what are linkedin premim features

What are Linkedin Premium Features?

There are normally two kinds of accounts that you can create within Linkedin one is a Linkedin free account and another is a Linkedin premium account. Within the Linkedin premium account, there are some additional features are added and here in this article, I will be discussing What are Linkedin Premium features?

Linkedin is a very special kind of applications and through this application, many job finders find their desired jobs and besides that many job provider posts their jobs. Well, you can also access this application via websites.

It was initially released in the year 2003 and it is helpful for job professions. Its headquarters is situated in California, united states. It was founded by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, and some others.

In short, if I mention LinkedIn Premium features then there are almost 6 essential features are added within LinkedIn premium these features are-

  • 5 InMails per month
  • Who’s viewed your profile
  • Job insights
  • Featured Applicant
  • Linkedin Learning
  • Open Profile

These are some of the essential features that a Linkedin premium account exists. Now in the below section, I will discuss these features in detail.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

As I mention LinkedIn is a very broad platform for job seekers and job providers. And besides these things, some other works can be done with LinkedIn.

Generally, a LinkedIn premium is the updated version of LinkedIn and there are few additional functionalities were added within this LinkedIn premium. And these features are very helpful for all LinkedIn users.

8 Essential LinkedIn Premium Features

What are Linkedin Premium Features

5 InMails Per Month:

This feature is all about LinkedIn mails. When you want to talk with someone on LinkedIn then you have to create a connection with that person. For example, if you want to message any HR then you have to create a connection with that HR. 

But if you are a premium member of LinkedIn then you can easily message any person without the creation of any connection with others person. 

Who’s viewed your profile:

With the help of this feature, you can easily identify the persons who have viewed your profile. 

If you are a free LinkedIn user then you can only observe how many people see your profile but with the help of the LinkedIn premium feature, you can easily identify those persons who are viewing your LinkedIn profile.

Get Noticed by Recruiters and Hiring managers:

This is another useful feature for job seekers, provides by a LinkedIn premium account

And when any HR recruiters search your account on LinkedIn then your account will appear at the first position, which will become helpful for you to get the job. 

And this feature is not available within the LinkedIn free account.

Stay Open to Opportunities:

As a premium member, Your account is always available in open status. So that recruiters Can offer you better job opportunities And besides that, you also get job updates.

Linkedin Resume Builder:

Although the resume building option is available within a LinkedIn free account and you can visit your profile and create an account there also but within the premium feature of LinkedIn, you will get a separate resume builder option.

And from here you can create your resume in a much more attractive and professional manner. Besides that you can add some credential details within your resume you can download this resume into PDF format also.

Find Jobs Where you’d be a great fit:

Within the LinkedIn free account when you check a company’s job It usually does not match your skills.

But within the LinkedIn premium account, this feature is also added and here jobs will appear in front of you according to your skills.

Look at Company Trends:

The LinkedIn premium account also displayed the trends of the company and from here you can easily observe the company trends in which you are going to apply.

Learn Something New:

This is the most beneficial feature that a LinkedIn premium account holder gets. 

At the top section, you will get an eLearning option. And here you will get various kinds of professional courses. 

And as a user, you can also take these courses to boost your skills. After the completion of these courses, you will get a certification from LinkedIn which you can attach with your resume and make your resume better.

These are some of the useful features that a LinkedIn premium account holder gets. And if you get this Linked premium account then you will also get a one-month trial.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

This is one of the most common questions that LinkedIn users ask. In this section, I will.be discussing this question.

Generally, most people logged in to LinkedIn because of three reasons – Whether they are trying to sell something, or they want to hire someone, or otherwise they are trying to find a job.

We know that LinkedIn is growing up as a platform for so many different things.

As a user, you have to first figure out what is your actual goal on LinkedIn.If your goal is a hangout, login, comment, post, etc then the LinkedIn premium probably not going to worth it for you. 

LinkedIn generally has four different kinds of LinkedIn accounts – such as for job seekers, businesses, sales, and recruiting also. 

So if you are a job seeker, want to hire someone for doing your work, or if you want to grow your business then the LinkedIn premium feature is very much beneficial for you.

What is the Difference Between LinkedIn Basics and Premium?

LinkedIn Basics (Free)LinkedIn premium
LinkedIn basics do not provide the inmails feature.On the other hand, LinkedIn premium provides the inMails feature.
Within this account, you cannot identify who is going to see your profile.Within this kind of account, you can identify the persons who are viewing your profile.
Here you did not get an option for creating your resume.Here within the premium option, you will get an option to create your resume in a much more attractive manner.
LinkedIn basic version or the free version does not provide any kinds of new learning courses or tutorials for you.Within LinkedIn premium, you will get various kinds of courses that you can do to boosts your skills.
And you can access these courses without paying any kind of money.
Here various jobs will arrive within your account and in most cases, your skills are not matching those jobs.On LinkedIn premium jobs will appears in front of you according to your skills.

Why LinkedIn Premium is so Expensive?

If you are a LinkedIn premium user then you know very well LinkedIn premium is so expensive. And you have to pay almost around $30 to $50 to access the features of LinkedIn premium. And it is considered fairly a higher amount to access the LinkedIn premium.

One of the major reasons why is Linkedin premium is so expensive is its additional functionalities and features. There are several features and functions are added within the LinkedIn premium account which you can access as a job seeker or job provider.

Besides these things, there are numerous courses are added within the LinkedIn premium which you can do after creating an account on LinkedIn premium. And you can access these courses freely.

And after taking the LinkedIn premium account you will get the one-month free trial and within this free trial, you can also access those features which are provided by the LinkedIn premium account. 

LinkedIn Premium Features for Job Seekers

As a job seeker, you can access various kinds of additional features and functions, functionalities within the LinkedIn premium account. 

You can create some awesome resumes after shining up within LinkedIn premium besides that there are some other features like you can check the company trends in which you are going to apply you can search for jobs based on your skills

Linkedin Premium price in India you can learn the new skill which will Boost Your resume by doing some courses within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Premium Search Features

Within the LinkedIn premium, you can search for jobs based on your skills and besides that, you can apply to numerous companies by searching their employees’ trends.

Final Thought

Although I have discussed all the things about LinkedIn premium but still if you are in confusion that which one is better for you LinkedIn basic or LinkedIn premium then I should suggest that if you are a temporary LinkedIn user then there is no need for you to signing up for LinkedIn premium version.

But if you are a student, a job seeker, or a job provider or want to grow your business then you can sign up with a LinkedIn premium account. Then it might be beneficial for you and the features will be helpful for you.

In this article, I discuss what are LinkedIn premium features I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of enquiry then you can ask me in the comment section.

And please follow our website by clicking on the notification icon for this kind of informational article. 

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