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10 Reasons Why Google Docs Better than Microsoft Word?

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Google Docs is one of the most popularized word processing online software and it is an alternative to Microsoft Word. Many users acknowledge Google Docs as a better software than Microsoft Word based on their experience.

Well, I am a computer programmer and I am using both software for a while now. And based on my experience I will mention some of the essential points about Why Google Docs Better than Microsoft Word?

If I speak about this in short then Google Docs is free to use and besides that, there are numerous advanced features present within Google Docs and these features are not available within Microsoft Word such as – Speech to text converts, easy to share, works with others, etc. Moreover, here I explain all the details about why Google Docs is better than Microsoft word. So please read this entire article for more information. 

Why Google Docs Better than Microsoft Word (10 Major Facts)

Both are very familiar software among the users. And there are several functionalities and features available within both the software.

Here in this segment I will mention some of the most essential features of Google Docs and also discuss why and How is Google Docs Better than Microsoft Word ?.


well, this is one of the most important factors between this two-word processing software.

10 Reasons Why Google Docs Better than Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word

On the one hand, Microsoft Office takes some subscription fees from its users.

On the other hand, Google Docs does not have any kind of subscription, you can use it Without paying any kind of amount to anyone. 

To use Google docs you have to create a Google account and then you can use its entire suites such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, etc.

Internet consumption:

If you are a Microsoft Office user then you know very well that to download and install this software you need lots of internets.

Because there are some high backup files which are must to download and without downloading these files you cannot use the Microsoft Office.

On the other hand, there is no need for any kind of downloading within Google Docs.

Because Google docs are freely available on the web just visit the apps and Search for Google docs and from here you can easily use this.

Furthermore, Google Docs is available to various platforms such as on IOS, Android, Windows, etc.

 And you can edit the thing within Google docs in the offline mode also. 

Accessing :

In terms of accessing Google Docs is much better software than Microsoft Word.

Because you can use and access Google docs from anywhere and from any place.

You can use it on your mobile phones also. But this thing is not fully accessible with MS Word.

And if you want to access or edit the Google docs without internet or within offline mode then you can do that.

But to do that you have to open Google docs within the Chrome browser.

Manual Saving Process:

why google docs is better than ms word
why google docs is better than ms word

Suppose you have typed an important document within Microsoft Word and after that, you shut down your computer.

And next time when you open your computer you will notice that the document is not existing within your device anymore. 

This happens because you forgot to save the document and because of a small mistake you have lost your document.

But it is not the case within Google Docs. Within Google docs, there is no need to save the document every time.

Because as you type the text Google Docs will automatically save it.  


Collaboration is Another good feature that exists within Google docs.

Suppose you have been working on a project and that project is very long and therefore you can’t complete the whole project.

At this point, you can take help from other people. Because Google Docs allows you to collaborate with others and share your documents with others and they can make changes in real-time within your document.

You can use this feature within Google Docs by clicking on the share button which is provided at the top corner right position.

Trash Option :

why google docs is better than ms word
why google docs is better than ms word

Suppose you have deleted an important document within Microsoft Word and now it is not possible to recover that document again.

However, if you are using Google docs then there is a move to trash option provided under the file menu.

And with the help of this option, you can easily recover the essential documents that you have deleted.

File Name is not Mandatory:

If you have used Microsoft Office ever then you know that every time you want to create any document you have to provide a specific name for that document.

And that specific name cannot be matched to your previously made file names.

And within that file name, you can’t use any special characters.

However, if you use Google Docs then no filename is needed.

You can create a document and it automatically saves by the untitled name. Therefore no name is required here.

Zero Corrupt Files:

All the documents that you have created within Google docs is Going to stores on cloud storage and therefore there is very little chance that your files become corrupted on the cloud.

On the other hand any hardware failures or application errors in Microsoft Office or if you have changed the versions of Microsoft office then there is a very high chance that your files become corrupted and you can’t access these files again.

Highly compatible: 

As I mentioned earlier, your documents within Google Docs were going to be stored on cloud storage.

So therefore you can download this document whenever you want.

Besides that, you can download this document into various formats such as Microsoft Word format, open document format, rich text format, pdf document format, plain text format, web page format, etc.

Multiple Add-Ons:

Within Google Docs there is an advanced add-ons section and from this section, you can select numerous add-ons.

And you can use these add-ons to make your document good and more attractive.

Within Microsoft Word, you also have the option to select add ons.

But there are very few options and very limited options to select add ons. 

These are some of the essential reasons why and How Google Docs is better than Microsoft Word.


In this article, I have discussed why and How Google Docs is better than Microsoft Word. I hope you have liked this article.

And if you have any kind of inquiry then you can ask me in the comment section.

And please follow our website by clicking on the notification icon for this kind of informational article.

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