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Top 5 Programming Languages for Web Development

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Web Development is A process in which developers create and design websites. Currently, every company, IT sector, or individual wants to build websites or applications for their businesses. Therefore there is a high demand for web developers.

But many people are confused about where to start web development and what are the best programming languages for web development. 

Top 5 Programming Languages for Web Development
Java Programming Language

So Which are the best programming languages for Web Development? It is not any particular language because web development is a very broad field, and to learn web development completely, you have to learn a lot of skills. Still, if I talk about which is the best programming language in this field, then I should say it is JavaScript, but before that, you have to acquire the skills of Html and CSS. 

Some other languages are also used in the Web Development field and in the below section I have mentioned some of those programming language names.

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • SQL

These languages have importance in the field of web development. To learn more about the Web Development language, read this entire article.

What Are Programming Languages Used for Web Development?

As I mentioned in the upper section, web development is not a tiny field at all; it is a very broad field. And to become Masters’s in web development, you must learn several programming languages. 

Mainly web development is categorized into three sections. One is the front-end portion; the second one is the back-end portion. And there is one more thing which is the webserver portion.

And different programming is used for different sections, such as for the front end part –Html, CSS, and Javsscript are mostly used. For the backend part, PHP and Python is some popular languages. And for Server Apache, SQL is the most usable.

I hope you have understood how all the programming languages are co-related with one another.

Now, in the below section, I have discussed these programming languages and their features used in Web Development.

Front-End Development Languages

  • Html
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Frameworks


It generally stands for HyperText Markup language, and it is the basic language for Web Development. It is the extended version of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language). 

It was a very old language, and therefore it was updated multiple times at current time; HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. So, if you are learning Html for web development, then I should recommend you always learn the Html5 version.

Html uses in web development:

There are several uses of this programming language in Web Development. And here, I mention some of those uses.

  • Firstly, Html is useful for creating the structure of any website and web page. Without this, the creation of websites and web pages is almost impossible.
  • Secondly, it also sets the content of your web page. So if you are creating any content for websites, then with the help of Html you can make the content or website responsive(which means adapting itself to the device screen size).
  • Thirdly, if you want to format the texts of your websites or content, then you can easily format that with the help of this. You can bold the text, you can set bullets and numbers for texts, and you can also set the paragraphs according to your convenience.
  • Finally, if you want to add images and tables to your website, you can also do that with the help of Html.

These are some of the functionalities and features that Html provides within Web Development.


In Web, Development, CSS is mainly used for the designing purpose of your website. It generally stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It was developed by W3C(World Wide Web Consortium) in the year of 1996.

Later it was updated several times, and its updated version was released in the year 2016. Which is the version of CSS3, and it is the most updated version of CSS. CSS was mostly used in combination with Html.

CSS used in Web Development

  • It is specifically used to set the presentations of any websites or web pages.
  • With the help of CSS, you can apply or add numerous colors and its combination to your websites.
  • With the help of CSS, you can easily add different layouts to your websites.
  • CSS is also helpful for the formatting of the website; it helps format the colors and fonts.
  • CSS is also useful for creating a responsive design for your websites and web pages.

These are some of the most common uses of CSS within Web Development.


Javascript is mostly used in combination with HTML and CSS, and it is a high-level programming language.

JavsScript has become one of the most popular programming languages in the Web Development field.

Javascript first appeared in the year 1995, and after that, it has been updated several times.

Javascript uses in Web Development:

  • Within Web development, Javascript is used to create dynamic and interactive web pages.
  • With the help of this programming language, developers can add complex features to websites and web pages.
  • It can be used for both the client side as well as on the server side of the website.
  • Besides these things, it is also useful for animations, graphics, scrolling videos, interactive maps, and other purposes.

Best Frameworks Used for Web Development

Besides these three programming languages, some frameworks are needed for web development. 

Although there are several frameworks available to do work within web development, very few among them are used by developers. Here I state some of the most popular frameworks used for web development.


