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Web development has become one of the most prominent and emerging fields in recent times. And due to its bright career prospects, most of the students eagerly want to become web developers. But before starting a career in web development most people were getting confused about where to start, well I am a blogger and web developer and in this article, I am going to discuss the complete web development course syllabus or web developer syllabus, so read this entire article for detailed information.

So, what are the complete web development course syllabus? to become a web developer or to learn web development you have to learn about lots of skills and you have to acquire lots of knowledge such as Html(HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, some frameworks like- JQuery, React, Angular, Bootstrap, backend languages like- PHP, node js, Python (Django, Flasks), Databases like My SQL, etc. In the below section I have discussed these topics and what are the main portions you have to cover to learn web development from scratch.

Before, discussing the web development syllabus, here I mention some of the suggestions about how to learn web development, I mean to say that what things you should have to learn and what things you did not have to learn. So let’s begin with the basics skills of web development. So at first, you have to learn about Html, CSS, and Javascript, these are the most necessary skills you have to learn in web development.

Actually, Html is the skeleton of web development and CSS is mostly used for designing purposes and JavaScript language is used for logical purposes, and without these things, web development is totally incomplete. And don’t learn the Html and CSS from beginning to advance level, you just have to learn Html 80%, learn CSS 60%, and learn JavaScript 50%.

Now in the below section i have discussed about this topics in details, so read the full article.

Complete Web Developer Syllabus

I have already mentioned what are the most necessary skills required within web development, now in this section, I will do a detailed discussion about what main portions you have to learn within web development. So, let’s begin-

  1. Html(Hyper Text Markup Language):

Generally, Html is considered the skeleton of any website and web development, and to gain web development knowledge you have to start things from the beginning, and Html is considered the basics of web development.

But when most of the people start to learn about Html, then want to cover all the things, but according to my recommendation, you just have to learn the 80% of Html. Here I mention the topics which you have to learn in Html-

  • Introduction to Html
  • Html elements
  • Html headings
  • Html attributes
  • Html paragraph
  • Html styles
  • Html Fonts
  • Html Tables
  • Html Image
  • Html Links
  • Html Lists
  • Html Forms
  • Html frames
  • Html colors
  • Html Layouts
  • Html URL’s
  • Html media
  • Html Audio
  • Html Videos

After the learnings of these things then move your focus on the Html 5 versions, it is actually the upgraded version of Html-

  • Html 5 Introduction
  • Html 5 elements
  • Html 5 audio
  • Html 5 Video
  • Html 5 Canvas
  • Html 5 layout
  • Html 5 Tags

After the completion of Html 5 then jump into CSS and acquire some knowledge about CSS.

2. CSS(Cascading Style Sheets):

CSS or cascading style sheet is another very essential thing in web development, it is mainly used to provide design to the website with the help of CSS you can provide borders, padding, colors within your website.

Is HTML considered the skeleton then CSS is also considered as the skin and the combination of HTML and CSS is very much required within web development?

When most people start learning CSS then they want to acquire all the CSS skills and therefore they make the biggest mistake.

According to my recommendation, 60% of learning CSS is enough to become a good web developer and designing a website. And here in the below section, I mention all the topics that you have to learn as a web developer within CSS-

  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS structure & syntax
  • CSS class
  • CSS ID
  • CSS styling
  • CSS background
  • CSS links
  • CSS Texts
  • CSS Fonts
  • CSS Tables
  • CSS Lists
  • CSS Border
  • CSS Box model
  • CSS margin
  • CSS padding
  • CSS outline
  • CSS grouping
  • CSS display
  • CSS positioning
  • CSS floating
  • CSS align
  • CSS navigation bar
  • CSS images
  • CSS layout
  • CSS media types like audion, videos etc

After the completion of CSS then you have to learn little bit concepts of CSS3, it is the upgraded version of CSS-

  • CSS 3 introduction
  • CSS 3 new tags
  • CSS 3 image
  • CSS 3 layout
  • CSS 3 padding
  • CSS 3 new attributes
  • CSS 3 frames
  • CSS 3 Media’s
  • CSS 3 Box Models

These are some of the common things that you have to learn as a beginner web developer, or learning web development.

