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Valorant on Windows 11? (10 Things You Need to Know)

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Valorant is one of the most popular shooting games of the current times; therefore, many gamers want to know Windows 11 is suitable for Valorant or not?

After doing a ton of research, I am writing this article to inform you everything regarding Valorant’s performance on Windows 11.

So, Does Windows 11 support Valorant?

Yes! in most instances, the Windows 11 based PCs can run Valorant simply because these PCs complete all the requirements for the Valorant game, including (RAM, Processor, Graphics, etc.).

You can run the Valorant game within older operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.

But how good performance you will get cannot be said because it depends on lots of factors & in the below section all of the factors are explained.

Is Windows 11 Good for Valorant?

Yes! the Windows 11 operating system is a better choice for playing the Valorant game because it has several advanced gaming features. 

However, compared to Windows 10, you will get much more FPS within Windows 11 while playing Valorant.

Valorant on Windows 11
Valorant on Windows 11

Moreover, Windows 11 also integrates the Auto HDR technology; therefore, you will notice a massive difference when viewed on a solid HDR display & in maximum games, you will see high contrast scenes.

Besides that, Windows 11 also comes with DirectX storage support; therefore, it frees up the CPU to handle other tasks, and as a result, you will get better framerates.

If you also compare the game loading time, then games within Windows 11 loaded much faster than Windows 10.

Windows 11 Valorant Settings

Before playing the Valorant game on your latest Windows 11 operating system, you need to set a couple of settings for smoother & better performance. Here I have mentioned all of the settings-

Firstly, open the Valorant game, go to the settings icon on the top right side corner, and choose the settings option.

General Tab Settings

After clicking the settings option, you will notice 5 different tabs & the general tab is situated at the very beginning; now just do the settings mentioned below-

  • Display Mode- Fullscreen
  • Resolution- Select 16/9
  • Aspect Ratio Method- Letterbox and press Apply
  • Limit FPS on Battery- Off
  • Limit FPS on Menu- Off
  • Limit FPS in Background- Off
  • Limit FPS Always-Off
  • If you have Nvidia Video Card, then- Select +Boost

After doing all these settings, go up to the “Graphics Quality” section & do the settings mentioned above.

  • Multithreaded Rendering- On
  • Material Quality- Low
  • Texture Quality– Low
  • Detail Quality– Low
  • UI Quality– Low
  • Vignette– Off
  • Vsync (Vertical Sync)– Off
  • Anti Aliasing– None
  • Anisotropic filtering- Select 1
  • Improve Quality- Off
  • Experimental Sharpening- Off
  • Bloom- Off
  • Distortion- Off
  • Cast Shadows- Off

After doing all the mentioned settings, go up to the stats and select text on the client FPS. You can see the FPS in real-time and then press on close settings.

These are some basic settings that you need to set for good Valorant performance within Windows 11.

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Windows 11 Valorant Low FPS

After upgrading to Windows 11, people are facing different gaming issues & one of the most common issues is FPS drops.

If you just upgraded your operating system to Windows 11, then a little bit of FPS drops is a prevalent issue, but it is a horrible sign if you are facing heavy FPS drops around 20 FPS.

There can be various reasons behind the FPS drops on Windows 11 for games, and here I have pointed out some of those primary reasons-

Outdated Drivers

Drivers play such an essential role in PCs, and when drivers become outdated, the computer becomes sluggish, and it can cause serious PC issues.

Changing the operating system can bring different driver issues, and your drivers can also remain outdated.

Usually, drivers are an essential piece of software that helps different hardware components work smoothly with your computer.

So, the first thing you need to check is whether your graphics drivers are updated or not? Because not having your graphics drivers up to date could cause FPS drops and stability issues.

Game DVR

The game DVR feature within Windows 11 allows you to record your gameplay in the background. It is located in the game bar, and it can decrease your framerates by recording video in the background.

