Scope of web development

Scope of web development in 2021

Welcome to this article here we will discuss what is the scope of web development, so please read this full article, here you will get all the information about web development and its scope.


People have always confused between the term web designing and web development. Actually, the term web designer suggests that web designer is the profession in which the developer designs the website.

And on the other hand, web development is the profession in which developer the website with the help of coding and programming.

Both professions have opportunities in the field of jobs, but in this article, we mainly talk about web development and the scope of web development.

Basically there are mainly two parts of the web development one is the front end and another part is back end.

Subjects of web development:

There are various subjects available in the field of web development , in the front end as well as in the back end .

Front end:

There are lots of subjects are available in the front end development.

And here you have to learn the subjects like-

  • CSS framework(Bootstrap)
  • Javascript
  • Javascript Framework(Angular js, React js, Flux, Mongo DB)

Back end:

There are lots of programming languages used on the backside of our document. These languages are-

  • Java
  • Javascipt
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Frameworks like(Ruby,Django)


  • Red i8
  • Oracle
  • My SQL
  • Mongo DB

These are the subjects and skills that a web developer is needed to become a good web developer.

And if you want to become an expert in both the field such as in the front end as well as in the back end then you have to definitely gain knowledge about both the field.

And i would reomend you first learn the front end then learn about the backend and its frameworks.

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Scope of web development:

There are lots of opportunities in the web development field , but for that you have to definitely learn about the skills.

If you learn about front-end development and its frameworks then you will definitely gain a job easily and you will definitely earn some handsome money.

And in the field of backend development, you have to choose the correct programming language. If you choose the correct programming language then such as python then your career growth will become much faster.

There are many courses are available which you can do to become a web developer, some courses are- BCA(In this course you will learn about programming languages, websites, and android apps, search engines, etc).

And if you are a student with a science background then recommend you to do the Btech in computer science it is actually a 4-year computer course.

Besides these courses, you can also do many types of certificate courses and many types of short-term computer courses which are really helpful for you.

There is one more opportunity in this field that after the learning of all these skills you can also create your own web development company, in which you can create the websites of the clients and earn money from those clients.

Here i will show you the average salary of web developers in India.

Mumbai3,22000 per anumn
Bengaluru3,80000 per anumn
Kolkata300000 per anumn

These are the average salary of the web developers in India , and in other cities this money might up or down little bit.


How much do web developers earn?:

Well, the actual earning of the web developer is totally depends on the developer’s knowledge and skills, there are many developers who earn 10000 per month and there are many developers who earn 100000 per month.

And this actually also depends on your previous works and on your experiences. If you have experience of about 3 to 4 years then you will get the jobs which will definitely pay you a good amount of money.

And if you are absolutely freshers in this field then your earning will be littlebit lesser then your expectations.

Future of web development:

There are lots of scopes and future of web developer in various fields. If you gain the knowledge properly and practices the skills then I would guarantee you that you will definitely get a job easily.

In terms of the future, I will say you that day by day the online business is growing vastly therefore at this moment there are multiple new websites which launch every day, and at this moment I can say that you will definitely get a better job very easily.

Web designing scope salary in India:

As I mentioned earlier that the salary of web developers totally depends on various factors such as their skills, their experience, and also their problem-solving approach.

However, if you learn the skills properly then your salary definitely be increased and it also gives you good jobs and good opportunities.


This article is all about the scope of web development and here we mention the skill set and career opportunities of a successful web developer.

I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at the [email protected] .

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