Python vs Java: Which Language is Fast?

According to Wikipedia, there were almost 700 + programming languages are there. But amongst all those languages Java and Python are the two most popular and familiar programming languages for developers. This is mainly because both languages are used to perform several tasks and activities. But lots of beginners are confused about which programming languages are fast so in this article I am going to discuss is python sower than Java or not to read the entire article for detailed information.

So, Python vs Java: Which language is Fast? the answer is Java, Java is considered as both languages an interpreted language as well as a compiled language while on the other hand Java is considered as an interpreted language. And besides, that python is a dynamically typed language and for these reasons, python language is considered a slow programming language. In the below section, I have discussed some of the other essential reasons why python is considered a little bit more slow programming language than Java. So, stick to the end of this article.

Why Python is Slow Language Than Java?

In the upper section, I have mentioned that Python is a little bit slow programming language than Java and here I mention some of the essential reasons why Python is slow-

Dynamically Typed Language

This is the most major issue about why the Python programming language is slower than the Java language. The Python language is dynamically typed while on the other hand, the Java programming language is standardly typed and because of this cause Java programming language compiled everything before its run time. But on the other hand, Python runs the code or compiles the code as it runs time through an interpreter.

And therefore the python language requires more time to run in comparison to the java language.

Lack of Things In Python

Another major issue is that if you have run any kind of applications or software in Java programming language then you can bring everything throughout multiple Threads and this allows you to utilize all of the core of CPU and therefore the task accomplishes within very little time or within the same time.

But while on the other hand in Python it isn’t possible at all python notifies that for each interpreter they Run one thread at a time so here the difference is within Python program you cannot use all cores of CPU but within Java language, you can use all cores of CPU.


There is not any doubt that Python language provides numerous features which are not available within other programming languages and therefore within Python programming language developers get convenience of Rapid prototyping features which is a very helpful feature for the developers. But because of this feature Python runs slow while within Java this feature is not available.


Funding is another reason why Java becomes very much faster than python Java and JavaScript is built into a browser and Google put so much money to make JavaScript faster because they wanted to use people the Google Chrome. While that is not the case with Python within Python no big companies are ready to invest and therefore Python becomes a slow language than other languages.

Final Verdict:

In this article, I have discussed two programming languages python vs java based on their speed, and based on all the facts it can be said that python’s programming language is slower than the Java language.

I hope, you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section, and follow this website regularly for these kinds of informational articles.