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What is Android 12? (Explained)

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Google has announced that the Android 12 is going to launch very soon, although the beta version of Android 12 has already launched its original version does not launch yet and therefore lots of users are in confusion about what is Android 12? and what are the new features within Android 12? well, I have already got the beta version of Android 12 and in this article, I am going to share with you some of the essential features of Android 12 and what is Android 12? so stick to the end of this article for detailed information about Android 12.

So, what is Android 12? Android 12 is actually the latest version of android and it is considered the 19th version of android. Its original version was not launched yet, but its beta version is launched. And until now three major beta versions of Android 12 is launched. And based on all the beta versions it can be said that there were some crucial changes that have been performed within this android 12 version, such as changes in privacy, changes in the user interface as well as changes in user interfaces. And its official and original version is going to launch very soon.

OSAndroid 12
Beta Version3 major beta versions released

In the below section, I have mentioned some of the key changes that have been performed within this android 12, and more facts about what is android 12? so keep reading this article to the end.

Android 12: Major Changes

Within the latest version of android lots of changes have been performed, and now in this section, I have described some of those essential changes that have been performed.

Visual Changes:

Android 12 is all about the visual changes, there were several visual changes that have been performed within this android 12 OS. Within this version of android, the visual changes have been done in terms of looks as well as in terms of animations.

Besides that, the lock screen of this android version is also changed by Google.

Quick Toggles:

The quick toggles feature has also changed a lot from its previous version of android. And within this version, you can see the big icons. And from here you can easily off and on your favorite apps or menus. And by opting for this feature google provides a very fresh experience to its users in terms of toggles.

Dim Mode:

Within the windows 11 operating system, an extra dim mode feature is added, and because of this feature users can easily dim your phone’s brightness and it will really be useful for you to save your mobile phone’s charge and battery.

Theming Options:

Within android 12 numerous theming options are provided and these theming options are not given to any other android versions.

You can choose any wallpaper for your system and based on that wallpaper it will change the colors. Besides that, you can do customization within this android version which will definitely provide a new flavor while users are using this version of android.

Material You:

This is going to be another very good feature for the purpose of customization. And this feature will pick your wallpaper color after that it will spread to all over system wides. And after that your mobile phone will appear in a new format.


Widgets are such an essential thing of any android device and within android 12 the widgets appear in some new styles and formats.

After looking at the widgets of android 12 I can say that the widgets have improved a lot from their previous versions. And some system UI widgets is also integrated with this version of android.

Power & Sound Buttons:

The power button and the sound button within android 12 have changed a lot, and now by pressing the long press power button you can very easily on google assistants and besides that, the column button has also changed from its previous version. And within this android 12, you will get some different layouts to adjust your mobile volumes.


A new kind of stretch animation was added within this version of android. For example, when we scroll down some apps, games, or other things at that point we observe the stretch animations which usually suggests that we are at the end or at the bottom.

And this stretch animation also provides a good effect to our devices.

Privacy Dashboard:

Within android 12 some core changes have been performed based on its privacy and within this version of android a new privacy Dashboard is available, and with the help of this dashboard, you can easily observe all of your applications. Besides that from here, you can also observe your camera, mike, location, and lots of other things.


When any applications within your device access the camera or microphone then you get the info at the right-hand top corner and within android 12 you can very easily disable the mikes and camera access. And it has become one of the best features for securing your privacy.

These are some of the major changes that have been performed within this android 12 version. But till now the main feature of windows 12 has not launched and therefore there is a huge possibility that some other crucial changes have been performed within this android 12 version.

And according to my opinion, not upgrade your android to the android 12 version at the present moment because there were lots of bugs is available within this beta version. And you can upgrade to android 12 after releasing its official version.

This video is all about what is android 12? and therefore I should recommend you to watch the full video.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed what is Android 12? and what are some of the major changes performed within this android 12, and based on all the facts it can be said that android 12 is definitely going to be a very good android version for everyone.

I hope, you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section and dont forget to share this article with your friends and follow this website regularly for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.


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