Android developer salary

What is the Android developer salary in India?

Welcome to this article here we will discuss the average android developer salary in India, so please read the full article to know everything about the salary structure of android developers in India.

The majority of android developers are available in INDIA and it is said that they all are fast learners, till the average app developer salary in India is still less than that developer from America.

If an android developer got a salary of 50000 per month then the same person in us will get 125000 per month.

Now we will display some data in front of you –

The average salary of a freelance mobile app developer


$60-70 per hour

$30-40 per hour

$25-30 per hour

Now we will talk about the INDIAN android developer and about their salary.

In India, a large number of developers are between 18 years to 34 years old.

And their qualification is graduation.

There are many developers as well who completed their graduation from the art background till they are working as a developer the reason is that besides their graduation they also learn about the skills.

There are normally two types of developers one is an android developer and another is an ios developer.

In some companies, there is a genuine value in android developers while some other companies prefer the ios developer.

The salary of the developers will definitely be based on separate factors, here I mention some of those factors-

  • City
  • Background/Education
  • Work portfolio
  • Tools knowledge
  • Communication Skills

In India, there are some cities and where you will get more salary as an android developer than the other places. These cities are-

  • Pune
  • Bangaluru
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Chennai

There are some good courses also available which will provide you better salary than the other courses, such as-

  • BCA (Bachelors in computer application)
  • MCA (Masters in computer application)
  • Sun-certified java programming

Programming languages used for android development

  • Objective c
  • Adobe PhoneGap framework
  • Javascript
  • Swift
  • Python
  • Ios sdk, android SDK

If you learn about these skills then you will definitely become a good android developer and earn more money than others.

App developer salary

10000-25000 per month
1 lack-3 lack per annum

10000-30000 per month
100000-400000 per annum
25000-45000 per month
300000-600000 per annum

30000-56000 per month
400000-700000 per annum
45000-90000 per month
7lack – 11 lack per annum

56k – 100k per month
7 lack-12 lack
90k-150k per month
12 lack-19 lack

100k-165k per month
12 lack-20 lack

If you are absolutely freshers in this field then your salary might be less than whatever you want, but as long you will gain experience your salary might be also increased.


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