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Top 7 Amazing Css3 new features

Welcome to in this article and this article is all about the css3 new features.

There are lots of new features include in css3, so please read the full article.

What is css3 :

The CSS actually stands for cascading style sheet and this version of CSS is mainly used to design the web pages of our websites.

Css3 is basically the updated version of the css2 and it is also used to present our websites in a more attractive way.

Its main fucntionality is to present your websites into much faster and efficient way.

What is the latest version of CSS :

Css was originally introduced in the year of 1996, and it was actually developed by the world wide web consortium.

Later it was updated for multiple times and css 2 was introduced.

And now at the present moment, the css3 was actually used for web designing purposes.

Now we will discuss about the major css3 new features:

CSS3 features :

Background image:

In css3 lots of CSS new features are available through which we can set any kind of background images into our website .

And there are almost seven or eight background properties are adds through which we can easily use the URL of the background-image property.

Background size:

This property is mainly use to set the size of your background property.

And feature is not actually adds into your background image into full size.

There are many sizes into the background size property and if we use the cover attribute then the size or image cover into the full size.

Multiple columns:

Css3 also provide an important feature in terms of the column layout section and this feature is actually not provided in the css older versions.

We have to do these things with the help of javascript functions.

And with the help of this feature we can set column width, column count etc.

Picture transparency:

If you want to display your picture inside the websites into a transparent way then you have to definitely used the .png or .gif extension to save the picture and you can easily present your image into more transparent way.

There are normally two transparent value 0 and 1 .

Here 0 is use for totally transparent and 1 is use for the opaque option.

css3 new features
css3 new features

CSS3 new features :


One of the main advantage of using the css3 is the rounded corner feature .

If you are a css3 user then you can easily use the css3 with html and used any images and themes and make those into the rounded corners formats.


With the help of css3, we can define and present our borders in a more attractive way.

And in the CSS older versions we normally use the two types of images of border styles one is dash styles and another is solid.

But with the help of css3 we can define the border images into much more attractive ways.

Such as in daashed styles, in dotted styles, in solid styles , or also in rounded styles.


Gradients are also very useful in css3. Css3 provides us some of the new features through which we can easily add any images and we can also apply any of the transparency into our codes and these are also useful with the colors also.


In this article we discussed about the css3 new features . And please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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