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NIELIT Kolkata Courses, Fees, Placements, admission 2021, etc.

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NIELIT actually stands for (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology) and it is actually the autonomous body of the Indian government that actually provides many types of computer courses.

Some of the courses are short-term computer courses and while some of the courses are long-term courses. NIELIT has almost 35 overall centers all over India. One of those centers is present in Kolkata Jadavpur.

NIELIT Kolkata or it is also known as the Jadavpur center also provides many types of computer courses. But it does not provide all kinds of NIELIT courses. But till some main courses are provides by the institute.

After the completion of these courses you can apply for various sectors , such as in it sectors as well as in govt sectors.

NIELIT Kolkata short term courses:

NIELIT provides many types of computer courses and all these courses are not provides by the institute but there are lots of short term computer courses which provides by the NIELIT Kolkata institute.

And here i mention some of the important short term computer courses provided by the institute.

Course nameDurationFees
Programming through c and c++3 months to 6 months5000 rupees
Course in web designing3 months to 6 months5000 rupees
Core Java and advanced java6 months3000 rupees
Office automation course3 months3500 rupees
Networking course3 months400 rupees
Android developer course6 months – 9 months15000- 20000 rupees
Multimedia course6 months7000 rupees
AutoCAD course6 months7000 rupees
Linux course6 – 8 months7000 rupees
Python6- 8 months8000 rupees

These are some of the important short-term computer courses provides by NIELIT Kolkata, and you can do these courses from here.

Besides these courses there are some popular and new courses are introduced in recent times and these courses are also very helpful for getting a job, these courses are-

Course nameDurationFees
CCC (Course in computer concepts)3 months500 rupees(+ Tution fees)
Ecc(Expert computer course)3 months500 rupees(+Tution fees)

NIELIT Kolkata long term courses:

Besides these short term computer course, NIELIT has also provided us many types of long term computer courses and here I mention these long term computer course details.

Course nameDurationFees
O levelOne year12500
A levelOne year six months / after completion of o level one year25000
CHM- O levelOne year15000

These are some of the important long term computer courses provides by the centers.

Here I give an overview of these long-term computer courses. The o level course is actually a foundation level computer course and it is actually a one-year computer course. After the completion of this course, you will learn about lots of things such as- web designing, programming languages like – c, python, Operating systems and some other kinds of things. This course has lots of opportunities in govt sector as well as in the private sector.

If you want to know about the o level and a level course in details then click into that links.

How to apply to NIELIT Kolkata:

We can apply to the NIELIT Kolkata in both manners. Through the help of online more or otherwise we can also apply into these course by visiting into centers.

If you want to do the courses directly then just visit the NIELIT official website and complete your registration process. In this case, you don’t need to pay any kind of tuition fees costs, or otherwise, you have to pay the institute fees.

Or if you directly contact with the institute then in that case you have pay the course fees as well as the tuition fees.

NIELIT kolkata official website: visit

NIELIT Kolkata admission 2021 :

The courses of nielit happens two times in a year , one is in the month of january and another is in the month of july.

If you want to take admission into the NIELIT Kolkata center in 2021 then you can take admission. The January exam of o level and ccc exam does not happen due to the pandemic cause of covid. And now you can take your admission for the July exam easily.

NIELIT Kolkata contact number:

There are two campuses of nielit kolkata, one is in the jadavpur and another is the satlake campus.

Jadavpur University campus , jadavpur kolkata , west bengal , 700032 .

Number: 003 2414 6054


Nielit saltlake campus , BF-267, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, 700064

Number: 033 4602 2246


NIELIT Kolkata placements:

Yes, the NIELIT Kolkata provides many types of placements for students after the completion of their courses. But the placements and the salary packages totally depend on the course and its duration.

If you have done any short-term computer course then campusing might not be good but if you have done any kind of long-term course then you will definitely get a better placement.

There are few companies that have comes for the purpose of the placement in the centers. These companies are- INTEL, Wipro Technologies, Tata, HCL besides these companies there are also few companies who also have come here to this center.


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This article is all about the NIELIT kolkata centers and here we discuss about the fees, courses , placements, admission and many more things.

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