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Previous versions of Html | versions of Html

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People have always confuse in between so many versions of Html and why these versions are use, in short, I can say that there are 6 versions of Html. So let’s discuss these versions.

Previous versions of Html :

previous versions of html and versions of html

Html 2.0 :

The first version of Html is Html 2.0. It was initially released in the year of 1995 and in the November month, it is actually the classic version of Html

The main problem with this version of Html is that here we are unable to align the properties of Html.

Html 3.2 :

This version of Html was originally release in the year 1997 and in the month of January.

And this version was understood by all the browsers. And this version is very easier to learn.

Html 4.0 :

This version released in 1997 and in the month of December. And this is one of the best versions of Html.

And this version supports many things, such as it supports forms, CSS styles, and many other things.

Html 4.01 :

The next version is Html 4.01 and which was released in the year 1999 and it is actually considered as the standard version of Html.

XHTML 1.0 :

The term XHTML stands for extensible Html . It was release in January 2000. And this version also supports the transition of Html to XHTML.

HTML 5 :

This is the version in January 2008 and this is actually the latest and current version of Html.

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This article is all about the Html versions and to know the difference between Html and html5, please click here.

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