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What is a Print Preview Feature?

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The print preview options tell us that how our document will display after printing. And this option almost provided to many software like-ms word, ms excel LibreOffice writer, calc, etc. This option is one of the most useful features for a user. From here we can also set some printing options as well.

Difference between print and print preview

PrintPrint preview
The print is the advanced feature of print preview. Through this option, we can print any kind of documents.Print preview is the earlier feature of print. Through this option, we can see how your document will appear after printing.
The shortcut for this is ctrl+pShortcut used for this feature is ctrl+shift+o.

Print preview in word

Before doing printing or doing something about preview we have to prepare some documents

  • Our first step is to create some documents
  • Then goes to the office button
  • In our office button, there are a various option provided we have to select the print option
  • After clicking on the print option another dialogue box will open, there we find print, quick print, the preview option
  • Just click on any of these option which you want.

In the top menu positions, some options provided to edit the feature.


If you need some margins to your document then you can define those margins through these options.

There are many margins provided such as last custom setting, normal, narrow, moderate, wide, etc.


This is another option. If you do not want your page orientation as portrait then you can change that into landscape also.

But by default, the page clicked into the portrait.


From this section, we can select the paper size. Some sizes are letters 8.5’*11’, A5, A4, etc. But by default paper size clicked into A4 size.


You can watch your document by zooming also. By default, the zoom is selected into 65%.

Show ruler:

Through this option we can hide ruler according to our wish.

Next page:

If you have multiple pages in your system, thus we can see all the pages by clicking on the next page.

Previous page:

Through this we can see all the pages into previous page also.


This will close our preview window option.

Print preview in excel

To watch the preview option in ms excel we just have to click on the office button-print option- preview option.

Page setup:

From this option, we can set our pages before printing. After clicking on this option a window will open. Through the page tab option we can select the orientation, scaling adjustment, ft to here we can select pages fit.

Paper size-many sizes are available by default letter is seted.

There is some other tab are also available these are margins, header, footer, sheet through these options we can select many.

Print preview in LibreOffice

This option is also provided in LibreOffice. Its all feature is similar to ms office except the shortcut key.Ctrl+shift+o is the shortcut in LibreOffice.


In this article, we discuss the print preview option. How to use this option in various software, to read this kind of informational content please follow our website.

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