What is a UI Developer

What is a UI Developer?

People have always confused between UI developer, UX developer, and other kinds of related terms, and they don’t identify the difference between UI and UX developer so stay tuned till the end of this article here I will explain What is UI Developer, the role of this Developer, UI Developer jobs and such other kinds of essential information.

What is a UI Developer definition?

Usually, the term UI stands for user interface and it is the layout portions or group of sections to which users interacts .

For instance, if we take an example of mobile phones then the sections of the phone that you can touch and interact with such as its buttons, its volume nobs everything is an interface.

So you can connect with this, you can use this and you can do the other lot of things just by using all the controls it provides.

If we define the UI developers in simple words then it would be like this- UI developers are the coders who would be going to design the interface such as the tab bars, the colors, the spacings, the buttons, and other things.

And we can also say that a UI developer works as a coordinator between Back end developers and the Front end developers.

What is the Role of UI Developer? :

Although the chief work of this developer is to create the User Interface for the users, and there are several others roles of a UI developer.

Here I mention some of the important roles of these Developer-

  • This developer works with wireframe graphics or wireframe models and it is generally a representation of dimensional objects and graphics.
  • Secondly, UI designers work with the user interface elements and photoshop is the most familiar tool for UI designers.
  • There are some of the important portions which are generally formed by the UI designers – such as the – Input controls, checkboxes, radio buttons, Dropdown lists of websites, Buttons, Toggles, Text, and date fields.
  • Some essential navigational components such as breadcrumbs, slider, search field, pagination, icons, and such other things are also built by the UI developers.
  • Furthermore, some informational components such as tooltips, icons, progress bar, notifications, message boxes, modal windows are also made by the UI developers.

What are UI Developers Skills? :

UI Developer Skills

If we talk about the UI developers then they usually deal with the user interactions and with the Design portions. Here I will mention some of the needed skills for UI developers.

  • When you look at a good website whose design is very good and cool then you have to consider how this website seems so charming. It all happens with the help of Html , CSS, and JavaScript programming language. And as a developer, you have to grab these skills and you have to learn this programming language very well and obtain expertise on these things.
  • Well without the help of javascript we cannot make any interactive website, and to use all the javascript features very quickly you have to learn its frameworks and JQUERY is one of those frameworks.
  • Responsive web design is the way through which your website adapts itself according to the devices. And one of the major works of UI developers is to understand the principles of Responsive Design and implements that into coding. To make a responsive design you have to become good at Bootstrap which is a framework of CSS.
  • Testing and Debugging are one of the most popular and familiar skills that you have to gain as a developer. Through this method, you will learn is there any debug is present in the code or not.
  • As a UI developer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your website performs well on the web, And if you having problems with the performance of your website then you have to improve them by optimizing images, minifying CSS and JavaScript.

These are some of the essential skills that you have to acquire as a UI developer and if you grab these skills then you will become a good UI designer and developer.

How do I Become a UI Developer? :

Well, there is a lot of confusion between people about how they will become a UI developer and UI designer, many people also questioned which is the best course to become a UI developer and UI designer? , there is not any kind of distinct course through which you will become a UI developer.

And here I will reveal four essentials factors and if you achieve a master’s in these factors then you can become a good UI developer.

Well if you want to develop UI then you have to learn Html, CSS, JavaScript, and some major frameworks which I already suggested earlier.

Now we will talk about how you will become a UI designer.

  1. Color Schemes: The first part is color schemes. If you become good at color schemes then you can do anything, you can apply it accurately and replicates your ideas by using colors.
  1. Typography: Second important thing is typography and how you will use that effectively within your design.
  1. Layout and Composition: Third essential factor is Layout and its Composition. How different things are going to take place, what are the different grids, systems and how you will provide spaces to different elements, and how you will balance the designs?
  1. Tools: Final essential factor is that we have to learn about some tools, you can use photoshop, adobe XT, and other designing tools to design the UI perfectly.

UI Developer Salary In India

Before mention, the salary of this Developer I want to informs you that the Salary of Indian employees mainly based on some factors and experience is one of those factors, besides that there are some other factors related to the salary, here I first discuss those factors and after that, I will reveal the salary of this developer in India.

UI Developer Salary


The term location here suggests the city position. If we talk about the metropolitan cities such as – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru then in these places a UI developer gets more salary than the other place in India. And in Bengaluru, a UI developer almost get 35000 per month.