3. JavaScript:

After the learning of HTML and CSS as a web developer next you have to learn some details about JavaScript.JavaScript is actually the scripting language that can be used within front end development as well as back end development. If you create any kind of button within your website then with the help of JavaScript you can specify what kind of works the button will do or, in other words, JavaScript is used to performing logical operations or logical things.

Here i mention a lists of all the javascript topics that you have to learn as a web developer-

  • Basics concepts of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript Math
  • JavaScript declarations
  • JavaScript operators
  • JavaScript variables
  • JavaScript control statements
  • JavaScript error handling
  • JavaScript function declaration
  • JavaScript Built-in function
  • JavaScript standard date & time functions
  • JavaScript inheritance, prototype, call method, etc.

These are some of the most common javascript things that you should have to learn as a web developer. And after learning of these things you can also learn about its frameworks like- JQuery.

4. PHP:

PHP is generally a scripting language or it is also known as a general-purpose language this language is very much suited for web development it is mainly used for the backend portions this language was initially released in the year of 1994.

Here in this section, I am providing a list of all the topics that you should have learned as a web developer within the PHP programming language-

  • PHP variable
  • PHP constants
  • PHP data types
  • PHP operators
  • PHP comments
  • PHP if else
  • PHP switch
  • PHP loop
  • PHP break
  • PHP continue
  • PHP fubctions
  • PHP arguments
  • PHP arrays
  • PHP strings
  • PHP math functions
  • PHP file handling
  • PHP header
  • PHP error reporting
  • PHP alert

These are some of the most common php topics that you should have to learn as a web developer.

5: Python:

Python has becomes one of the most popular and prominent programming language and it can be used in several areas, such as in artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, web development and in other areas. Python has many kinds of frameworks such as Django, Flasks and these are very good frameworks used for web development and these can be used in the front end as well as in the back end of web development.

There are numerous python topics are there and for web development, all the things are not required, in this section, I mention some of the essential topics which are required for web development-

  • Python Introduction
  • Python keywords and identifiers
  • Python staements and comments
  • Python variables
  • Python Database
  • Python input, output
  • Python loop
  • Python if else
  • Python Break
  • Python funtions
  • Python arguments
  • Python modules
  • Python package
  • Python numbers
  • Python Lists
  • Python String
  • Python File operation
  • Python class
  • Python Inheritence

These ares some of the python essential topics which are required for learning the web developments.

6. Node JS:

It is a kind of open-source and cross-platform web framework and within web development, it is really a very essential skill. And here I mention some of the essential topics about node js which are required for web development-

  • Node .js introduction & installation
  • Node .js console
  • Node .js REPL
  • Node .js NPM
  • Node .js Globals
  • Node .js OS
  • Node .js Timer
  • Node .js errors
  • Node .js DNS
  • Node .js net
  • Node .js crypto
  • Node .js debugger
  • Node .js process
  • Node .js streams
  • Node .js file systems
  • Node .js events
  • Node .js callbacks
  • Node .js web modules

7. My SQL:

My SQL is another important topic that you have to learn within web development, it is mainly used for database purposes. So, if you want to become a full-stack web developer, then the database topic or my SQL topic is really an essential thing for you.

It is a kind of open-source database management system and it is available for lots of operating systems like- Windows, Linux, Mac Os, Solaris, etc.

Here i provide some essential my SQL topic that you have to study to learn the complete web development-

  • My SQL keys
  • My SQL indexes
  • My SQL constraints
  • My SQL functions
  • My SQL procudures
  • My SQL triggers
  • My SQL constants
  • My SQL variables
  • My SQL loops
  • My SQL conditional statements
  • My SQL commnents
  • My SQL operators
  • My SQL functions
  • My SQL conditions
  • My SQL tables
  • My SQL data types

These are some of important SQL things that you have to learn as a web developer.

In ConClusion:

In this article, I have discussed the web development syllabus and these are some of the essential things and topics that you have to learn as a web developer, and besides these things, you can also learn some other frameworks like- JQuery, Bootstrap, React, Angular, Angular, these frameworks are useful but not mandatory for web development.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind f query then you can ask me in the comment section, and please follow our website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.

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