What is OTP? (Answered)

OTP becomes one of the most popular terms in recent times, but people always getting confused about What is OTP? so in this article, I am going to provide a detailed explanation about What is OTP? so keep reading this article to the end.

Generally, OTP stands for a one-time password. In today’s world, everything becomes online such as online shopping, online recharge, online bill payment. So their online payment facilities have also become popular at this point there are many fraud things that happen on the internet to overcome this problem this is one of the most popular methods.

OTP is a number that can be numeric or alphabetical as well. Without this number, you cannot perform any online transaction.OTP is known as a one-time password because it is activated for a certain period of time.

And if anyone does not use the number without that certain time then the number becomes invalidated automatically. Users should not share their OTP numbers with others.

Why OTP Come?

It is a very common question that comes to our mind that why should we use the OTP numbers.

Well, in ancient days when online payment activities started.

At that time there are only 2 ways in which we can pay online one is internet banking and another is through debit and credit cards. In internet banking, we need a user id, transaction id, password to make payment.

But when anyone makes payment through a debit card then the user has to provide a credit /debit card number, expiry date, CVV number, and pin.

And if by chance someone got all these details then that person can withdraw your money from your bank account. To fix these things a system was introduced, it is called 2 steps verification. And OTP increases one layer in the transaction and insecurity also.

What is OTP? (Explanations)

It is a kind of code in which we are safe in online activities. As I mentioned earlier this can use only one time. This code can be a four-digit number or can be an 8 digit number.

There is a certain time to use OTP that can be from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. We can get OTP in three main types. First is SMS types which come into your registered mobile number. Lots of websites use this and this is a very secure process.

The second is voice calling type which is committed by calling your registered mobile number.

Number three is the email type it is sent to the registered email id. Its use is much less than the other two processes.

What is OTP in Banking?

OTP in banking is the most useable term. Most of the banks used this for security purposes.

When someone creates an account that person has to create an account and log in their numbers.

Later in case of a transaction, we can use the number.

Moreover one can use this in many operations such as internet banking, for transaction process, for money transferring process, for security process, etc.

It is a feature that anyone can use without paying any kind of amount.

In earlier times it was not so popular in banking sectors by in percent times OTP becomes so popular because of the security purpose.OTP is very secure.

Because it is a process of two steps verification.

If the user does not use this in a certain period of time then it does not work.

One of the other advantages of OTP is that one should not have to remember any additional numbers password, it comes every time new.


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