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What is css5? (Explained for Beginners!)

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People are talking about CSS5 everywhere and after researching this topic in detail i have written this article to explain to you what CSS5 is. So, keep reading this article till the end.

What is css5?

Generally, the term css5 stands for cascading style sheet version 5. Although there are many types of versions are available for CSS, but people often confuse about which version of CSS is running at the current time.

There are mainly two types of CSS one is css2 and another is css3, and the term css3 is actually used for CSS 3.2 version.

This is actually the upgraded and updated version of css3. We can say that CSS 3.2 version is often known as css5 version.

Generally, this version is used to create attractive web pages and there are many types of new features that we can include with this version of CSS- such as motion graphics, transition effects, visual effects, and some other features also.

What is the latest version of CSS? :

As I mention there are many versions of CSS are available that we can use to increase our skills.

The initial release of CSS or first version of CSS was released in the year 1996 and later it was updated multiple times and in 2016 the CSS 2 version was released.

Later it was upgraded into css3 or the other versions of css3.

CSS5 vs CSS3

Generally, css5 is the upgraded version of css3Css3 is the updated version of css2
Some advanced features are present in this version of CSSSome features are not available in this version of CSS

css 5 tutorial :

As I mentioned this version of CSS is not available and on the internet, you will not found of any CSS 5 versions tutorial.

But if you want to know the CSS updated version then you can follow our website, where we provide all the advanced skills about programming languages and web development.

Conclusion :

This article is all about the css5, I hope this article will definitely clear your misconception about the css5.

And if you want to know anything else from me then you can comment on our website, and I will definitely reply to your query.

And please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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