Why Laptop is Not Starting?[Reasons & Solutions]

If you are a laptop user then you know very well that, sometimes several problems occur with our laptop and one of the most common problems is that our laptop is not starting.

Sometimes due to some reasons, the laptop won’t get started, and because of that users encounter problems. I have also suffered from this problem and I have done a ton of research about this topic in this article, I am going to share with you some of the principal reasons why the laptop is not starting and besides that, I also provide some solutions about this.

So, why the laptop is not starting? 

If your laptop is not starting then there might be several reasons, some reasons are major and some reasons are minor, the reasons are- charging the laptop for over some time and using the laptop while you are plugged in your charger, however, sometimes the memory modules also occurs the same problem. To know more read the full article.

Why Laptop is not Starting?[Reasons]

if you press the laptop power button and your laptop not turning then there must be a few causes behind it, the causes are-

Over the Period of Charging

This is one of the most common causes of why your laptop was not turning on. If you have charged your laptop over a period then this cause will appear in front of you.

This is happening because of the battery overheating or battery overpowering problem. Generally, on average every laptop should need 4 to 5 hours of battery charging and if you plug in your charger for more than 8 to 10 hours then this kind of problem will appear.

Plugin the Charging Pin while Using Laptop

This is another cause of why your laptop not turning on. Sometimes due to our laptop battery being down, we plug in the charger within our laptop and then use the laptop.

It is harmful to our laptop and at that point, it doesn’t show any kind of fault at that time but later when you want to open the laptop after shutting it down, it will bring some kind of problem and it doesn’t open properly until you have removed the battery.

However, if you are doing some basic tasks by plugging in your charger then it is ok and fine. But if you are performing any kind of heavy tasks such as editing videos, playing games, and other tasks then it will do some major issues within your laptop.

Memory Modules

If you are unable to identify the problem with your laptop then there might be a possibility that the laptop’s memory modules having some problems.

And to fix this problem you have to remove your laptop’s battery and then try it again.

How to Troubleshoot Laptop not Starting Problem?

In this section, I will discuss the tips on how should you fix your laptop not starting a problem.

Not Charge the Laptop for Multiple Hours

You have to first notice the thing that how many hours of charge your laptop is required, and you just have to plug in your laptop for that period.

And if by chance you have plugged in your charger for multiple hours then you have to disconnect your charger and then hold the power button of the laptop for few times.

It will resolve your problem and your laptop will start again.

Remove the Battery

As I mention in the upper section when you are performing some kind of heavy tasks within your laptop then it brings some major issues within your laptop and the only way you can fix that is by removing your laptop battery.

To, remove your laptop’s battery first shut down your laptop and at the back portion of the laptop you will get the battery clip area and just remove the battery from there.

Once you have removed the laptop battery then open your laptop and keep holding the power button for at least a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute.

Now everything about power suppliers comes out from the battery portion.

Now again put your laptop’s battery within your laptop and turn it on by pressing the power button. Now, you will be noticed that your laptop’s battery is automatically on.

Resetting Memory Modules

To, reseating your memory modules first of all remove the battery from your laptop then remove all the screws from the laptop, and once you have removed all the parts of your laptop then remove the RAM (Random Access Memory) and clean it by using some alcohol, after that attach it again into your laptop and plugged-in you laptop charger then press the enter button and you will notice that your laptop will starts.

In, very fewer cases this process will not work, and therefore you have to remove your laptop’s RAM from the laptop and put in another RAM then it will work.

The laptop not Starting up but the Power light is On.

Besides these laptop problems, some other kind of laptop problem also occurs on our laptop. Such your laptop’s power button is ok or the system indicator is ok but till your laptop not starting, to overcome this problem you have to follow a process and here I mention the full process.

Well, this is mainly happening because of laptop’s RAM becomes dirty and you have to clean your RAM.

To do this task first press the power button of your laptop for more than 30 to 40 seconds and then open your laptop’s battery and then remove all the parts of your laptop one by one and remove the RAM.

After removing the RAM then take an eraser to clean the connecting point of your laptop safely after cleaning the RAM put it again within your laptop and fix all the parts within your laptop one by one.

Once all the activities are done then turn on the laptop by pressing the power button.

Last Verdict:

In this article, I have mentioned some of the essential causes of why the laptop is not starting and I also mention some of the tips about how should you fix this problem.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section please follow our website regularly for this kind of helpful and informational article.

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