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Do PSU Degrade Over Time? (Expert’s Opinion)

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After using a computer for a couple of years, many people complain that their power supply performance is degrading, but many users also say that they have been using their PSU for more than five years, but still it is working well.

In this article, you are going to explore all the things regarding why PSU degrade over time and what you should do if it is degrading? So, keep reading this article till the end.

Here’s When PSU Start Degrading?

Yes! The Power Supply degrades over time. How long the PSU will last and how severe the degradation that entirely based on the quality of the PSU.

Some advanced and powerful PSUs last around ten years without any issues. On average, experts recommend using a good power supply for around five years and then replacing that.

But if you are using a weak PSU from an unknown brand, then it will not last for an extended period and will degrade within a concise period.

However, some power supplies start degrading within rapid times, and in below, I have explained the reasons behind this.

Why did PSU Begin To Degrade Quickly?

As I already explained, a good quality power supply can last around ten years, but if the PSU quality isn’t good, then it will degrade over time, and it will also impact the lifespan of the power supply.

Not just the quality of the PSU, it also depends on how you are running the Power Supply, which means if your power supply is loaded more than 75% for long and sustained periods, then it will degrade sooner.

According to some experts, most PSUs degrade quickly because of the cracked MLCCs (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors), and these capacitors are mostly found on modern computers.

The PSU capacitors cracked for several reasons; the two most genuine causes are using an improperly printed circuit board and too much heat.

Generally, good brand power supplies use good capacitors that last around five years, but some cheap PSUs have leaky capacitors that start degrading between 1 and 2 years.

Besides the capacitors, the crack circuit boards, high current, voltage issues or power surge issues can also cause the Power supply to degrade quickly.

Moreover, degradation also happens due to high temperature, and the temperature rises either due to insufficient ventilation or by running the Power supply around 75% to 100% for extended periods.

That’s why a larger Power Supply runs longer technically because these PSUs have good ventilation and always run cooler.

Dust is another common cause that can degrade your power supply over time. So, you should clean all the dust accumulated over time; to do this; you should take out the PSU and open it up, then use the compressed air to blow all the dust out of it. If you clean the PSU regularly, it will enhance your Power Supply lifespan.

How To Know If My PSU is Degrading?

Like other electrical components, the power supply also degrades over time, and it’s quite difficult to identify whether the PSU is degrading or not?

When too much damage has been done to the PSU, you will get some indications like- BSOD(Blue Screen of Death) issues, PC randomly starts and rebooting issues, and you will get extra noise from the PSU fan. The easiest way to understand this is by measuring the power supply fan speed.

The most common components that fail in a PSU are the fan or the capacitors; if both fail, you must replace the PSU.

Can You Protect PSU From Degrading?

Everything in this world degrades over time; a similar thing is also with the power supply, and you cannot completely protect it from degrading, but there are a couple of things you can do to protect it for a more extended period.

It would be best if you bought a PSU that has good voltage protection and power surge protection and is free from short circuit issues. You can buy a PSU from a reputed brand. If you are confused about how powerful PSU you need then read this article- PSU Too Powerful.

The second thing you can do is check the PSU power load carefully because if the PSU runs around 75% to 100% load for more extended periods, it will eventually degrade over time.

Moreover, you can also fix the ventilation or proper cooling because heat can harm your PSU, and besides that, you should clean your PSU regularly.

The things mentioned above is in our hand, and we can do these things to increase the lifespan of the PSU.

Does PSU Lose Their Wattage Over Time?

Yes! The power supply loses its ability to supply power over time due to the capacitor’s ageing. When they lose their wattage, it entirely depends on whether you are using an expensive or cheap power supply.

Cheap PSUs always lose their power quickly, while an expensive and branded Power Supply last around 5 to 7 years before losing its power or efficiency.

PSU is Degrading: Is it Necessary To Replace The PSU?

It’s entirely up to you; you can replace the old PSU if it’s too old and cannot supply the required power. On the other hand, if it is still enough to supply the required power, then you can stick with this old one.

Most experts recommend replacing the Power Supply after five years, so you can also follow this timeline.

Final Thoughts

After watching all the facts, it’s clear that, like everything, the PSU will also degrade over time. By following some tips, we can increase its lifespan for a few more years.

I hope this article clears all of your doubts and it is helpful for you. If you want to know more about Power Supplies, Motherboards and other PC components, then follow this blog regularly.

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