Angular is a very popular web Framework used in web development. It is a very modern web framework it was initially released in the year 2016, and after that, it was updated several times, and its stable version was released in the year 2021.

Top 5 Programming Languages for Web Development
Angular Web Framework

Within Web Development, this framework performs several tasks, and here I stated some of those tasks or works-

  • It is helpful for two-way binding
  • It has a very good efficiency in handling the APIs
  • It is very good for the modularization purpose
  • Good for working in the front-end portion


Django is a kind of open-source web framework that was initially released in 2005.

It is written within the Python programming language. The main advantage of using Django is that it is workable with the front end as well as for the back and also.

  • Django is mostly used for rapid development purposes.
  • It is very helpful for creating securable websites.
  • With the help of this framework, developers can make clear designs for their websites.


jQuery is a kind of JavaScript library. It is open-source, which means it is free to use. It was initially released in the year 2006, and its stable version was released in 2021. 

And it was built with the help of the JavaScript programming language.

  • Jquery is a very good javascript framework used for Front end portions.
  • It is very easy to use in comparison to other web frameworks.

These are some of the frameworks used for web development.

Best Back-End Programming Languages for Web Development

The Back End is another crucial part of Web Development. . There are numerous programming languages available used for the Back End of websites.

Here in the section, I will mention some of the popular programming languages used for the Back end of web development.


It is a kind of general-purpose and scripting programming language. It is mainly used for the back end of web development. 

It first appeared in the year of 1994, and its stable version was released in the year 2021.

PHP used in Web Development

However, this programming language is used for several purposes, and here I mention some of those essential purposes of this programming language.

  • It is really helpful to create dynamic kinds of websites.
  • secondly, it is a very familiar programming language used for the backend.
  • Its interaction is very good with various operating systems.
  • it is also useful to interact with the web servers like Apache.


Python has become one of the most advanced programming languages, which is used not only for web development purposes. 

But besides that, it is also used for machine learning, artificial intelligence, application development, and other varieties of tasks.

It is a kind of high-level programming language and it first appeared in the year 1991 and was developed by the Python Software Foundation.

But later, it was updated several times, and its stable version was released in the year 2021.

It is a kind of dynamic programming language, and it has recently become a very popular programming language because of its uses and functionalities.

After learning this programming language, developers can do multiple things, such as they can go for web development, applications development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, game development, etc.

Python used in Web Development

  • Python is a very helpful programming language for web development because it consists of several frameworks. And these frameworks help developers to do their work in a much faster way. Some popular frameworks are flask, cherry py, pyramid, web2py, etc.
  • This programming language can also be used for the front portion as well as for the back portion of websites.

Best Database Programming Language for Web Development

Besides the front and back end of websites, there is one more option known as the web server or database portion. 

Like the Front end and back end, several languages are also used for the database. Here I state some of those languages.


It is also known as a structured query language, and it is mainly used for managing data in the form of a database.

Besides that, it is also used to organize or modify the data within the database.

Oracle is a very kind of popular database software it is a multi-model database management system.

Its stable version was released in 2019; it was used for cloud database solutions, data lakes, operational reporting, data processing, and other essential activities.

Developers mostly use these two databases in web development.

Final Thought

In the upper section, I have mentioned some of the the names of best programming languages for web development and their uses.

And I have categorized the languages into three sections one is the front-end part, the second is back-end part, and the final one is the database portion.

However, if you only want to work as a front-end developer, then there is no need to learn the programming languages like Python and PHP and databases like SQL, Oracle, etc.

Similarly, if you want to become a backend web developer, then PHP and python are sufficient for you.

And besides that, if you want to become a full-stack developer, you have to follow the full process, and you have to learn all the skills mentioned here, starting with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, MySQL, Oracle, etc. These skills are necessary because these things are co-related with each other. 

I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of inquiry, then you can ask me in the comment section.

And follow our website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.

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