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PSU Won’t Fit Inside Case (Here’s What To Do?)

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While building their first PC system, many beginners face some issues, and one of the most common issues that everyone will face is the Power Supply not fitting inside the PC case.

I have built several PCs over the years, and I have faced this issue many times; here in this article, I will tell you everything about this problem & how you can troubleshoot this problem. So, keep reading this article till the end.

PSU Not Fitting The Case

If your PSU is not fitting inside the PC case, then you may not check the compatibility of your PSU and case. But, if the compatibility is okay, you have to check the orientation. Moreover, if your PC case slot is very slim, it won’t allow the PSU, so you have to check that also. 

Let’s explore all the reasons in detail why your PSU is not fitting inside your PC case?

Why Your PSU Not Fitting Inside The Case?

There can be various reasons why your PSU is not going to fit inside the PC case, and here we are going to explore all the reasons behind why your PSU is not fitting inside the PC case. So, let’s explore the reasons behind this-

Orientations Issue

If you have an existing PSU that is not fitting inside the PC case, then try all the different combinations of orientations for the Power Supply.

Entering the Power Supply in the wrong direction inside the PC case should block you from entering, so just check out whether you are inserting the PSU in the wrong direction or not.

Compatibility Issue

You have to understand one simple thing, not all the PSUs are compatible with all PC cases. But, the standard PSU will always fit in any standard case. While building a PC and buying the Power Supply, you have to check whether your PSU is compatible with the case or not.

The easiest way to check this is by measuring the PSU dimensions and by comparing the dimensions with the case’s dimensions.

Let’s take an example of how the compatibility issue won’t allow you to install any PSU inside any case- Suppose you bought a new ATX Power Supply, but the case you are using is an mATX (Micro ATX) kind, so, in this scenario, the ATX PSU won’t be fit inside the mATX case.

Slim PC Case

Most of the ATX Power Supplies support the standard PSUs, but if the PC case you are using is slim, it won’t allow you to install the standard PSUs. So, before picking the PSU, you have to check whether it is too slim or not.

You can check the dimensions of the PSUs, and after checking the dimensions, you can simply check its dimensions with the PC case’s dimensions.

These are some of the causes behind why your Power Supply is not fitting inside the PC case, and if you carefully check the PSU & PC case compatibility before buying, then the PSU will easily fit inside the case.

How To Know If A New PSU Will Fit My Current Case or Not?

As I already explained, most of the standard PC cases support the standard ATX Power Supply, but it’s always better to check the dimensions of the PSU before buying it.

To do this, you must check the dimensions of the PSU from its official website and compare them with the measurement of the Power Supply.

After checking the dimensions and sizes, next, you have to check the compatibility of your new Power Supply with your PC case and to check the compatibility; you have to use the PCpartpicker.com website.

Now, follow the steps to check the compatibility-

  • After visiting the PCpartpicker website, go to the PC builder option.
  • Now, by clicking on that option, you are eligible to pick all the PC components and select the Case that you already have. If you are facing difficulties doing this, use the search box above.
  • After picking the Case, scroll down the page to the compatible parts options and here, choose the- view compatible Power Supplies option.
  • After clicking on the option, you will get all the compatible PSU with your PC cases.

This is how you can easily check your PSU and PC case’s compatibility. Many people thinks that they have too old PC case but you can use that, here’s How You Can Use Old PC Cases?

PSU Cables Cant Fitting Inside the Case

While building their PC system, many people face this issue, and if the PC case is a little bit slim, then this issue is very common. The only probable solution to this problem is to bend the HDD compartment wall a bit to squeeze the Power Supply cables.

To avoid this kind of issue entirely, you have to check the PC Case and PSU dimensions before purchasing these things.

I Can’t Screw PSU To The Computer Case

This is another common issue that people face while building their PC. So, if you cannot screw the PSU to the computer case, then you can take out the PSU again.

After taking out the PSU, just try to get screws into the holes in the PSU by hand; if they fit and the thread is ok, then that should go smoothly inside the case.

However, if your workings badly damage the thread, you might encounter a bit of resistance. But, this issue can be fixed by using screwdrivers. But, before doing this, ensure you are using the correct PSU screw size & alignment.

If the screws don’t go inside the case, you can use different other screws.

Final Verdict

At the end of the article, I want to summarize everything for you that you should check the compatibility of your Power Supply with your Case before buying it. If the PSU is compatible with the case until it does not fit inside the case, then there might be an orientation issue, and you can fix this issue by trying different combinations of orientation.

I hope this article clears all of your doubts and is helpful; if you want to know more about Power Supply, PC cases, Motherboards, and other PC components, then follow this blog regularly.

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