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Why is Python So Slow than Other languages?

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It is a very advanced programming language and generally, it is a high-level general-purpose interpreted programming language. It first appeared in the year 1991, developed by the Python Software Foundation. In the current situation, this programming language becomes a very popular and more familiar programming language than the other languages because of its uses.

This language can be used in several areas as it can be used for data science purposes, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and also for web development. Despite these advantages, many people also admit the fact that Python is such a slow language, and here in this article, I mention some of the factors about Why is Python So slow as the other languages?

So Why is Python So Slow? One of the most common reasons for becoming this language slower than the other languages is that this language is a high-level programming language and besides that not using the right module with Python makes it a little bit slower language. Furthermore, Python also provides some advantages for its users like rapid prototyping and because of that, it becomes a little slower. 

These are some of the common reasons why is Python so slow, in the below section I have discussed these reasons in detail so read the entire article for detailed info.

Why is Python slow than other Languages? [Major Reasons]

Python is an extremely slow programming language than other programming languages. If you look at java, c++, c, then you will notice that they accomplish the works in a much faster manner in comparison with Python. 

There are several reasons why Python is so slow and in this section, I am going to discuss those reasons.

Dynamically Typed Language:

Essentially this has become one of the most common causes of becoming the Python language so slow. 

It is a dynamically typed language, within Java programming language everything is standardly typed and therefore Java programming language compiled everything before its Runtime.

But python runs the code or compiled the code as its run time through an interpreter.

Lack of things in Python:

This is one of the major factors of python and it makes Python a little bit slower than the other languages.

If you run applications in other languages such as Java, C language, and C++ then you can bring everything throughout multiple threads, and this allows you to utilize all of the core of the CPU and therefore the task accomplishes within the same time.

But in Python it isn’t possible at all, Python says that each interpreter they Run one thread at a time. 

The main point here is that within Python Programming you can not use or utilize all the CPU core.

But in some other languages like Java, C, and C ++, there you can use all the CPU core.

Not using Python Library:

Python is a programming language that is built with the help of the C programming language and lots of programming factors within Python are written using the C programming language.

As I mentioned Python is a very slow programming language in comparison with other languages to make it faster you can do one thing, you can use the various libraries provided by Python. 

You can use the extensions of the C programming language and therefore you can write the algorithm into c and import that within your Python programming.

Not using Multiprocessing Module:

Within the Python programming language, you will get various kinds of multi-processing modules, which will allow you to run multiple interpreters at the same time.

And by using these multiprocessing models you can code in Python in a much faster manner.

Select right Module:

If you are not using the correct module at the proper place then it makes Python a little bit slower. 

For example when you are performing any crunching vector and any matrix then you have to use NumPy and Pandas instead of plain python lists.

Having said that I have compared Python list and NumPy in simple programming and I noticed that plain Python list performs the program within 8.35 milliseconds while on other hand NumPy accomplishes the program within 94.6 microseconds. Here it suggests that the number is 88 times faster than the plain Python list.

So when it comes to big matrix operations and vector operations NumPy and Pandas perform much more effective manner than simple Python lists.

Advanced Features:

Python is slower than other languages because it is not a compiled language it is a high-level language.

And besides, Python provides developers convenience such as Rapid prototyping, so to get that benefit you have to compromise on the speed.


People have also asked why JavaScript is so fast being an interpreted language, the simple reason is that JavaScript is built into a browser and Google put so much money to make JavaScript faster because they want to use people Google Chrome.

While in the case of python no company has a property python product like Google Chrome, so, therefore, Python doesn’t get so much funding in comparison with JavaScript and other languages.

These are some of the common reasons about Why Python is so Slow.

Why is Python so Popular Despite being so Slow?

Developers admit the fact that Python is a little bit slower programming language than the other programming language, one of the most common reasons is that it is interpreted not a compiled language. 

Despite these facts, python is a very much popular programming language because of its features and functionalities. 

It can be used within web development, app development, the data science field, artificial intelligence, and other crucial areas.

These features are not provided in any other programming language, and because of these things it has becomes a very popular programming language.

Final Thought:

Well, many people create a myth about Python that it is a very slow programming language, but it is not the actual truth.

If you are a Python user then you know very well, that there are lots of libraries and functionalities that exist within Python, and with the help of these libraries you can easily run your python code in a much faster manner.

In this article, I have mentioned some of the essential reasons Why is Python So Slow? I hope you have understood all the things and liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section.

And please follow our website regularly for this kind of helpful and informational article.

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