However, if you are getting low FPS, then there is a possibility that your Game DVR is enabled; disabling this game DVR feature can help you improve your system’s performance, and it will also help you get stable framerates. 

You can easily disable this game DVR feature from the starts menu and settings option.

Background Applications

I suppose that your system is strong enough to play these heavy games like Valorant. If you are running a powerful enough PC, then most background applications won’t affect the framerate.

But if your PC is not strong enough to play high CPU intensive games, running multiple background applications can decrease your framerates. 

To fix this FPS issue, you need to stop the different background applications running in the background, and you can do this from your system’s settings.

These are some of the reasons behind the low FPS on your Windows 11 operating system & you can quickly fix these issues.

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Windows 11 Valorant Sound Issues

Valorant on Windows 11
Valorant on Windows 11

After upgrading to Windows 11, when people install the Valorant game, they complain about different sound issues like the sound is very low or the sound is not coming etc.

This sound problem can occur due to different reasons, and here I have ponied all of those reasons & their solutions-

  • Outdate Audio Drivers
  • Game Sound Settings is Disabled
  • Game Package is not Installed Properly
  • Corrupted Game Cache Folder
  • Third-Party Sound Manager

Now, we will dive into more details about these issues and their solutions-

1. Outdated Audio Drivers

Usually, when we switch the operating system, we face different drivers issues, and these drivers often remain outdated.

Audio Drivers are software used in conjunction with sound cards. These drivers are vital for connecting the audio system in your PC with speakers and sound cards.

So, after installing Valorant on your Windows 11, if you are facing a sound issue, then the first thing you need to check is the Audio drivers.

If you notice that your audio drivers are outdated, you should upgrade that from the device manager.

To update your audio drivers-

Go to Device Manager- Sound, Video and Game Controllers- Right Click on the sound card or audio card – Update driver. 

2. Game Sound Settings

If your system’s audio drivers are perfect and do not remain outdated, then you should check the game sound settings.

Sometimes because of these sound settings, you can face different sound issues.

So, open the Valorant game click on the gear icon in the top right corner to access the Valorant’s settings.

Next, go to the settings tab and navigate to the right of the screen where the audio setting is available.

3. Game Package not Installed Properly

If you have just installed Valorant on Windows 11 & you are facing extreme sound issues, then there is a probability that the game package folder is not installed completely. 

To fix this issue, you need to uninstall the game & install it again.

4. Corrupted Game Cache Folder

The corrupted game cache folder is another cause that can impact your sound drivers.

You can fix this issue by clearing the corrupted game cache folder.

5. Third-Party Sound Manager

Windows 11 has its own built-in sound manager, and some third-party sound managers might conflict with Windows 11, resulting in loss of audio while running games.

So, if you are facing sound issues on Valorant, it can be due to these Third-Party sound Managers. 

Some examples of sound managers that could trigger game sound issues: Sonic Studio 3, Nahimic, MSI audio etc.

To fix this issue, you need to uninstall the sound managers & restart your computer.

These are the major causes behind the Valorant sound issues on Windows 11, and you can troubleshoot sound issues by applying the fixes mentioned above.

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Windows 11 Valorant TPM & Secure Boot Error

People are facing the TPM error on Windows 11 while playing Valorant, and this error appears like- “This build of vanguard requires TPM version 2.0 and Secure Boot to be enabled to play”.

As you can notice, this error mainly appears because the TPM 2.0 chip & Secure Boot are disabled.

Microsft introduces these TPM 2.0 & Secure Boot concepts within Windows 11 for making it more secure than Windows 10.

However, you can quickly fix these issues and play Valorant by enabling these features from your BIOS settings.

To do that, enter into your System’s BIOS-

Go to Search- Check for Updates- Advanced Options- Recovery- Advanced Startup- Click on Restart Now- Troubleshoot- Advanced Options- UEFI Firmware Settings- Click Restart. Now your PC will directly boot in BIOS. 

