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Why Bootstrap is Better than CSS?

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Bootstrap is a kind of CSS framework that is mostly used for front-end development, with the help of Bootstrap we can create any kind of Designing of website forms, buttons, navigation of websites, etc.

On the other hand, CSS stands for cascading style sheet and it is also used to make our HTML website attractive and to provide proper design to our website. In this article, I will discuss some of the major reasons why Bootstrap is better than CSS?. So please read this entire article. 

People are always confused about which one they should use, whether they should use bootstrap or they stick with CSS. And there are a few reasons behind it and one of the major reasons is that Bootstrap saves a lot of time for me.

To know more about why bootstrap is better than CSS? Please read all the points that I have mentioned below.

5 Major Reasons Why Bootstrap is Better than CSS?


If you choose Bootstrap instead of CSS then it saves your a lot of time. 

One of the most important reason is that there is various CSS mockup that bootstrap provides to us. And for that, there is no need to write the CSS code.

Furthermore, with the help of bootstrap, you can create responsive designs within a less period.

But if you do the same thing with the help of CSS then it might consume much time.

Therefore Bootstrap is better than CSS in terms of saving time.

Boosts your skills:  

Instead of learning HTML and CSS together you can learn only HTML and then learn Bootstrap and make the websites faster.

Generally, clients do not care about whether you are using bootstrap or CSS.

They only want to build their projects within less period.

So with the help of bootstrap, you can make a website very efficiently and within a very less period.

Tools Integration:  

Bootstrap has various kinds of tools integrated with it, which will make your job very easy.

Bootstrap has the tools for responsive design they also have the tools for changing colors and doing forms and these tools are not integrated with CSS.

Moreover, there are other essential website elements are also available within Bootstrap in the form of tools.

Unlimited uses:

The Other important aspect of Bootstrap is that it does not limit up to one thing.

It is not just to make a WordPress website or to make a react website, it can be applied anywhere.

It also suggests that once you have learned this then you can apply it anywhere which is useful and helpful for you.

Compress in sizes:

The final reason to use bootstrap over CSS is that bootstrap is dropping in size.

Within the new bootstrap version 5, they drop jQuery and therefore it decreases a lot more lightweight.

So lightweight can be beneficial for you to use Bootstrap instead of CSS.

What are the Advantages of Bootstrap over CSS?

I have already mentioned some of the essential points about why to use bootstrap instead of CSS.

And here is the section I will mention some of the Other crucial advantages of Bootstrap use it.

  • Bootstrap is now compatible with lots of browsers and therefore it can be used anywhere and within any Browser.
  • It is more customizable and lightweight than the CSS.
  • To create responsive design and responsive structure bootstrap is much more advanced than CSS.
  • Within Bootstrap you can use several other functions or several other plugins such as jQuery and these functions and features are not available within CSS.

Why Should I Learn CSS if I KNow Bootstrap?

Although Bootstrap is a very advanced kind of feature. But still, I would recommend you to learn CSS With the help of CSS you can also do lots of things.

Here I explain some of the advantages of using CSS and learning CSS.

  • The new version of CSS, css3 is compatible with lots of web browsers and therefore it is a must to learn this new version.
  • If you apply CSS to your website then it generally increases your website speed.
  • CSS changes are very user-friendly therefore if you want to change the CSS code then you can do that and that doesn’t bring harm to your website.
  • CSS is also used to decrease the size of the file and which will also impact your page speed. So you can use CSS and compress the size of the file and decrease it.
  • If you are an absolute beginner in the programming field then it might be difficult for you to customize a web page or website. But, that is not the case in CSS, it is very easy to customize.

Is Bootstrap better than Html?

Well, there is no such comparison between Bootstrap and HTML.

Bootstrap is a framework of CSS which will use to create responsive web design and is also used for web development purposes.

On the other hand, HTML is a hypertext markup language and it is the basic structure of any website.

If you don’t want to learn bootstrap then it is ok. But learning HTML is a must for everyone.

Because without learning HTML you will unable to learn any advanced frameworks like bootstrap, and jQuery.

Therefore I think HTML is the first essential and the most basic thing of web development.


This article is all about why bootstrap is better than CSS. I hope you have liked this article.

 And if you have any kind of inquiry then you can ask me in the comment section.

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