static vs dynamic website

Static vs dynamic website differences

Welcome to this article here in this article we will discuss the difference between a static and dynamic website.

But before that, we have to know what static and dynamic websites are.

We know that websites are a collection of various kinds of web pages.

And we can divide our website or web pages into two main categories one is a static website and another is a dynamic website.

what is a static website:

Generally, the term static stands for fixed, and static websites are nothing but the basic versions of sites.

In this kind of website, the owner does not need any programming knowledge.

You can easily build a website with the help of the Html programming language easily.

But the static websites are visible to all the users in the same manner if we take an example of Facebook then we will understand very easily that the Facebook data changes very quickly for each person.

Well, that does not mean that static websites are not good.

In fact, there are lots of positive points also of creating a static website.

the static website features list:

One of the main advantages is that here you do not need any database system knowledge.

Static websites are created without databases.

Secondly here you do not need any server-side scripting language.

Till you can change your customization and design with the help of CSS.

Thirdly in static websites, your website will become much faster.

Because the database presents therefore no need for an interpreter.

Fourthly it also consumes much less time than dynamic websites.

Fifthly static websites are very easy to build.

And we can build this kind of website at a very low cost and low price.

We also can say that static websites are the direct communication between the web server and the user.

Web servers are the places where we store data with the help of a web browser.

We can easily access those data from web servers.

What is a dynamic website:

Dynamic website data are not fixed in any particular place.

Instead of that here, the content changes very quickly.

Which also depends on the different users.

In dynamic websites, there is a presence of databases and third-party tools are also useful here.

Here the view of the total website depends on the user’s request and user input.

If you want to build any dynamic website then it should be much more costly than static websites.

It is difficult to create a dynamic website instead of the static website.

Because to make this kind of website you have to know lots of programming languages and also database knowledge.

static vs dynamic website differences

We already discuss the various terms related to a static and dynamic website.

Here in this section, we will discuss the major differences between static vs dynamic websites based on multiple categories.


If we compare both websites in terms of their history we will notice that static website is much older than dynamic websites.

Static websites were first published in the year of 1990.

And it was actually developed by Tim Berners Lee.

And at that time it was only developed with the help of the Html programming language.

On the other hand, dynamic websites are not much older than static websites.

It was published three years later in 1993.

At that time CGI was also introduced and it also interacted with the database also.


In terms of speed static website is much faster than a dynamic website because in a static website there is no need for any databases, not client-side scripting, or not any kind of templates.

Therefore static websites always load very quickly and these are much faster than dynamic websites.

On the other hand, dynamic websites always interact with the help of databases and with client-side scripting languages.

Therefore, these websites load much slower than static websites and their working process is also very slower than a static website.


Security risks are always associated with any kind of website.

But if we truly compare both websites then we will observe that static websites are very secure than dynamic websites.

According to statistics, all most 5 websites out of 100 websites are getting hacked daily by hackers.


If you want to build a cheap website then you should definitely choose a static website.

Because to build a dynamic website we need lots of things such as the domain and hosting.

And if you are a WordPress user then you have to install many paid plugins, these things are much more expensive then static websites.

Crashing possibility:

On the static website, we only publish one type of content and on the other side of the dynamic website, we publish many types of content.

E-commerce websites are good examples of static websites.

But in a dynamic website, there is a very big possibility of crashing the website because of unexpected traffic.


Normally programmers or coders are engaged with websites but there are lots of persons who want to build their websites for their businesses or for other activities, for static websites are not good because in static websites there is no presence of any cms or content management system.

But that is not the case with the dynamic website because cms are provided to every dynamic website.

Update process:

Displaying notifications or updating any post is not an easy task on static websites.

Because to do this kind of thing we need javascript code and javascript is not used in static websites.

But we can use these things and update our content easily on dynamic websites.


In static websites, the content is not changed every time.

And whose information is constant at a time.

This kind of information is only written in the Html programming language.

And if you want to change that content information then you have to change that through Html code.

Dynamic websites content not fixed.

Programming language:

In the case of static websites, there is no need for programming languages because static websites are only built with the help of Html language, and in the case of dynamic websites Html is also needed but besides that, there is a need for other programming languages such as php, and other kinds of server scripting language.


In the case of the static website, there is only one interface and we can easily interact with this interface but that is not the issue with dynamic websites because in a dynamic website there are two interfaces one is for users and another is for programmers, we have also known these as front end and back end of our website.


Although static websites are much older than dynamic websites but till in terms of popularity, dynamic websites are much more popular than static websites.

Because now in recent days a lot of content management system is available such as -WordPress, zoom la and through these websites, we can easily make our dynamic websites.

Static and dynamic website example:

There are lots of examples of static websites and dynamic websites, basically, dynamic websites are shopping websites and e-commerce websites like Facebook, amazon whose content is changing every time.

On the other hand, static websites are fixed.

Such as -java points, and tutorial points are examples of static websites.


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