Can PSU Damage Hard Disk Drive

Can PSU Damage Hard Drive? (5 Things You Must Know )

When a hard drive fails inside a PC system, many people ask a common question whether their Power Supply is causing their hard drive to fail or is it something else.

I dig deeper into the cause of why Hard disk fails, and in this article, I will explain whether Power Supply kills the hard drive or not?

Here’s A Faulty PSU that Could Kill The Hard Drive

Yes! A faulty or cheap Power Supply can kill your hard drive. The hard drive is a mechanical device with a magnetic tap and many moving parts inside; now, if the mechanical parts do not get enough power from Power Supply, they will be damaged over time. 

A cheap or faulty Power Supply has several issues, including the power protection issue, Voltage protection issues, and because of these issues, the mechanical devices go wrong. Many experts recommend using a good Power Supply from a reputed brand.

A bad Power Supply can cause several other issues that can damage your system components like the hard drive, and all these PSU issues are explained below.

Why does A Bad Power Supply Kill Hard Drives?

Here we are going to explore some reasons behind why an inadequate Power Supply kills your hard drives, so let’s take a look-

Power Surging

Like your computer, your hard drive also runs on low voltage DC power. As we all know, the Power Supply converts the AC power to DC, and then the power is delivered to the system components, including the hard disk drives.

A Power Supply can cause the power surging issue, and due to this issue, the sensitive mechanical parts inside the hard drive could be damaged.

If you are wondering what a power surge is, then in electrical engineering, Power Surges are spikes in electrical power. In simple terms, Power Surge is the condition when more power comes through the cables into devices.

Now, if you are using a cheap Power Supply from an unknown brand and if it has some faults, then it could cause power Surging issues which can negatively impact your hard disk, and in the worst-case scenario, it could be damaged.

Bad Capacitors

A Power Supply has the MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) inside it, and these capacitors are primarily found in modern PSUs. This capacitor can now be damaged due to excessive heat and improper circuit board use.

Hard drives contain precious metals such as aluminum, gold, silver, platinum, etc. If there are some faults in the PSU capacitors or circuit board, it may break down the metal because of electricity.

That’s why it’s recommended to check whether the Power Supply has some circuit board or capacitors issues or not.

Bad Sata Cable

You must use a SATA power cable to power the hard disk. Every hard disk has two connectors inside it; one is a SATA data connector, and the second one is a SATA Power connector which you have to plug-in Power Supply.

Suppose the SATA power cable has not appropriately connected to the hard drive. In that case, it might not get sufficient power from the PSU, so you have to check carefully whether there is any loose connection in the cable or not.

Moreover, sometimes the Sata Power cables go bad; in this case, you must test the hard drive with another Power Supply. If you found that the SATA cable is the main culprit, then you should replace the cable.

These are some bad Power Supply conditions that can harm your hard disk, and in the worst case, it could damage the drive.

Other Reasons That is Killing Your Hard Drive

Not just the Power Supply, there are other reasons too that can also damage your hard drive, and before making any anticipation about your Power Supply; you should check the other issues like-

  • Water Damages
  • Hardware Failures
  • Human Errors
  • Excessive Heat

Along with bad Power Supply, these reasons can equally kill your hard drives; therefore, before replacing your PSU, you should fix these issues.

How To Know If PSU is Causing Hard Drive Failures?

It’s difficult to know whether your Power Supply is damaging your system components like hardware. But there are some common symptoms through which you can understand whether your hard drive is failing or not, and based on that; you can take prevention. So, let’s take a look-

  • Overheating
  • Strange Sounds from the Power Supply or From other system components.
  • BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Issues
  • Random Restart or Rebooting Issues
  • System Crashing

If your Power Supply is weak or it is an aged PSU, and you are facing these issues, then it’s an indication that something is not right with your hard disk, and you should replace it.

Does An Underpowered PSU Damaged Hard Drive?

Unpowered PSUs never suddenly damage the components like hard drives because decent PSUs are always capable enough to go beyond their rated wattage.

But, using an underpowered Power Supply can immediately shut down your computer and cause several other PC problems.

Moreover, if you use an underpowered PSU for long periods, then it will eventually damage your system’s components, including hard drives.

So, That’s Why the experts don’t recommend using an unpowered power supply.

Final Thoughts

After understanding all the facts, it is clear that the cheap and faulty power supply can slowly damage the hard drive and other system components. You must pick a good quality Power Supply from a reputed brand to protect the Hard Disk Drive from damage.

I hope this article clears all your doubts and is helpful; if you want to know more about Power Supply, Hard Drives, Motherboards, SSDs, and other PC components, follow this blog regularly.


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