Python developer salary in India

What is the Python Developer Salary in India?

Welcome to here in this article here we will discuss the average Python developer salary in India, in various cities as well as in other countries.

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On the internet, there are various kinds of applications that are needed, and all these applications are built using any programming language.

These days there are many types of programming languages are available in the market such as – c, c++, java, etc. These are all computer languages that are actually written and understands by humans.

In this field python is a very popular programming language.

In fact, according to some stats python is the most popular programming language in the year 2020.

Generally, Python is an open-source high-level interrupted, general-purpose programming language that is very easier to use.

With the help of this programming language, programmers can build any kinds of applications .

Such as – Desktop applications, GUI applications, websites, and for creating web applications.

Among all of the programming, language python is very easy to learn and its syntax is very unique from the other programming languages.

Python is a very popular programming language therefore it is almost used in any type of big company such as- quora, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube, google and etc.

Now we will talks about the python developer salary .

Who is a python developer?:

Generally python developer is those persons who build the softwares by applying the python programming language.

And there are many career paths are available after the learning of python programming language, you can build your career in various sectors .

Such as – Data scientist, Machine learning, and lots of other things.

Python developer salary in India:

The average salary of a python developer depends on some crucial factors such as their experience, their working companies, their skillset, and a lot more other things, I mention all the details about python developer salary

0 years experience240000 per annum
Experience between 2-3 years500000 per anumn
Experience between 3-5 years700000 per anumn

Here I mention the salary of an average python developer in India on the basis of experience.

Now we will talk about the experience in terms of location or place basis.

Location or placeSalary per anumn
BangaloreAlmost 650000 per annum
DelhiApproximately 600000 per annum
MumbaiAlmost 545000 per annum
PuneAlmost 545000 per annum
GurgaonApproximately 730000 per annum

Python developer salary per month:

As I already mention the salary of a python developer or any other developer is actually based on various things such as – their experience, their skills, and also about their companies.

But still, if you take any estimated amount then we can say that a python developer approximately earns 30000-50000 per month in India.

And in other countries such as Germany, us this amount might be little be higher.

We also mention the salary of python developer in these countries , so please read this full article.

python developer salary in pune for freshers:

Well, I already mention the salary of a python developer in Pune but as a fresher, you will not get the 545000 rupees per annum.

Instead of this amount your salary might be starting from 300000 rupees per annum.

Python developer salary

Python developer salary in TCS:

In India TCS is a well-known and much more popular IT company and TCS provides many kinds of developers jobs for freshers as well as for experienced candidates.

If we talk about the salary range then the average salary of a python developer in TCS is approximately 25000 per month for freshers candidates.

But if you have any kind of experience then you will definitely get much more salary package than the freshers’ candidates.

Python developer salary in google:

According to some stats google almost pays 10000000( 1 Crore) rupees per month, yes this is an absolutely true fact, google is a very big multinational IT company and it provides very big salary packages rather than other companies.

Python developer salary in Germany:

In germany if you are a python developer then you can easily earn 65 lacks per anummn.

And if you are absolutely freshers into this field then you considered as a junior python developer and the junior python developer salary in Germany is almost around 40-50 lacks.

Python developer salary in Dubai:

In Dubai, you will get a good package if you are a python developer but don’t compare this package with other countries’ packages such as – us, Germany. But approximately you can earn 20,00000 per annum.

Python developer salary in us:

Well in the united states the salary of an average python developer is almost around 70000-90000 dollars per anumn.

And if we convert this amount into indian rupees then it will be around 5000000 lacks to 7000000 rupees.

Python developer in Australia:

In Australia the python developer salary is much more higher then from the other countries .

In Australia, the average python developer earns approximately 8500000 per annum, and this amount not fixed for every person.

This amount depends on separate terms such as their skillset and experience.

Python developer salary in Canada :

On an average a python developer approximately get 6000000 lacks rupees per anumn in canada .

Python developers work:

As a developer your first work is to write code and do coding with more efficient skills and with more propar way.

If we talk about the works of the python developer in short then the works of python developers do coding properly, develop projects with the help of this programming language, and observe the designing properly, and lots of other things.

Which field is best for python? :

There are many fields and many options are open for the students and candidates after the learnings of the python programming language.

Here I will give you some tips about which field will be best for you after python. But before that, we have to gain some knowledge about these fields.

Python developer career

Data scientist:

Data scientist is the fields in which people fix some problems about the statistics about solving problems and also about the analytics skill and these also help the organization to make their decisions.

And it is one of the growing field in the recent times. In future its scope might increase speedily.

Machine learning:

Machine learning is a very vast and very popular field and here you will learn about the learning and development of machine code.

In other words, we can say that machine learning is the way in which we give instructions to the machines about what to do and what to not do.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an important and major part of computer science in fact we can say that artificial intelligence is the way in which machines understand and performs tasks properly.

And Artificial intelligence and machine learning are connected with one another.

These are some of the field after python and after the completion of learning python you can move into thses things.

If you want to secure your future in a very well manner then I would recommend you to works on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

But if you want more salary then I would suggest you choose the data scientist option.


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This article is all about the python developer salary in india and in the other countries and in other cities .

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