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Why Laptop Fan make Noise? [Reasons & Solutions]

If you are a laptop user then you know very well, that sometimes the laptop fan sounds so loudly and many beginners are worried about this fact and they didn’t recognize the actual cause that why the laptop fan sounds so loudly.

I face the same problem with my laptop and to fix this problem I have done a ton of research in this article, I am going to discuss with you why a laptop fan makes noise and besides that here I will also provide some tips to troubleshoot this problem. So, read the entire article for detailed information.

So, why laptop fan make noise? the heating of internal components is one of the significant reasons for laptop fans making noise. When the internal components of our computer or laptop were heated then it vigorously wants to release that heat and to release that heat the laptop fan plants much more force and operates in a more fastly manner. And because of this cause it generates lots of noise. To, know more about this read the entire article, in the below section I have discussed this topic in detail.

Why Laptop Fan Make Noise? (Major Reasons)

Here I mention some of the essential reasons why laptop fan makes lots of noise.


When we run our computer or laptop for several years or months without cleaning it, then lots of dust were stored within our laptop and within the laptop fan.

And therefore when a laptop fan does its work it sounds so loud. And to completely fix this problem you have to clean your laptop’s fan.

CPU Restrict:

Sometimes the CPU restrictions also play an important role in laptop fans making noise. If the CPU consumption increased more than 80% to 90% then it will heat our laptop and therefore the fan release the heat very quickly and for this purpose fan makes sounds.

Thermal Paste:

Sometimes, the laptop’s heat won’t get out of the laptop because of some causes, and to fix these causes you have to apply thermal paste to your laptop.

Natural Airflow:

When you are using your laptop by placing it on a plain surface then it causes the same problems. Because the natural airflow can’t pass from your laptop. And in this case, you can use the laptop stands.

Laptop Fan Alignment:

If your laptop becomes 2 or 3 years older then there is a high possibility that the alignment of the laptop’s fan is not in the right place. And you can fix this problem by only replacing the older laptop’s fan with a new fan.

5 Ways to Fix the Laptop Fan Making Noise

In this section, I will mention some of the special ways through which you can easily fix your laptop’s fans’ noise. The first 3 facts mentioned here will works for both things for computers as well as for laptops. While the final two methods mentioned here only work for the laptop, so keep reading this article to the end.

Clean the Fan:

When your computer’s fan was noising too much then at that point it is a good habit to clean up your laptop’s fan. To clean the fan first open your laptop.

There were several screwdrivers available on the market and with the help of those drivers, you can easily open your laptop, after opening of laptop open the laptop fans and clean it with a towel or something.

And after cleaning the fan fix it into its place and in most cases, it will work.

Reducing CPU power usage:

If you have restricted your laptop usage to less than 70 % to 50 % then it will beneficial for the laptop’s fan. And if you do these tasks then your laptop does not produce much more heat.

To perform these tasks you just have to click on your laptop’s power button and then an option appears in front of you, by the name of change plan settings, just click on that option, and after that click on the advanced power settings option.

Now at the bottom, you will get an option at the name of processor power management and click on the maximum processor state.

After that set, the value within the phone battery and plug in the option and set it to 70%, and click on ok.

Then shut down your laptop and open it again, you will notice that your laptop doesn’t make too many sounds.

Applying Thermal Paste on CPU & GPU in Laptop:

Thermal paste is really useful to release the heat of your laptop. To apply this thermal paste you just have to open your laptop and apply the thermal paste within the sync area of the laptop.

Once you have applied the thermal paste then restart your laptop and you will be noticed that your laptop does not create too much noise.

Reduce Fan Speed by using the Laptop Stand:

Well, this is a very good method to troubleshoot this problem, and I have tried this method multiple times.

Generally, if you have to buy any type of laptop stand and use your laptop with the help of a stand then the laptop is not heated too much, and therefore the fan makes much less noise.

Changing the Laptop Fan:

As I mention in the upper section that sometimes your laptop’s fan becomes damaged and therefore it has becomes very much mandatory to change the fan.

To change it just visit Amazon and search for the laptop fan by your laptop brand and model number and after purchasing, fix it into your laptop. In this manner, you can change your laptop’s fan.

Is it Bad if my Laptop Fan is Loud?

It depends on what tasks you are doing on your laptop. If you are performing some heavy tasks on your laptop such as video editing, or playing games then it is ok, but if you are performing some normal tasks such as operating ms office, and accessing the internet then it is not a good sign for a laptop.

And if your laptop makings a little bit of noise then it is perfect because to run any kind of applications or software some amount of heat generates within your laptop, and to release that heat it is very much necessary that your laptop’s fan makes some noise.

Why is Laptop Fan Making Noise when Switched on?

When you will open your laptop at that time operating system will run within your laptop and therefore it generates heat in your laptop to release that heat your laptop’s fan works fastly and therefore it makes a noise when you open your laptop. Well, it is absolutely a normal process, and there is no need to worry about this.

How to Reduce Fan Noise on Laptop?

There is only one way if you want to reduce your laptop’s fan noise and that is by using the laptop stand with your laptop.

You can buy any kind of laptop stand for your laptop from any e-commerce site and then use that with your laptop.

How to Clean Laptop Fan without Opening it?

Well, you can just clean the laptop’s fan from the outside, but if some major damage happen to your laptop fan then you have to fix the issue by only opening the fan.

There is no choice for you except to open the laptop’s fan.

Last Verdict:

In this article, I have discussed some of the essential causes of why laptop fan makes noise, and based on all the reasons and factors it can be said that if your laptop is producing a little bit of noise then it is perfect and if it is happening simultaneously then you should have to worry about this.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section and follow our website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.

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