Can PSU Damage Motherboard

Can PSU Damage Motherboard? (3 Things You Must Care)

A power supply is the most critical component inside PC systems, and if it malfunctions, it can cause several hardware problems. In this article, we will explore whether a faulty power supply damages the motherboard or not?

I did a ton of research about a bad PSU’s impact on the motherboard, and after doing a complete analysis, I am writing this article to give you the appropriate answer.

Here’s How A Faulty PSU Can Damage Your Motherboard?

Yes! A faulty power supply can damage the motherboard and even damage other system components like GPU, CPU, SSD, RAM, Storage devices, etc. 

The power supply is the primary power source for all the components, which directly or indirectly takes power from the power supply.

The motherboard is another integral part where all the other components are attached. So, if your PSU cannot supply the required power to the motherboard, the other components are also not getting the needed power.

Consequently, most of the system’s components, including the motherboard, get damaged.

Not just that, A PSU can cause several other issues like power surges or voltage spikes and short circuits, and these issues also can damage your motherboard.

I have explained below how bad PSU and other issues damage the motherboard, so keep reading this article till the end.

Why Bad PSU Damages Motherboards?

Let’s explore some of the reasons why a faulty power supply often damages the motherboards and other components attached to it-

Power Surges

The power surges are the surges of electrical power. In short, when more power or voltage comes through wires into devices, it is called a power surge.

The surges can be small or large or may only last for a few seconds, but during this period, the surges can cause severe damage to the components.

Now, if your PSU is weak and has some faults inside it, then it will cause a power surge, and the power surge has several consequences for the PC, including damaging the motherboard.

Besides that, some cheap PSUs also have inferior voltage regulation, and when a fault develops inside the PSU, it can go over-voltage, which could kill the motherboard.

So, the experts always recommend buying a good brand PSU with good voltage regulation and power surge protection.

Short Circuits

A short circuit is an abnormal condition in an electrical circuit where the current or voltage flows through shorter pathways, but when the current goes wayward, it’s a dangerous sign, and that’s why it’s called a short circuit.

Often the Power Supply becomes the main culprit behind the power problems and short circuit issues due to the low resistance connection between the two nodes. This situation only occurs when the PC is not built correctly.

If that happens and your PSU causes the short circuit issue, then there are chances that your motherboard and other PC components will damage. However, sometimes the loose CPU cooler can also damage the motherboard.


Cable management is one of the most critical things while building any PC system because improper cable management can harm our system.

Suppose you put the PSU cables improperly and some PSU cables go bad, in that case, the current goes to uncontrolled high voltages, which could fry every component inside the system, including the motherboard that uses that voltage.

Other Reasons That Damage The Motherboards

Besides a bad PSU, other reasons also cause motherboard failure problems. So, you need to check these reasons also-

  • Heat: Heat is the primary enemy for electronic components, and computer components must stay cool to run correctly. If the heat develops inside the system, it can damage your motherboard.
  • Ventilation: As a laptop or computer user, you need to clean the ventilation outlets regularly, and if you don’t do this, the heat dissipation will close.
  • Incompatible Components: Many users try to install incompatible components inside their system, which cause severe damage to motherboards.
  • Cigarette Smoking: Cigarette is not good for our health; it is also not good for our computers. Chemicals can severely damage our PC components; a cigarette contains 7000 chemicals.
  • Dust or Pets hair: Sometimes dust is built inside the system, and if you don’t clean it regularly, it will cause similar issues. Moreover, some users have pets in their homes; sometimes, their body hair goes inside the component, which causes a similar issue.

You must also check these factors besides the power supply to protect your motherboard from severe damage.

Can A Powerful PSU Fry A Motherboard?

No! A powerful Power Supply never fry the components like the motherboard because Power Supply provides the power that the motherboard is asking for. But a faulty PSU can fry the motherboard and other PC components. 

The PSU never pushes all its power output to the motherboard; the power supply’s output is dynamic and is related to the power draw of the components connected to the PSU.

Thus, powerful or high capacity never indicates that it is “too much” for the motherboard and other components. You can even choose a 4000W power supply and hook it up to a low-powered motherboard, and it’s wont to be like the 4000w pushed inside the motherboard.

The same condition is also applied for small motherboards like miniITX, and you can use a strong PSU somewhere around 1000w to 1200w in these types of motherboards.

Does An Underpowered PSU Damage Motherboard?

No! The underpowered PSU never damages the components like motherboards, but if you have an underpowered PSU, then your hardware may not turn on or may not run at full power until it gets enough power. 

Experts never recommend using an underpowered PSU because it is the first place to receive electricity for the PC; now, if the PSU is underpowered, it can cause other problems.

What problems will you face that entirely depends on how weak your PSU is? If the power supply is greatly underpowered, you will face issues like rebooting and turning off during the booting phase.

However, if the PSU is slightly underpowered, you will face issues like blue screens, black screens. To know more read this- how PSU can cause black screen issues?

How To Know If PSU is Damaging The Motherboard?

It’s really difficult to know whether the power supply is causing any harm to my motherboard or not. But, if you suspect something wrong is happening with your motherboard or other components, you can do one thing.

Just switch on the power supply and check the green light on the motherboard; if there is no green light, then there may be some problems with your power supply or motherboard.

Use another PSU, and your motherboard may fail or be damaged if the green light doesn’t blink up.

When a faulty power supply damages your motherboard, you will get some indication like random restarting or blue screen issues.

New PSU Fried Motherboard

Many PC builders complain that their motherboard has been fried after installing a new power supply. So, while installing a new power supply inside the system, you need to care about a couple of things to protect the motherboard from damage.

So, let’s take a look at some of the things that we have to care-

  • You have to buy a branded PSU; if you buy any cheap, unbranded PSU with no reviews and warranty, then it will fry your motherboard and other components.
  • Secondly, you have to know whether the PSU has good voltage protection or not. Good quality PSUs have better voltage regulation; if this is lacking, it can destroy your components.
  • Thirdly, you must install the power supply properly and plug all the cables in the right areas; otherwise, it can severely damage the motherboard.
  • Finally, never use the cables from your old PSU to a new one because power supply cables are not interchangeable at all.

Final Thoughts

Hence, a faulty PSU can clearly damage the motherboards due to power surge issues, short circuits issues, and very poor voltage regulation issues.

But, the power supply is not the only reason causing the motherboard damage; there are other reasons too, and you have to check all the factors which damage your component.

I hope this article clears up your doubts and if you want to know more about the power supply, motherboards, and other PC components, then keep following this blog regularly.


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