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LibreOffice vs OpenOffice | Difference between LibreOffice and OpenOffice

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There were several word processing software are available in the market as a competitor of ms office and LibreOffice and OpenOffice are considered as the two best competitors of Ms. Office.

But peoples were in confusion about which word processing software is best amongst Libreoffice vs Openoffice. Well, I have used both this software for several years and in this article, I have drawn a complete comparison between Libreoffice vs Openoffice. So, keep reading this article to the end for detailed information.

In the below section, I have compared Libreoffice and Openoffice based on several factors-


LibreOffice is a kind of open-source software developed by the document foundation in 2010.

This software consists of many features such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, math, etc.LibreOffice was developed into many programming languages such as – c language, c++, java, XML, etc.

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice

Openoffice is also a kind of open-source software and developed by microsystem in 1999. This is also combined with many other features such as a word processor, spreadsheet, database, drawing, presentation. It was mainly developed for LINUX operating system but it is available for WINDOWS and for SOLARIS.


Although the features of both the office are quite similar but their main differences are in updates.

Openoffice was developed earlier than LibreOffice but this cannot update itself as LibreOffice does.

Where in 2020 Libreoffice 7.1 version is released, OpenOffice last version was activated in 2014.


In both, offices all the tools are the same.

In LibreOffice, there are seven tools such as – writer, presentation, calc, math, base, draw, and charts.

All these features are available on Openoffice except charts.

That means Libreoffice provides us one more useful option which is mainly used for creating graphs and charts.


However, in terms of languages, OpenOffice is more advanced than LibreOffice.

When we download LibreOffice then we have to stick in one language well that is not happening in the case of Openoffice.

Furthermore where LibreOffice is available in 115 languages but Openoffice is available for 121 languages.


LibreOffice and OpenOffice design are very similar to each other.

But if you observe very carefully then there is a very small difference between sidebars.

The sidebar of OpenOffice is very open and the LibreOffice sidebar is closed.


If you open the word processing software in both the offices you will notice that there is a basic difference presence between the status bar.

LibreOffice automatically tells you the word count but in OpenOffice, this feature is by default is not provided. We have to go to the tools menu to use the word count feature for the current document.

Download Packages:

There are some differences between the two offices in their software packages.

In LibreOffice, if you want to download only one software such as writer, calc, or presentation then you cannot do that you have to download the whole office suite format, Well, it is not the case in Openoffice.

Besides that LibreOffice only works with Windows operating systems and it also works with cloud or local drive.

But in the case of OpenOffice installation is very much required and it is compatible with other office software also.

Available Devices:

If we compare both the office suites in terms of available devices we will observe that LibreOffice has a little bit of edge over OpenOffice.

LibreOffice is available for many devices for windows, Linux, Android, iPhone for Mac devices, and for web-based software also. But it does not support windows-based mobiles.

On the other hand, OpenOffice is available for Windows, for Linux, for mac devices, and for web-based programs .

But it is also unavailable for many devices such as iPhone and for windows mobile also.


If you closely observe then you will notice that the standard and formatting toolbar is almost similar to both the offices but in the Openoffice toolbar, you will find the email button which does not exist in the LibreOffice toolbar.

Well, that does not mean that you cannot email here the email option is provided under the file menu.

Libreoffice vs Onlyoffice:

Unlike LibreOffice and OpenOffice there are other alternatives are available for ms office, one of them is Onlyoffice. Let us discuss what are the differences between LibreOffice vs the only office.

Although their one difference is in their user interfaces-

If you are a regular user of MSOffice then the only office may be suitable for you because its user interface is almost similar to MSOffice. And it is much easier to use than LibreOffice.

Their second difference is that Openoffice provides us a plugin section, from there we can download any kind of plugin and use those as our additional features.

Well, that does not mean that LibreOffice has anything less feature than the only office. If you are a permanent user of LibreOffice then you know very well that there is no need to install any plugin because all the features are already provided here.

Their one more difference is in the tabs, in LibreOffice generally, you will get eleven tabs these are -file, edit, view, insert, format, styles, table, form, tools, window, help. But in only office there are only eight tabs these are file, home, insert, layout, references, collaboration, protection, plugin, etc.

Libreoffice vs Openoffice vs Microsoft office:

I already discuss the differences between LibreOffice vs OpenOffice in separate criteria but if we compare both the office suites with ms office then the major difference is in their price.

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice

Where ms office is a kind of proprietary software that means users have to pay some money to use this office functionalities.

But these are freely available and source code is freely distributed because both are open-source software.

Finally, if you want to know open office or LibreOffice which is the best alternative to ms office then I will say that-

whenever people have heard of creating any word processing file, any spreadsheet, or any presentation then they all remember ms office,

because this is the default office software program for most f businesses.

And it is very updated software and additional features like advanced excel formulas.

But most people cannot like it because it’s very expensive software.

In early 2000, sun microsystem developed software called open and later it becomes so popular as an alternative to ms office.

In 2010 this was purchased by Oracle and due to some problems they leave the program.

And work on their successor called LibreOffice.

LibreOffice consists of the writer as a word processor, calc as a spreadsheet,

impress as presentation, draw which is a diagram and sketch program, database as access, etc.

There is a good user community that helps us who helps users when they have any problem.

It is very smaller than other software which also runs so quickly.

By observing all the aspects it is clear that if anyone does not want to pay money for ms office ,

LibreOffice is the best alternative for ms office because it can do all the tasks as ms office.

Is Microsoft Office better or Libreoffice better:

Well, here I mention a lot of factors and based on these factors we can say that –

all the features provided by Microsoft office are almost similar to the LibreOffice features.

So we can say that in terms of the works LibreOffice is almost similar to the ms office.

But the main difference between LibreOffice and ms office is in between their license and purchase costs.

Where ms office is not available the free of cost.

on the other hand, LibreOffice is a kind of open-source software that is actually available free of cost.

So, we can say that LibreOffice is a little bit beneficial over the uses of ms office. Bur LibreOffice is not so much popular as ms office.


This article is all about the difference between LibreOffice vs Openoffice. Please follow our website for this kind of informational article.