Should i learn Html or Html5

Which one Should I learn Html or html5?

Welcome to this article, here we will discuss what should I learn Html or html5 and I mention all the topics regarding this query, so let’s start the topic.

In terms of learning, I would recommend you to learn all the things because everything has its own importance.

And in the case of Html and html5, I would suggest you please learn the Html first then the html5.

Well if you really want to learn only one thing about these two things then please learn Html because it is necessary for almost all web development skills.

Here i mention some of the advantages of learning the html over html5-

There are multiple factors in which we can say that learning of html is more beneficial then the learning of html5.

The first factor is basics concepts, the Html allows us to clear the basic Html concepts and after the completion of this you can easily learn the html5

Second factor is old tags, there are lots of old tags that are present within the Html and these tags are very helpful for us, and these tags are not actually present within the html5 versions.

The third factor is popularity, well in terms of popularity I can say that Html is much popular than the html5 because it this the older version and html5 is actually the latest version, so therefore in IT sectors most of the works happen within the Html version.

The fourth important factor is browser support.

Html is the most demandable markup language and it supports multiple browsers but the html5 version is not compatible with all the browsers .

And there are lots of browsers which does not support html5 elements.


This article is all about should I learn Html or html5 and its various factors.

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