Enable Secure Boot BIOS

After reaching BIOS, you need to enable the secure boot by clicking on-

Advanced Mode- Boot- Secure Boot- OS Type- Select Windows UEFI Mode from Other OS- then click Exit- Save Changes and Reset- Ok. 

Hopefully, enabling the secure boot will fix this issue, but if you are still facing these issues, you should check the TPM 2.0.

Checking TPM 2.0 on BIOS

Most modern motherboards come with an integrated TPM 2.0 chip on its motherboard, but if your PC does not come with this TPM 2.0 support, you should check for the firmware TPM on your Processors.

Most probably, your TPM is enabled; otherwise, you would not be able to install Windows 11.

However, for surety, check it once from BIOS-

Navigate the Security Tab from the BIOS menu using the Arrow Keys- Now find the fTPM (firmware TPM) or PTT (Platform Trust Technology)- Now toggle to Enabled. 


The AMD Processors come with fTPM called firmware trusted platform module & the Intel processors come with PTT (Platform Trusted technology). 

Windows 11 Valorant Black Screen Issue

Sometimes when you open the Valorant game on Windows 11, you notice that a black screen entirely captures your screen.

It is such an annoying issue, but you can fix this issue by following the methods below-

  • Update Graphics Drivers: Most of the time, the Black screen issue appears because of software bugs from outdated graphics drivers. So, updating the graphics drivers can solve this issue.
  • Reinstall Valorant: The back screen issue sometimes occurs from unknown resources, and to fix this issue permanently, you should Uninstall the game once & install it again.
  • Windows Update: If you are a regular Windows user, you know that Windows updates can sometimes bring different issues. So, check whether Windows updates have come or not.

After checking all these things, if your issue is not fixed, you should- check this article.

Windows 11 Valorant Crashing

The Valorant game sometimes crashes on Windows 11, and to fix this issue, you need to check a couple of things like-

  • Valorant Properties
  • Display Settings
  • Graphics Drivers
  • Windows Update
  • Reinstall Riot Vanguard
  • Task Manager

To know how to tackle this issue, you can check- This article.

Windows 11 Valorant Stuttering Issues

Game stuttering is such an annoying issue for gamers; the irregular delays between GPU frames can have a notable impact on the gameplay.

Frequent game stuttering also makes the games unplayable for the gamers. After upgrading to Windows 11, many peoples are facing different stuttering issues.

If you are also facing too much game stuttering on Valorant, then you can try two fixes-

  • Vsync On: Many gamers reported that their stuttering issue goes away after enabling the Vertical Sync on Valorant. So, you can also apply this fix.
  • Game Graphics: If enabling the Vsync doesn’t work for you, you should try to lower your game’s graphics.

Hopefully, these two fixes will solve your game’s stuttering issues on Windows 11 while playing Valorant.

Windows 11 Valorant Connection Error/ Network Problem

After installing the Valorant on Windows 11, many people face connection errors or network errors. This error would appear like this “Valorant has encountered a connection error; please relaunch the client to reconnect.”

These issues mainly occur because of the Network adapter issue or the Riot Vanguard application.

To fix this issue, you can apply two fixes- one is resetting the network adapter & another method is Uninstalling the Riot Vanguard.

You can check out this video to clear all of your doubts- Click Here to Watch the Video.

Valorant Not Working on Windows 11

If you just upgraded to Windows 11 and the Valorant game is not working, you should check your system’s BIOS.

In your BIOS, you need to check whether the Secure Boot is enabled or not. Moreover, you also have to check whether your device’s TPM 2.0 chip is enabled or not.

Without enabling these two features, you cannot run the Valorant game on Windows 11.

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Final Verdict

So, after looking at all the examples, it can be said that the Valorant game will run smoothly on your device if your PC is modern and has the TPM 2.0 chip, Secure Boot capability.

I hope this article clears all your confusion regarding Valorant on Windows 11. If you want to know more about Windows 11, gaming, PC components, and other technology-related things, keep following this blog regularly.

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