Why Kotlin is so Popular for Android Development

Why Kotlin is so Popular for Android Development? (Explained)

Generally, there are mainly two programming languages that were used to make android applications and games, one is Java which is no doubt one of the most powerful programming languages. And another is Kotlin. In 2017 Google has declared that Kotlin will be used as the default programming language for Android.

In this article, I have discussed some of the essential facts about why Kotlin is so popular for Android Development

If I speak about this about why Kotlin is so popular, then one of the main reasons is that it is a new programming language and it is much easy to learn in comparison to Java for beginners. And here in this programming language, you have to write much shorter codes than the Java codes. Besides that there are some other reasons are also there about why Kotlin is so Popular and in the below section I have mentioned all the factors.


Kotlin was originally made by the Jet Brains company. And it is an IDE development company.

There were many famous Ide’s were developed by this company such as – Clion, DataGrip, PhpStrom, etc.

When this company makes IDE,s with the help of Java then they fall into some trouble and therefore they think to make a new programming language. And with the combination of Java programming and Scala programming language, they invent a new programming language which is known as Kotlin.

And it was initially released in the year of 2011. It is a cross-platform and general-purpose programming language that can be used for making android applications and android games.

This is a very advanced programming language and it has multiple libraries with the help of these libraries, you can quickly create Android applications.

Here I introduce some of the Kotlin programming language library names –

  • KAndroid
  • K4Kotlin
  • Fuel
  • Kotson
  • KotPref
  • Kotlin-Koi
  • LastAdapter

These are some of the Libraries of Kotlin programming language that you can acquire and use for constructing Android Apps and Games.

7 Reasons Why kotlin is so Popular for Android Development?

Easy to Set Up:

The first reason why Kotlin is so popular ? is that this programming language is very easy to set up.

People have been developing Android apps with the help of Kotlin for a while now. 

And within the latest version of Android studio, you can set up Kotlin by ticking a single box only. So it is very straightforward to set up For Beginners also.

Combination with Java:

Basically what it means here is that the two programming languages Java and Kotlin are almost similar.

And therefore you can use the Java commands and Java libraries within this Kotlin programming language.

So if you have learned Java already then it has become very easier for you to learn the Kotlin programming language.

Synthetic Extension:

This is another good feature added to the Kotlin programming language.

And this feature is really helpful and useful. You can do work by writing a single line of code at the very beginning of code with the help of this feature.

Own Programming Structure:

Mainly programming languages have come with two types of uses one is object-oriented and another is the lead role.

With the help of the Kotlin programming language, you can choose how you want to structure your code or project. And this is a very immeasurable option for beginners.

And on the other hand structure of Java is a little more complicated for beginners.

No More Null Pointer Exceptions:

The null pointer exception is one of the most common errors comes in Java.

 And it is one of the most major reasons why your Android apps crashing.

Kotlin makes the whole process much simpler and basically, it is one more way that Kotlin makes Android programming much easier than Java because there are no concepts of null pointer is present within this Kotlin Programming Language.

And that’s why it is very much user-friendly for beginners.

No Semicolons:

Usually, in the Java programming language, every code or every program must end with a semicolon.

And within a program, numerous codes are there so as a developer if you forgot to provide semicolons to any of those lines then it will bring some error.

And it was become much harder to troubleshoot those errors.

But Kotlin programming language allows you to provide semicolons, but it is not mandatory at all.

And if you forgot to provide a semicolon to any of these lines then it will not display any kind of errors.

Good Supports:

People have been developing Android apps with the help of the Kotlin programming language many times.

And therefore good supports are always available there and when you make android apps with the help of Kotlin programming language then you can take the help Kotlin Programming Language.

Learning a new Language:

Learning new programming languages is always a good thing to do.

And if you have already learned Java then why not learn Kotlin. It is not much different from Java and with the help of this programming language you can boost your skills.

Furthermore, Kotlin is also used in some server-side scripting or web app so it can be beneficial for you to learn.

These are some of the major reasons why Kotlin is so popular for Android Development.

Conclusion :

This article is all about why Kotlin is so popular for Android development. I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of inquiry then you can ask me in the comment section.

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