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Why Laptop is Heating? [ Reason & Solutions]

The laptop has become one of the most essential parts of our day-to-day life. And in the current time laptop has become mandatory for us. But sometimes a few problems occur with my laptop and one of the common problems is the overheating problem.

To get solutions I have done a little bit of research about this topic and here in this article, I am going to share with you some of the genuine reasons why the laptop is heating? and besides that, I will also share some tips about how should you resolve this problem. So, read this entire article for detailed information.

So, why the laptop is heating? there are several causes but here I mention some of the essential reasons- the first reason is that there was no proper cooling within your laptop and therefore your laptop is unable to cold at the right time. And the second reason is that some types of viruses or Malware enter your laptop which occupies the source of the laptop, such as it can occupy CPU, GPU, RAM within your laptop, and therefore your laptop were getting slower and get heating continuously.

These are the two most common reasons but there were other reasons are also there and in the below section I have discussed those reasons in detail.

Why Laptop is Heating? (Major Reasons)

Before knowing why your laptop was heating, you have to know how what amount of heat your laptop can handle.

Well, when you play games on your laptop or when you are doing video editing tasks on your laptop it is a normal process that your laptop was get heating.

Having said that it is also noticeable that when your laptop heat when you are accessing chrome or doing some normal tasks then you have to little bit worry about it.

As I mention in the upper section that if your laptop heats unnecessarily then there are two main reasons, one is no proper cooling is available within the laptop and another is the reason is some unwanted malware comes from your laptop.

Virus or Malware:

A virus or malware is a kind of piece of code that enters your computer and after that, it brings some harm to your computer. And unlike the human virus, it spreads very fastly and it affects your computer very much.

To overcome this situation you have to do one thing and you have to format your laptop and you have to install windows from the beginning.

TaskManager resources:

Sometimes few resource files were getting stored on your computer and occupy lots of resources therefore it can harm your computer and there is a slight possibility of your laptop heating.

You just have to click on the taskbar option and click on the task manager option and after that, you can check which files are occupying a maximum number of ram, CPU and memory management, etc.

Not Proper Cooling in Laptop:

Sometimes lots of dust were getting stored within our laptop and after that laptop fan not work well and therefore it getting heats.

To overcome this problem you can do one thing, you can clean the dust from here and then run your laptop.

Thermal Paste:

Sometimes the thermal paste within your laptop degrades with the laptop and therefore and therefore with a hit synch the laptop CPU cannot make the contact properly and for this reason, heat cannot transfer properly.

And for this purpose new thermal paste is needed within your laptop and for this purpose, you have to remove the older ones.

Not Placing the laptop on the surface:

If you don’t place your laptop in any particular place then it can heat your laptop. And therefore instead of placing the laptop on any plain surface place it in any comfortable area.

Not Using cooling pad:

If you don’t use the cooling pads on your laptop then it becomes annoying for you, because cooling pads are really useful to make your laptop cool and calm.

These are some of the essential reasons why the laptop is heating and in the below section I have discussed this topic and its solutions in detail.

How to Fix the Laptop Heating Problem?

In the upper section, I have discussed some of the essential reason why the laptop is heating and now in this section, I will discuss some of the solutions, so read this entire article-

Remove the dust from the laptop:

This is the most common reason why your laptop was heating too much. And to overcome this problem you have to clean your laptop from its inner side.

Sometimes dust stores on the outside of our laptop fan and after that our laptop fan is unable to pass the air and therefore it becomes heat.

I think by applying this method your laptop heating problem will solve by more than 50%.

Change Thermal Paste within your Laptop:

Thermal paste was such an essential part of our laptop and sometimes the thermal paste becomes very much old and for this cause, we have to face the issue of overheating.

To overcome this problem you must have to change your laptop’s thermal paste.

Laptop Stand:

The third step that you can follow to overcome your laptop heating problem that you can use the laptop stands with your laptop.

There are normally two types of laptop fans available on the market, one is in combination with a fan and another is without the fan.

If your laptop heats a little bit then you can use them without a fan stand or if your laptop is heating too much then you can use the fan stand.

Remove the Viruses:

Sometimes lots of viruses enter into our computer systems and after that, it makes some problems to our pc and therefore the removal of viruses can help you a lot in this case.

To remove the virus, first of all, update the windows 10 os and after that, there you will notice the windows defender option. Just use this option and scan your laptop completely from this section.

Why Laptop is Heating while Charging?

If your laptop is not a multitasker then it will heat when you do multiple things within the laptop. Similarly, when you will be plugged in the charger with your laptop it will also get heat.

Last Verdict:

In this article, I have discussed some of the reasons why the laptop is heating? and besides that here I have also provided some of the solutions to this.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you have any kind of query then you can ak\sk me in the comment section please follow our website regularly for this kind of helpful and informational article.

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