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Can PSU Affect GPU Usage? (3 Things You Should Know)

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If you are wondering whether your Power Supply affects GPU usage or not, then this article is written for you.

No! Generally, the PSU doesn’t affect the GPU usage, and if you have a low GPU usage, then it is probably due to bad driver issues, CPU bottleneck, wrong game settings, or using the integrated graphics for gaming. 

But your overall PC performance will be impacted if you buy such a cheap and low wattage Power Supply. That’s why purchasing a sufficient PSU for your system is recommended. Here’s how a Power Supply can impact your GPU performance-

Do PSU Affect GPU Performace?

No! Generally, the PSU doesn’t affect the GPU performance, but if you have a PSU that is not capable enough to supply the necessary power, then your overall PC performance will be negatively affected, including the GPU performance. 

Now, Let’s discuss this in detail; the only positive way the power supply affects the computer’s performance is that it allows the computer to power on and operate.

Purchasing a larger Power Supply will not make the computer run faster, make your GPU better, make your processor stronger, increase the amount of speed of RAM or increase the storage space. Therefore increasing the Power Supply with a larger one will not raise any performance variables.

But, it has been noted that if you buy a strong graphics card for gaming and you have a very cheap PSU, then it will not be able to supply the necessary power, and because of this, the Graphics card isn’t able to perform better.

So, if you have a heavy GPU, then you should at least go for the 450-watt PSU. But here, the PSU will not increase the performance; the video card will improve the performance.

Low GPU Usage: Is it PSU?

Many peoples are facing the low GPU usage issue, and they think that their Power Supply is causing this problem, but the low GPU usage doesn’t cause by your power supply. 

There are various reasons behind your facing the low GPU usage issues, and here I will explain to you all the reasons and how you can fix the issues. So, let’s take a look-

Outdated Chipset Drivers

If you don’t update the chipset driver from your Motherboard, you will face low GPU usage issues, and to fix this issue, you have to update your chipset driver.

To update it, just type your motherboard chipset model and download and install the latest chipset driver.

Outdated Drivers

Sometimes outdated or corrupted GPU drivers can cause a low GPU usage issue. So, you at least have to update your GPU drivers once every couple of months.

Moreover, the Windows update can also bring this issue, so you must look for the Windows updates.

Third-Party Programs

Many third-party programs can cause the issues like low GPU usage just because of some kind of bugs or errors, and to fix this issue; you have to disable all startup programs entirely.

Using only Integrated Graphics

We all know that we have integrated graphics on our CPU; therefore, if the integrated graphics can be directly used instead of dedicated graphics, you can face such issues as low GPU usage.

So, if you don’t have any dedicated graphics, you can face these issues. If you have dedicated graphics, go to BIOS settings, look for an internal graphics option, and then change it to dedicated graphics.

CPU Bottleneck

If you are facing low GPU usage issues, then the CPU bottleneck can be one of the reasons behind this. The CPU has to feed data to the GPU, and your GPU has nothing to work on if the CPU can’t send enough data. This problem occurs when you pair a powerful graphics card with a low-end CPU.

So, the most effective way to fix this issue is by upgrading your CPU.

RAM Bottleneck

RAM bottleneck indicates that if you don’t have one stick of RAM or don’t have enough capacity, you will notice the GPU usage issues.

So, if you have dual channel RAM, then you will not face this issue, and that’s why it is recommended to at least use dual channel RAM.

Other Reasons

Some other reasons that can also cause the low GPU usage problems and these factors include-

  • Graphics card that uses modded BIOS
  • The game you are playing is not optimized

All the things mentioned above can cause the low GPU usage issue, and to fix this issue, you have to figure out all the causes one by one.

It’s tough to know what is causing the low GPU usage issue, but one thing for sure is that your Power Supply is not causing the common GPU usage issue.

GPU Usage 100%: Is It PSU?

Although GPU usage of 100% is considered safe, if you push it limiting too much, your GPU can be damaged; moreover, if you run GPU at 100% all the time, it will definitely affect its lifespan. 

So, many users are worried that their GPU usage goes up to 100%, whether it is caused by the Power Supply or something else.

Generally, the PSU doesn’t cause the GPU usage to 100%. If your GPU usage is at 100%, then there would be other reasons behind this. Some of these reasons include- playing an older game, using low graphics settings, or your CPU not being strong enough.

So, if your GPU usage is 100%, then you should focus on these issues instead of focusing on the Power Supply.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I want to summarize everything for you, the Power Supply doesn’t affect the GPU usage, and if you have low GPU usage, then it is due to some bottleneck or outdated driver issues.

But you should pick a sufficient Power Supply for your system; otherwise, your PSU won’t be able to supply the necessary power to your graphics. As a result, your GPU and the overall PC performance will be impacted.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about the Power Supply, GPUs, CPUs, and other PC-related facts, then follow this blog regularly.