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Which is the latest version of CSS?

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Welcome to this article, here we will discuss which is the latest version of CSS and besides that, I also discuss what are the advantages of using this latest version of CSS.

There are mainly three types of css1, css2, and css3.

But for our convenience we declare the CSS into 2 main types one is css2 and another is css3.

Css2 is not actually the latest version of CSS, but here we provide some details about the css2.

CSS (level 1) :

This is basically the first version of CSS. And we call this CSS version 1.

This version of CSS was generally introduced in 1996.

And this is mainly focused on CSS language and on simple visual formatting.

CSS2 :

This is the next of CSS 1 and it was released in 1998. And if you simply want to design a single web page then use this CSS, because this is very helpful to design our single web page.

But to define any code within the css2 version we have to write long types of codes.

The main disadvantage of using this css2 is that with this CSS we cannot design any attractive web page, it is mainly used to design simple web pages.

With the help of this CSS version, we can only design fonts, colors texts, etc.

CSS3 :

This is actually the updated version of CSS and in fact, it is actually the latest format. And according to my opinion, this is the best format of CSS.

There are lots of new features are introduced in the css3 version. With the help of css3, we can build attractive web pages.

We can also add some other types of features here such as motion graphics, transition effects, and visual effects. These features are not useable in the previous CSS.


When did CSS 3 come out? :

This is a very popular question that people have asked, and you will get various answers to this. This is actually an upgraded format of CSS and it was released in the month of June 2011.

How many CSS versions are there?:

There are so many misconceptions that css4 and css5 have launched but believe that there are only three versions of CSS are available. One is CSS level 1, the second is css2 and the current is css3. We can say that there is a lot of upgradation in the css3 version.

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This article is all about the which is the latest version of CSS. And these are some of the popular questions that people have asked, and please follow our website for this kind of informational article.