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Do PSU Come With Power Cable? (Here’s The Answer)

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Many beginner PC builders are confused about whether their Power Supply comes with the Power Cable or whether you need to buy it separately.

After building several PCs in the last couple of years and unboxing several Power Supplies, I am here to answer your question.

PSUs Comes With Power Cord

Yes! Power Supplies come with different sets of cables, including the Power cord or power cable. The fully modular or semi-modular PSUs always come with the Power Cable, but I have never seen any non-modular PSUs come with the Power cord or power cable. 

In my experience, the non-modular Power Supplies come with all the necessary cables (ATX, CPU, PCI-E, SATA & Molex cable). But, when you buy these PSUs separately, they don’t come with the Power cord or power cable.

The non-modular PSU comes with the Power cord only when the PSU comes with the overall systems, including the PC case.

Are All PSU Power Cables The Same?

Yes! PSU Power Cords are almost standardized until you use the Power Supply from one region. But, if you are planning to buy the Power Supply cord from a different region, then you won’t do that because the other regions in the world use various power grid setups. 

So, according to the expert’s recommendation, if you are planning to replace your PSU power cord, then you can do that, but you have to buy the cord from one region.

Can You Use Any Power Cable For PSU?

Yes! You can use any power cable for the PSU because Power Cords are almost standardized, but you must use the Power Cable from the same country. 

Experts recommend using a Power Supply from the same country because different countries use different power grid voltages, currents & frequencies. You have to ensure that your PC’s Power Cord is capable enough to handle the Power draw.

But before using the Power Cord, you must remember that you have to use those cords that can handle the draw of the energy going through them.

Moreover, if you have a modular PSU, then experts won’t recommend using the different Power Cables because each brand has a slightly different power draw for each modular cable. So, if you have a modular PSU, then never use other brands’ power cables.

If somehow your modular PSUs Power Supply cord gets damaged, you must buy the cord from the same brands and the same PSU specs. Know How PSU Cables Goes Bad?

What Cables Does A PSU Come With?

A Power Supply comes with different types of cables, and here we will explore when you buy any new PSU then, what kind of cables comes with that PSU, and for what purpose those cables are used. Generally, the Non-modular Power Supply comes with all the attachable cables. Learn Different PSU sizes.

The Modular PSU allows us to use the cables according to our choice, and here we will see what cables come with a modular PSU. So, let’s check out that-

ATX Cable

Your Power Supply comes with a 20/24 pin ATX cable, and as the name suggests, this cable is primarily used to connect the ATX size motherboard with the PSU via this cable.

8 (4+4) Pin CPU Cable

This cable also comes with your Power Supply, and it is primarily used to provide the charge to supply the necessary power to your CPU. Your CPU is not going to work without this cable.

It entirely depends on your socket of how many pins it will support. Either it can support a single 4-pin or single 8-pin or 4+4 pins. Most modern boards will support the single eight pins.

PCI-E Cable

The modern decently powerful graphics cards will consume at least 100watts or more under load. The PCI-E cable is used to supply the required power to the graphics card.

These cables have eight pins inside, and some of these connectors have 6+2 pins or one 8-pin connector, depending on your graphics card.

SATA Power Cable

Modular PSUs also come with the SATA power cable, and usually, these are the 15 pins connector that is used to supply the required power to the various storage devices like- SSD (Solid State Drive), HDD (Hard Disk Drive), etc.

Molex Power Cable

This type of connector is not needed for the modern Power Supply, but in some old PC systems, there is a requirement for the Molex connector, which is usually used to power the fans and lights inside PC systems.

These are all the different kinds of Power Supply cables that come with modular Power Supplies.

Power Cable

The modern PSUs also come with the Power Supply cable known as the main or flex cable or the Power cord. The fully modular PSUs always come with this type of power cord.

Best PSU Power Cables

If you are planning to replace the PSU power cords, then you can go for the Amazon Basics Power Cord, it is one of the most sold-out power cords available on amazon, and it almost has 30000 ratings.

Moreover, it is 100% safe to use, and it is ideal for use as a replacement for an old or missing power cord.

Are PSU Power Cables Interchangeable?

Generally, the PSU cables are not interchangeable, but when it comes to the PSU power cord, then yes, you can change the PSU power cord from another power supply, but you have to take care of a couple of factors such as buying the PSU cable from the same region.

Another thing you have to make sure that your power cable should be capable enough to handle the PC’s power draw.

Does Corsair PSU Come With Power Cable?

Yes! The new Corsair Power Supplies come with a power cord or cable. But some of the old corsair PSUs don’t come with a power cord. 

The old Corsair PSUs do not come with the Power Cord; only those PSUs come with a cable that comes pre-installed with the case.

Final Verdict

Finally, I want to summarize everything for you that the modern modular & semi-modular Power Supplies come with the required cables, but the non-modular PSUs don’t come with the Power Cord when you buy this separately. But when you buy a non-modular PSU with the whole system, then it comes with the power cord.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about Power Supplies, Different PSU cables, and other PC components, then follow this blog regularly.