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Why Angular is better than React? [Answered]

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Frameworks or libraries provide lots of functionalities and features to the programmers through which they can work much more effectively. There are lots of frameworks and libraries available in the market but amongst those frameworks, Angular and React are the most popular ones.

And most of the developers were getting confused between these two frameworks, and they were unable to choose the correct framework. Well, in this article I am going to explain some of the essential reasons why angular is better than react? So read this entire article for more information.

So, Why angular is better than react? there are some essential reasons why to choose angular instead of react, here I mention some of those reasons- with the help of angular you can create the whole app by applying the same convention and within angular, all the documents are unified. Secondly, angular use typescript which is a strongly typed superset of JavaScript, and typescript is useful to write the code for interfaces. And besides, that angular also provides the advantages of services which are helpful.

These are some of the common reasons why angular is better to use than react if you’re unable to understand these reasons then read this entire article in the below section I have discussed this topic in detail.

Why Angular is Better than React? [major reasons]


Angular is a kind of open-source web application that is used for front-end development, it was originally developed by Google and this Framework is really helpful for the developers to create dynamically typed web applications.

On the other hand, react is also a kind of JavaScript library and with the help of this library, developers create user interfaces and the components of user interfaces. It was developed by Facebook and in comparison with angular within react, the codes are respectively easy to understand.

Languages Used:

Within angular much more languages are used in comparison with react JS. Within angular JavaScript, HTML, typescript languages are used, and therefore it provides much more features for the developers.

Testing and Debugging:

Debugging is one of the essential features or advantages for developers. Within angular, the testing and debugging process can be accomplished via a single set of tools.

But that is not the case with react JS, within react JS developers need some set of tools to perform different types of testing and debugging.

Data Binding:

Within angular two-way, the data binding method is followed, and therefore it helps the developers to ensure that the model shares automatically changes if any other changes are automatically made.

While on the other hand react follows a one-way data-binding process and therefore the user interface cannot be changed without updating the corresponding model state.


Compatibility is another great advantage of using the angular instead of react js, actually angular is compatible with several platforms which means you can use angular within various areas. While on the other hand react is not compatible with several platforms.


The latest version of angular which is version 7.2 is very much useful to create large-scale applications and rich-featured applications.

But these things cannot create by using the react JS so this is another reason to choose the angular framework instead of react js.

Clean code:

As a developer, I know the importance of writing clean codes because whenever you will work on a project you have to write multiple lines of code.

And if you don’t write code more cleanly then you will unable to find the errors or debuggers. So it is necessary thing to write Clean Code. And in this case and angular is useful for the developers angular is used to write clean codes and structured based codes.

Performance and error handling:

Angular offers higher performance in comparison with react JS and the errors are handled in a better manner in comparison with react JS.


Here routing suggests if you want to move from any view 2 to another view, then you can do that easily with the help of angular frameworks.

Angular Frameworks takes care of routing while if you do the same process within react then the process becomes much more difficult for you.

Complex configuration:

If you want to integrate react into traditional MVC Framework then it becomes much more complex to configure and set up while the same process within angular is very much easy to accomplish.


Many people tells that in comparison angular react is very easy to learn for beginners. Well, it is a half-truth and they provide you half information.

I want to state that if you thoroughly learn typescript, HTML, and other things like MVC then there is no easy language is available than angular.


Popularity is another essential and major aspect of choosing any Technology because it has a direct link with jobs and salary. And in terms of popularity Angular and react JS is very advanced.

These two frameworks have the most numbers of downloads, according to stats.

Although it is considered that react is a little bit more popular than angular but still, there are the majority of persons who are using Angular and choosing angular for their works.


As angular becomes one of the most prominent frameworks and demandable frameworks and therefore there were lots of high-class companies are using this framework.

Here I mention some of the popular company names that are using Angular Framework for their work- such as Google, Nike, Sony, Forbes, Upwork, etc.

Mobile Solutions:

Angular can be used for creating mobile applications and it is useful to create a hybrid mobile application and to create that Ionic Framework is mostly used by the developers.

And this Framework provides developers with a robust UI component and library which are helpful to accomplish work.

Testing is easy:

Within angular testing is comparatively easy in comparison with other frameworks.

Within angular Karma and Jasmine Framework are mainly used for testing purposes.

And another good advantage of angular is that you can use this single tool to accomplish testing for complete projects.

Job Opportunities:

This is another essential factor of using Angular instead of other frameworks. Because there are numerous job opportunities are available for these frameworks.

According to some sources on average an angular developer earns almost around 85k dollars to 125k Dollars per annum which is considered fairly a good amount.

Material Design:

Angular has material designs like an interface which is much better than the react js.

Angular vs React, which one should you choose?

In the above section, I have mentioned some of the essential reasons, and based on those causes it is clear that angular is better to use in comparison with react.

But there is another opinion also, which one is better than completely depends on your requirements projects and what you are aiming for.

Every library has its importance, benefits, and challenges and the same case is with angular and react frameworks.

Here I want to give you a suggestion that if are new in the coding or programming field then you can go for react js option.

And angular is a very updated framework and almost every six to seven months durations its major updates have come into the market.

Besides that if you are looking for a full-fledged framework to build large-scale projects and if you love to follow some straightforward coding strategy then you can choose angular instead of react js.

In ConClusion

These are some of the most common reasons why angular is better than react, I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of inquiry then you can ask me in the comment section.

and please follow our website regularly for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.

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