What is a cloud storage

What is a cloud storage and how does it work?

Welcome to this article here we will discuss what is cloud storage and how does it work? So please read this full article to know about cloud storage in full detail.

What is cloud storage in simple words:

If I talk about cloud storage in simple words then it will be like this is a kind of data that is actually stored online.

Such as the photos and videos generally store on our computers and it is actually stored locally but this data is stored online.

Actually, it does not mean data is stored on the cloud in fact it actually suggests that the data is stored online, and we can easily access this data via the internet.

Cloud storage free or not :

When we sign up in Gmail then we got free memory space like google drive, similarly, there are lots of providers through which we can easily get free access such as – dropbox, one drive, etc.

And with the help of these providers, you will easily get free space that is around 2GB to 50GB but if you need more space then you have to pay money.

How much you have to pay totally depends on how much space you want to use. And you have to pay this money on a monthly basis.

How to use cloud storage:

As I tell you earlier that we can access it through the web or software and there we also got the file manager option through which we can easily access this thing.

You can shares those files, delete those files, and write something about files. That actually suggests that we can easily access this with the help of the file manager option.

One thing we have to remember in mind is that not all cloud storage is the same, there are separate factors of these things, some focus on security, some focus on convenience, and some focus on storage and speed.

Cloud storage safe or not :

Well, this thing totally depends on what kind of cloud storage we are buying. Mainly one thing we have to check before buying, is that if there is no encryption policy then please do not buy that because in that case, that might not be safe.

Advantages of cloud storage :

If we talk about the advantages then there are multiple advantages of these devices. Here I mention some of the important advantages of this-

1. The main advantage of using this is that it saves our local storage space.

2. Another important advantage is security. If by chance our local device steals then at least there is a backup of our data.

3. The third advantage is versioning, if I talk about versioning in simple words then it is a similar process as undo. If we work on a document nearly 7 days ago and now again I want to work in that version that is called versioning.

4. In cloud storage there is a trash option is provides, that suggests that if we delete something then it works as recycle bin option.

5 . We can access this in a very easy way and we can access this from anywhere. If we do not have our device then also we can access this from other devices also.

6. We can easily share our documents, the sharing process is similar to google docs, but more importantly, we can share our documents more efficiently. And here we can also give the password and as well as can set the expiry date.

7. It also prevents data corruption.

Disadvantages of cloud storage :

Although there are many benefits of this still there are some disadvantages to using cloud storage devices, and here I mention some of those disadvantages.

1. The main disadvantage of using this, is that you have to pay rental fees, and we have to pay this on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis.

2. The second disadvantage is that you need a good internet connection to upload and download the documents at a good and proper speed.

According to my, your internet speed might be around2 Mbps if you want to access it properly.

3. Next disadvantage is that we have to trust these websites or companies for our data.


What can cloud storage Do? :

We can say that it is almost similar to google drive and it is mainly used t store the data such as – photos, documents, and videos online.

Instead of storing these locally, we have to store that online.

Is cloud storage worth buying?:

We have already a free storage device available on the internet in the name of google drive and if you don’t want to use that then you can definitely pay for this.

Or if you have some earning potential on the internet then you can also use this cloud storage.

How do I access my cloud storage?:

We can easily access this, but to access the cloud storage we need a good speed quality of internet, which will be around 2 Mbps per minute.


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