Web Developer vs Software Engineer: Which one is Better?

People were often getting confused about the two most dazzling career opportunities in the information technology sectors, that is web development and software development, so in this article, I am going to discuss web developers vs software engineer, their differences, career prospects, salary factor, similarities and lots of other things.

The Information Technology, sector is improving day by day, and due to its bright career opportunities, most students want to build their careers within this information technology sector. However, within this information technology sector, lots of career options open in front of the people and the two most demandable career options are web development and software engineering.

So, what’s the main difference between web developers vs software engineers? generally, web development is the process in which the development and designing of websites have been performed, and a web developer is a specific person who performs all the web development and designing tasks by utilizing some programming languages. While on the other hand software engineering or development is also a kind of process in which software building and testing software have been accomplished, and the person who performs these things and maintains the software system is known as a software engineer.

In the below section, I have discussed some of the major differences between web developers and software engineers, so read this entire article for detailed and complete information.

Web Developer vs Software Engineer: Major Differences

In this section I will discuss some of the essential differences between web developer and software engineers, so read the essential points to know the differences-


Web development and software engineering are very closely correlated with each other, and when you think about the whole world of software development or software engineering, then web development is a very small sub-section of software engineering.

Having said that the fact is also considered that the vast majority of software is web based or some kind of web aspects to it, whether you are working with any application programming interface or you are working with any web page no matter what but most of the time you are going to interact with the web.

And in terms of their difference, it can be said that software engineering is a vast field and within this broad field web development is a very small subset.

Operating Systems:

As a software engineer or software developer, you can exclusively work on operating systems such as a software developer or software engineer you can work for Apple OS, Windows Operating System, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Linux, and Android by developing and maintaining software.

While on the other hand, a web developer is responsible for developing the website for doing tasks web-based, web developers do not interact or work with the operating systems.


Jobs are one of the most essential things within any kind of career prospect, although there are numerous jobs available for web developers and software engineers in recent times software engineering and development jobs rapidly increased.

And as a Software Engineer, you can work in separate fields such as you can work as a programmer, or software developer.

Besides that you can also so worked as a freelancer after gaining software engineering skills there are many kinds of jobs available on various freelancing platforms such as fiber, Upwork, and Freelancer you just have to build your portfolio on these websites and then grab the software engineering jobs.

Programming Languages:

Programming languages are very essential to learn for both web developers as well as for software engineers. While HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS (cascading style sheet), JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap are important skills for web developers.

On the other hand, as a software engineer or software developer, you have to learn genuine programming languages like Python programming language, Java programming language, C programming language C ++ language, Kotlin, Swift, etc.

However, some common programming languages can be used for both the purpose of, Front-end as well as for Backend such as JavaScript python, etc.


Generally, a database is a collection of data, which can be accessed electronically, and you can create any kind of database by using some types of programming languages. And after that, you can connect that database with your websites or apps.

There were several kinds of databases there and here I mention some of the most popular ones- My SQL, Postgre SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL lite, Mongo DB, Redis, Maria DB, Oracle, Firebase, Elasticsearch, etc.

Lets’s come to the point, if you want to become a full-stack web developer and work for the back end then a database is very much essential for you. So, we can say that database is essential for web developers.

While if you are a software developer or software engineer then a database is also required but it is not essential like web development.


Software engineering and web development both are very bright Career prospects for students and there were lots of opportunities available for the students within both these fields.

But if we compare both these fields about which one is going to become better for the future then I should say it is software engineering or software development. Because software engineering is not a tiny field and therefore its demand is increasing day by day.

While on the other hand there were lots of shortcuts that becomes familiar for web development in the current situation and people have started to use the content management systems like WordPress, and Joomla to create websites or develop websites. And therefore it becomes a very easier task for people to create websites by themselves. And its impact is falling on the web development jobs and web developers’ careers.


The job roles of web developers and software engineers are different- whether a web developer is responsible for creating the websites, maintaining the websites, or creating web applications.

On the other hand software engineers typically analyze and create the computer software, test the computer software, design the software, etc.

These are some of the most common differences between web developers and software engineers.

Web Developer vs Software Engineer Salary

The salary of any person is depending on lots of things such as a person’s skill set, experience, knowledge, company, position, and lots of other things.

And in terms of salary software engineers are paid much more in comparison with web developers on average a software engineer earns almost $10,000 per annum while the same person with the same experience an almost around 10 $7,000 per annum as a web developer.

Here I provide a table about how web developers & software engineers earn in several countries-

Software EngineerWeb Developer
India55000 Rupees per month4000 rupees per month
Australia$ 77,000 per annum$ 80,000 per annum
United States$104040 per annum$73000 per annum
United Kingdom£52,200 £40,000

Similarities Between Web developer and software engineers

In the upper section, you have noticed what are the major differences between software engineering and web development. now in this section, I will describe some of the similarities between web developers and software engineers-

Solving Problems:

Web developers, software engineers, or software developers are mainly hired to solve technical problems and usually, they use the same programming languages or code to solve those technical problems.

Well sometimes the developers or engineers did not recognize what should be the problem but they have to troubleshoot that problem with their coding expertise and their experience.

So, problem-solving is generally a common task and common virtue that every web developer or software engineer should have.

Deal with Uncertainty:

Uncertainty is another common thing or common virtue between web developers and software engineers. Sometimes you might be higher to solve some kind of problems and you do not aware of those problems, therefore you have to learn how to deal with the uncertainty of those problems.

And this virtue is very common for app developers, Android developers, web developers, software engineers, software developers, operating system Architects, and others.

Research & Experiments:

If you are a web developer or software engineer then you have to always engage with Research and experiments to Boost Your developing skills.

Without Research and experiments, you will be unable to handle the programming problems or solve the programming problems.

Working with Data:

As a web developer you have to work with data and a similar case is with software engineering, in software engineering sometimes you have to work with the data and database.

If you noticed any kind of software engineering or web development job then you will be noticed that there is common eligibility is there, that you have to work with data the database, whether the data has come from databases or comes from the user or third party system, no matter what, but you have to deal with the manipulation and retrieval of data at some point within your career.

Work for the People:

As a web developer or software engineer, you have to always work for the people and you have to create software or applications which usually solve the problems of the people.

These are some of the most common similarities between web developers and software engineers and within their works.

Can a Web Developer Become a Software Engineer?

Yes, as a web developer, you have to learn lots of skills like Html, CSS, and javascript and these languages are also useful within software engineering because software engineering is all about developing and creating websites, and javascript, python, c, C++, C# language, Java language, etc.

So, if you learn web development then there is some comfort in learning about software engineering.

Is Web Development Easier than Software Engineer?

The answer is yes, web development is a little bit easier than software engineering because within web development Html (HyperText Markup Language), and CSS (Cascading Style Language) and are not programming languages at all. And these are easy to learn in comparison with exact programming languages.

So, as a web developer, it is easy to grab the skills, while on the other hand if you want to learn software development then you have to achieve some sort of expertise in maths. Because software engineering and development is all about implementing algorithms, logic, and programming.

In ConClusion:

In this article, I have discussed the major difference between web developers vs software engineers, and here I discuss their salary packages, jobs, similarities, differences, and lots of other things.

I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section, and please follow our website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.

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