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PSU Power Cable (Everything You Need To Know)

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While building their first PC, many beginner PC builders are confused about the PSU power cord and one common question they ask that where they will get the PSU power cable.

After researching a lot about the PSU power cord here, I am going to explain everything about the PSU power cable. So, keep reading this article till the end to learn everything about the PSU power cable.

Generally, The PSU Power Cable is mainly used to supply the required power to the Power Supply from the wall socket, as we all know that the Power Supply takes the AC current from the wall socket and then converts it to the DC current.

Without the help of this PSU power cable, the PSU can’t get the AC and therefore, it won’t be able to convert the current to DC current.

So, I hope you have understood the importance of the PSU power cord; now, we will explore all the important factors about this PSU power cord. So, keep reading this article till the end.

PSU Power Cable Replacement: Here’s How To Do It?

Yes! It’s possible to replace the Power cable that goes from the PSU to the power socket (mains). You can use any Power cord according to your wish; it doesn’t have to be the original one.

If you don’t have an extra PSU cord, then you have to buy it; you can buy the cable Matters 2 Pack computer power cord. The voltage of these volts is around 120 volts. It is one of the most sold-out power supply cords on amazon, and almost 4000 peoples give their positive ratings to this product.

After purchasing the product, you can use the cable to plug one side into the Power Supply and another into the wall socket.

Although the PSU power cables are standardized, while buying any power cord, you have to be careful about whether the power cord is capable enough to handle the draw of power or not. Know whether all Power supply comes with the Power Cord or Not?

PSU Power Cable Types

There are different PSU power cords, but the most common types of connectors are the C 13 connector type cords, c15 connector type cords and the c 19 connector type cords.

Among these types of cords, the c 13 type connector cord is the most common one, and these types of cords can also be used to connect printers, monitors and other portable devices. This type of c 13 has a standard specified under IEC 60320.

PSU Power Cable Loose (Reason & How To Fix It?)

It is such a common problem, and this problem occurs due to several causes, but the most prominent reason is plugging & unplugging the Power Cable constantly from the sockets. 

There is a string mechanism inside the modern sockets, and now when we constantly plug in and out the cable, the springs get loose, and it becomes unable to hold the Power cord anymore.

This problem doesn’t appear in older Power supplies because there isn’t a spring mechanism in older sockets. Without the spring mechanism, the power cables are fitted between two metal plates that have elastic characteristics to hold the power cable in between like a clamp.

Now, if you have a new socket, then the only way to fix this issue is by replacing the socket.

PSU Power Cable Voltage

Generally, the Power Supply takes 120W of wall current and converts it to an appropriate level of DC (Direct Current) voltage for the different components in a PC.

Most of the PSU Power Cable now come with 125 voltage support and 10 Amps of input current support. 

PSU Power Cable Length

The PSU Power Cords are available in different sizes, and you can pick the length or size according to your requirement.

For instance, if we take an example of the Startech computer power cord, then it is available in different sizes like- 1ft/0.3m size, 3ft/1m size, 6ft/2m size, 10ft/3m size, 12ft/3.6m size, 15ft/4.5m size, 20ft/6m size and 25ft/7.5m size. 

The price of the Power Cord will increase when you increase the length of the Power Supply cord.

PSU Power Cable Melted: Here’s What To Do?

Many beginner PC builders often face this kind of issue, and there is an appropriate reason behind this. If any beginner person doesn’t use the Power Cord that comes with the PSU and if the power cord becomes faulty, then it can damage your entire Power Supply and melt the connectors and cables.

Now, if something like this happens to you, you must first figure out which portion gets melted. If the connector going into the PSU side is damaged a little bit, then the problem is not with the port or cable; the problem exists with the PSU itself, and the only possible solution to this cause is replacing the Power Cord.

But after identifying the cause, if you notice that your PSU is in perfect condition, but only the power strip side of the PSU gets damaged or melted, then it is due to a low-quality socket or faulty cable. In this instance, the possible solution is replacing the power cord.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I want to summarize everything for you that the c 13 PSU power cord is the most common type of cord, and these types of power cords are standardized, and you can replace this cord with another cord.

Moreover, when it comes to size, then you can purchase any length’s PSU power cord according to your convenience, and mostly these cables come with 125W voltage supports.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about the Power Supply, PSU cables, and other pc components, then keep following this blog regularly.


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