why bing is better than google

Why Bing is Better than Google?[Answered]

Generally, the search engine is a kind of software that is mainly used to carry the web searches according to the requirements of the user. Whenever any users ask a query on the search engine, the search engines display results based on its algorithms. And there are several search engines are available on the market which you can use as a user, such as Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, Duck Duck Go, etc. But amongst all these search engines Google and Bing are the most popular search engines and most useable search engines. And here in this article, I provide a detailed guide about these two search engines and why bing is better than google? So, read this entire article, for more information.

So, why bing is better than google? although Google is the most popular and familiar search engine among the user, there are some cases, and based on these cases bing is considered better than google. These factors are-

  • No Captcha
  • Less effort in Image scrolling
  • More Visual Search option
  • Advance Video search
  • My Saves
  • Additional Privacy settings
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Overall Look and Feel

Why Bing is Better than Google? [8 Essential Facts]

As everyone knows Google is the most popular search engine and it dominates all the search engines. According to some statistics, Google covers 92 percent of the search engine marketplace and on the other hand, the other search engines work as an alternative in several countries.

Such as according to the stats of 2020 in the United States 80% of people use Google, 12% of people use bing, 5% of people use yahoo, 2% of peoples use duck duck go, and 1% peoples use other search engines.

So based on these we will understand that Bing and Google are the most popular search engines, and in this section, I mention some of the essential facts about why bing is better than google in some cases. So stay tuned to the end of this article-

No Captcha:

Captcha stands for the Completely automated public test, it is normally a kind of challenge which is used to rectify that the search engines were used by users or used by the bots.

If you are a regular user of the internet or Google then you very often will notice this kind of captcha, this mainly appears when you do too many requests on google. And if you don’t fill the captcha properly then you will unable to use the google searches.

And in that case, you can use the Bing search engines, bing does not display these captchas and therefore it does not irritate users.

So, as an impulsive search engine user, you can use these bing search engines and as a user, you cannot encounter this type of captchas.

Less Effort in Image Scrolling:

Bing provides much more interactive images to the users, so if you are a Google user and a bing user then you will understand whats the difference between image searches.

Bing displays images horizontally which is now replicates by google. Although there are some differences between google horizontal image and bings horizontal image. Google horizontal image appears on the side panel. which occupies almost half of the screen space, and this only allows you to see five or six images.

While bings horizontal images occupy the entire screen. You can also see the images in the slides show formats. Besides that, you can also see the full-screen image on the separate tab.

More visual search option:

If you want to upload any kind of images within your website or images search within google then you have to upload images from the desktop.

While on the other hand, if you want t upload images within bings visual search options then it provides you the drag and drops feature. You can easily drag and drop the images and besides that, you also take the images from google searches.

Advanced Video Search:

Well, if you don’t search the videos in Bing search engines then you are missing a lot. Bing provides you the advanced video search options. And as a Bing user, you have to accept the fact that bing video search is a very much developed platform. And if you bring your cursor on the bing videos then the videos will automatically run.

While on the other hand, the videos that appear on google are mostly from youtube search engines and you have to scroll a lot to watch these videos. And Bing search engines do not provide all the videos from Youtube.

My Saves:

It’s new features and most of the people were don’t aware about these features. So, if you are a Google user then you can not use this feature.

Here the feature is Bing provides a feature called my saves which you can access by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side. And this feature allows users to saves all the searches they want to display.

If you search my interest then you will get search suggestions based on your choice. And it is a kind of feature which you generally find on youtube.

Additional Privacy Settings:

Bing allows you to turn off interest-based advertising. And within the bing search engine, you have a clear choice about not to use a Microsoft account. Here in this search engine as a user you will complete it in your privacy.

Unlike Google Bing does not use content-based targeting. And therefore your email, chats, and other things can not be tracked for advertising purposes. And from here you can also delete the Microsoft-based dashboard.

Office 365 Integration:

The Bing search engine integrates quite well, the Outlook, Excel, Drive, PowerPoint. For example, while creating the PowerPoint presentation you can directly use the bing search, it will immediately fetch search results from creating comments which can be directly inserted into the presentation.

Overall Look and Feel:

If we compare both the search engines google and bing in terms of looks then you will notice that Bings looks more colorful and attractive in comparison with Google. Well, that doesn’t mean that the interface and attractiveness of Google are bad.

Last Verdict:

In the upper section, I have mentioned some of the essential reasons why bing is better than google, but finally, I want to mention here that bing is not google, bing is another type of search engine. And according to market research google provides much more relevant results to its users and therefore it captures 90% of search queries.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me at the comment and please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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