothing will open on your device.

So, from here you have to visit the google option.

Step 3:

In the next step, you have to choose your Google account. I mean to say that from this section if you have to select your email ID.

If you have multiple email IDs then select your main email ID in which you have logged in everything, by clicking on the dropdown option.

Step 4:

Once you have selects the email ID then scroll down a little bit and at the bottom section, you will get the data & messaging option you have to click on that option.

Now again you will get three options from here you just have to click on the APP preview message option.

Step 5:

Once you have clicked on the app preview message option then you have to on the app preview option, if it is on then leave the page and if it is not on then you have to on this option.

Step 6: 

Now you have to provide the mobile number in which OTP is not coming and after that, a verification code will again come into your mobile and you have to put that code here and save the option.

Now for 10 minutes switch off the mobile phone and after that, you can restart your phone and now your OTP problem will solve.

In Conclusion:

Finally, in conclusion, I want to mention that in this article I have mentioned some of the reasons why OTP not coming on your device and also provides you the solutions.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section please follow our website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.

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