NIELIT Shimla Courses, Fees, Placements, Admission 2021

Welcome to here in this article, here we will discuss the Nielit Shimla and its courses, fees, admission process,campasing, and many other things. So read this full article for detailed information.


NIELIT is an institute of the Indian government through which NIELIT conducts many types of computer courses, some courses are short-term computer courses while some courses are long-term computer courses.

The certificate of these courses is validate into many sectors in government sectors as well as in private sectors.

The full form of Nielit is actually the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology and it is formerly known as DOEACC(Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Courses) society.

Nielit has two main website one is – and another website is .

There are many Nielit center are available all over India, if we assuming then there were almost 42 NIELIT institutes are available all over India, and out of these institutes Nielit Shimla is one of the most popular centers and you can do many types of computer courses from these center, formal courses as well as non-formal courses.

How old is NIELIT Shimla ? :

Well as I mention earlier there are almost 42 NIELIT authoritative centers available in India, and out of these centers, NIELIT Shimla is one of the oldest centers.

It was actually estabilishes in the year of 1995 and and it is alnost 26 years old center.

The center was actually situated in Cedarwood Building, Jakhoo Rd, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 17100, and in the heart of Shimla city.

NIELIT Shimla Courses :

NIELIT Shimla has provided us many kinds of computer courses and out of these courses, most of the courses are long-term computer courses.

But from here you can also do various kind of short term computer courses also.

Here i provide a detailed guide about the NIELIT long term and short term computer courses.

Long term Computer Courses

There are various kinds of Long term computer courses offered by NIELIT shimla such as-

  • PGDCA course

Now we will explain you the details of these courses.

O Level Course

The O level computer course is a foundation level computer course conducts by the NIELIT. This course is actually divided into two semesters.

And this course consists of four module papers such as – M1-R5, M2-R5, M3-R5, M4-R5, these are the modules of the O Level course.

The duration of this course is 1 year and you can get admission into this course through the online method or with the help of the institute also.

If you apply for this course without any help or the institute then you have to just give the registration fee or if you get admission into this course without the help of any institute then you have to give the institute tuition fee also.

If you talk about the study material or syllabus of this course then here you will learn about the – Basic computer concepts, word processing, spreadsheet package, presentation, web designing and publishing, and languages like Html, CSS, Javascript, and other important internet-related things, Programming languages like Python, and also about IoT(Internet of Things).

Want to know about this course in details then – Visit here.

A Level Course

The A-Level computer course is actually the advanced level computer course and this course is also conducted by the NIELIT.

The duration of this computer course is around two years for those persons who clears the O level this course is around 1 year.

Well if you do not complete the O level course then don’t worry you are also eligible for this course, after your graduation you can easily do this course, or otherwise, if you have completes the Polytechnic course then you are also eligible for this computer course.

If we talk about the syllabus and study material of this course then here you will learn about the object-oriented programming language about computer organization and operating system, about database technology, system analysis, and design, and lots of other important technology related to Information technology.

If we talk about the fee structure of this course then the institute almost takes 25000-30000 rupees from you.

Besides that you have to provide the registration fees also.

To know more about this course please- visit here.

Short term computer course

Although the NIELIT Shimla center provides many kinds of short-term computer courses and CCC is the most popular course among these courses.

Ccc Computer Course

The term ccc actually stands for course in computer concepts and it is actually a 2months to 3 months computer course and in this course, you will learn about the many things such as- Introduction to computer, Operating system, windows, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Internet applications and skills and about the Digital financial tools.

To know about this course in details- visit here

Some other short term courses provides by NIELIT Shimla – ACC, CCC+, ECC .

NIELIT Shimla Admission Process :

The admission process is very easier , you just simple visit into the website of NIELIT Shimla.

Now fillup the form of NIELIT Shimla online / you can submit the form in the ofline mode also.

After that pay, the registration fee of the course and the course fees will be around 700- 800 rupees. You can pay the rupees in the online mode or in the offline mode.

NIELIT Shimla Placement Opportunities :

NiNIELIT Shimla placements

The NIELIT Shimla provides many kinds of placement opportunities for students after the completion of the courses. But the placements and salary depend on the skills you have and about how eagerly you have done the courses.

There are various companies that acquire the students of NIELIT. There are some companies that provide jobs and comes to NIELIT Shimla center for placement purposes. Examples of those companies are- Wipro Technology, Tata Consultancy Service, INTEL, HCL, and some other type of companies.

NIELIT Shimla Center Facilities :

There are many facilities of the NIELIT center –

  • Well furnished classrooms(Here you will get well furnished classroom to do your class)
  • Lab(Here you will get a hudgev computer lab to practice your tasks)
  • Internet(Here you will get free internet to use)
  • Teachers(The teachers are very helpful and they teach you very well)
  • Library(If you want to read books then you can easily do that from the library, and you not need to buy any books)

NIELIT Shimla Contact Number :

If you have any kind of problem and query about NIELIT Shimla then you can contact with this number – 0177 265 0613

And if you want to contact with NIELIT for any kinf of query then –

For Theory problem contact with- 011-25308394

If you have any practical problems contact with – 011-25308393

For practical projects problems contact with- 011-25308393.

What all courses are offered by NIELIT Shimla?

NIELIT provides many kinds of computer courses some courses are long term and some courses are short term courses. All in one NIELIT Shimla provides 36 computer courses. Here I mention some of those popular course names- O Level course, A-Level course, PGDCA course, CCC computer course, ECC computer course, CCC+ computer course, etc.

How to contact NIELIT Shimla?

You can contact by visiting into their official website .

Or otherwise you can also contact int this number- 0177 265 0613

nielit shimla admission 2021

The admission process of NIELIT Shimla starts in the month of January or you can also get admission in the month of July. But due to covid, the admission process is stopped for some time.


This article is all about the NIELIT Shimla courses, fees, placements, and other important factors. I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at [email protected].

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