open source vs proprietary software

Open source vs Proprietary Software

Welcome to this article, here in this article we will discuss the difference between open source and proprietary software.

What are these? With examples also and compares them in separate terms and conditions.

Generally, open-source software is those kinds of software whose source code is freely available.

And any users or programmers can use this source code and modify this source code according to their requirements.

Basically, source code is the inside part of our software and most of the users cannot see this source code.

And based on this source code it depends that how the programs will be run.

On the other hand, proprietary software is software that is not available free of cost and whose source code is not available freely.

And we can say that proprietary software is the personal property of the owner or the website’s creator.

We have to purchase this software license from its developer.

Now here we will compare both the software based on separate points and based on separate terms.

Open-source vs proprietary software


If we compare both the software in terms of their reliableness then we will notice that the open-source software is most reliable than the proprietary software because-

open-source software is developed by very skillful developers and another factor is that its source code is freely distributed.

Therefore millions and billions of people monitor its source code and can easily debug the source code or found errors in that.

Well, that does not indicate that the proprietary software is not built by skillful developers.

This software is also built by skillful developers.

But one of the main disadvantages is that its source code is not freely available at all.

Therefore it is not easier to find the debugs and errors in the source code.


In terms of cheapness proprietary software something fewer advantages than open-source software.

Because it is available free of cost and they don’t even need any additional files to buy.

That’s why open source software is very helpful for business owners.

And the users do not have to pay much to afford this, that is not the case in proprietary software.

Because we have to pay a certain amount of money to use this kind of software.

Suppose if we take the examples of ms office and LibreOffice then we will understand things better.

On one hand for ms office, we have to pay money.

And when you buy a computer or laptop from anywhere then it also takes the charges of this software.

But on the other hand, you can easily download LibreOffice from its official website.

And use this software without paying any cost, so it will decrease your budget.

User’s bad intentions:

This is another term where we can compare both the software.

In the case of open-source, the source code is available therefore it also creates some problems.

In this kind of software where some people come to improve the source code and make it better.

On the other hand, some users come to use this feature badly and create debugs into software products.

This activity can not happen in the proprietary software.

Because the companies create the whole product perfectly and then it was released in the market.


In the terms of user-friendliness, proprietary software has major advantages over open-source software.

Well, it does not indicate that all the open-source software interface is not good and useable.

In fact, there are lots of software are available in the market which is very easier to use and whose interface is very good.

Some of the examples are- LibreOffice, Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, and operating systems like android which are very useable for a user.

But escaping this software the other software’s user interface is not much good and users find some problems using this software.

This problem mainly occurs because the open-source software is built to the developer’s wishes

And brings his ideas to life, therefore not much importance is provide to the user interface.

On the other hand, the proprietary software is built by the companies.

And they also fulfill their customer’s desires and also give attention to the user interfaces.

Virus effects:

The open-source software has some possibilities of effects by the viruses because all the users come into the software are not for the advantages of our software instead of that many of the users come to create some disadvantages, in this way they create harms to our devices, and moreover, they can also transfer virus which will affect our software in future perspectives.

These things cannot happen in the proprietary software because companies build the devices and then check all the software works.

And also check the virus percentage and then publish the software in the market.


If you want to use any software then you need a guidebook about how to use it.

Although oss is very easy to use and any developer can edit or upgrade the code according to their knowledge.

But it does not understandable for all the users because the developers do not provide us the actual documentation about the code.

And therefore it becomes difficult for the users.

In the case of proprietary software, Company provides us with all the documentation code about how to use this software. So it does not creates much confusion for us.


We know that many developers work in open-source software and some hardware requires some specialized drivers to work with open source.

And which is only available from the developers and if the developers are not providing the drivers then we cannot use that software.

Therefore it creates some compatibility issues with our oss.

In the proprietary software, the company provides the essential drivers with the software therefore compatibility issues do not appear.


The open-source software is not limited to a particular network or to any particular computer.

And in this kind of software, we can easily distribute this software to a user anywhere or anyplace.

On the other hand in proprietary software, we cannot distribute this software as a user.

And it cannot be limited to any particular computer or any particular network.

open source vs proprietary software security:

In terms of security, we can say that open-source software is less secure than proprietary software.

Because in oss the code is available for the users therefore it creates some unsecureness for the users.

But that is not the case with proprietary software because it is much more secure for a user and its code is not available.

Open source and proprietary software examples

There are many types of open source and proprietary software available in the market.

Here we mention some of the popular ones.

Some examples of oss:

  • Web browsers like Firefox
  • Operating systems like Linux
  • Programming languages like python
  • Web servers such as apache
  • Some image editing tools such as GIMP

proprietary software examples :

  • Operating systems like the windows operating system
  • Office software such as Microsoft Office
  • Some tools like the adobe photo editing tool
  • Some paid games are also available as proprietary software.

Which is better open source or proprietary software :

Now here we will discuss what is the best software for a user to use is it oss or proprietary software?

Well, we already compare both the software in separate terms and conditions.

But it can be said that if you want to use any software that is free of cost then open source software is the best.

Because it almost gives us all the features that provide by the proprietary software.

But it cannot be ignored that provides us with some external features which feature we cannot find in the free open-source software.

If we take an example of office software such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice then we will understand it better.

We know that LibreOffice provides all the features like MSOffice.

But still, MS Office is better and it is more popular than LibreOffice.

Why is proprietary software bad? :

Well, you cannot say the proprietary software badly.

Because there are many types of proprietary software available on the market which is most useable and its alternative is not available.

For example, if we tell about Microsoft windows then it is easy to understand us.

Although there are some alternatives available on the market windows still, cannot take place of the windows.

But if you want to give a reason why is proprietary software bad?

Then is the cost factor that normally irritates a user.

And the actual cost of the proprietary software is very high.


In this article, we discussed the open-source vs proprietary software comparison and the

open source vs proprietary software pros and cons.

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