The salary of the UI Developer and designer is also based on your background. If you have complete your graphic design and then you shift towards UI development then you will get a different salary and if you are from an arts background and you have done some certification course about web development and designing then you will get a different salary.


Another essential factor is your portfolio. As a UI developer and Ui designer you have to make your portfolio, and there are many free websites are available through which you can make your portfolio very easily.

Tools Knowledge: 

If you want to income more salary as a UI developer then you have obtained knowledge about the various types of tools and skills. If you gain knowledge about the advanced tools then definitely you will income more money.

Communication skills: 

As a developer and designer you have to clarify the factors to your team members and for that, you need good and proper communication skills. 

UI Developer and Designer Salary In India

ExperienceSalary Range
0-3 years experience10000 to 30000 per month
4-7 years experience30000 to 65000 per month
8 – 11 years experience65000 to 100000 per month

UI Developer Requirements

There is always recruitment are available for good UI developers in IT companies. There are separate roles are reserved for the UI developer and there is also one spot known as UI designers.

Some of the popular companies in India recruit UI developers and Ui designers and here I mention some of the companies’ names- TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc.

UI Developer vs Front End Developer

Basically, the term about UI stands for user interface and the works of the UI developer are almost similar to the works of the Front End Developer. There is not much difference is in between their works and in between their skill.

But till there is a small difference between them is that if you become a UI developer then there is no need of learning any back end programming languages and on the other hand in Front End Development majority of works happen with the help of Html, CSS, and Javascript but till there are some requirements of back end programming languages such as PHP.

What is a Java UI Developer?

Mainly the works of the UI developer is to create the interface, create buttons, tabs, bars, and other navigational things through which users interact. And you are able to create these kinds of things with the help of programming languages.

There are many programming languages are available through which you can create programs and applications and java is mainly used to create mobile applications.

Although java is mostly used to create back-end programs tills there are some of the front-end portions which can be built with the help of the java programming language.

And the people who develos UI with the help of java programming language known as Java UI developer.

What is Angular UI Developer?

Although the website can be built with the help of Html and CSS to make it attractive and to add some applications into this developers needs the JavaScript program.

JavaScript is really is a popular programming language and with the help of this programming language, you can create the front-end and back-end portion of a website.

Angular is actually a very popular framework of JavaScript. With the help of these frameworks, you can use all the JavaScript functions more efficiently.

What is UI Designer and Developer

The UI Designer and UI developer both are not actually similar things. Here the words designer and developer separate the meanings.

But otherwise the works of the UI designer and Ui developer is almost similar and their skills are also similar .

Is UI Developer a Good Career?

The Information Technology industry has reached another level in recent times and therefore there are lots of opportunities and scopes are open for the students.

If you want to build your career as a Developer then definitely it is really a good career. As a UI developer, you have to build the interfaces, the designs of websites and applications.

And in recent times there are various apps are launched regularly if you want to design and develop those apps, then it is also a good career.

So there are really vast of opportunities open infront of you as a UI Designer and UI Developer .

Does UI Require Coding

Yes definitely if you wants to built the user interface then you have to learn littlebit coding .

But there are no needs of learning any tuff programming language. If you learn the scripting languages such as – Html, CSS and JavaScript very well then it is enough to become a good UI developer or UI designer.

Should I Learn UI or UX First?

UI is actually known as User Interface and on the other hand, UX stands for user experience. And in terms of responsibility UX developer and designer has the much more responsibilities in comparison of UI developer.

Therefore I suggest you always learn the UI first and after achieving some expertise on that then you will learn about the UX and it will be easier for you to understands.

What are UI Tools?

There are some of the necessary tools are needed to develop the UI or design the UI. Here I will explain some of those essential tools names –

UI Developer Tools
  • Photoshop
  • Angular js
  • Jquery
  • Invision studio
  • Adobe XD

What Pays more UX or UI?

If you have confused about in which profession you will get more salary UX or UI then it is the UX means user experience developers get more salary than the UI developers.

In India approximately a UI developer get 3 lacks per anumn and UX developer get 4.5 lacks to 5 lacks per anumn .


In this article we talks about the What is a UI developer and some other essential factors about UI developer.

I hope I clear all the confusion that you have about the UI developer and UX developer. And if you have any kind of query then comment us on the comment box.

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