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LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office comparison

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Welcome to here in this article, here we will discuss the differences between LibreOffice vs Microsoft office, so please read this full article for a detailed guide and information.

LibreOffice is one of the alternatives of ms office, and it almost looks like ms office and here we discuss their differences.

LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office Differences

Libreoffice is a open office suite developed by the document foundation similar to microsoft office .

Within the ms office, we saw various kinds of features and software such as – word, excel, PowerPoint, access, and some other kinds of software are available.

On the other hand, LibreOffice also provides this kind of software such as Libreoffice writer in place of ms word, in place of excel here calc is provided, in place of presentation impress is provided.

And for creating maths formula is present here and the database and drawing option is also present here through which we can create a drawing and use the database.


The main difference between LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office is in terms of price, Microsoft office is not free at all, you have to pay some amount to use this.

You have to pay 4200 Indian rupees to use the microsoft office for 365 days.

While on the other hand Libreoffice is absolutely free and to use this you not need to pay any kind of amount, it is open-source software that anyone can use in any place.

Personal information

When you download Microsoft office into your computer system at that time you have to provide your personal details and information such as – your name, your number as well as your email Id.

But on the other hand if you want to download the Libreoffice then you not need to give any of your personal details .

Just visit the official website of LibreOffice and then choose the version of your system and download the version into your device.

Pdf option

Although the maximum number of features are almost similar to LibreOffice and ms office there are some differences in also presence within their features.

If you open the LibreOffice writer then you will observe that the interface of LibreOffice writer is almost similar to ms word.

But if you are using the ms office 2007 version then there you will not get the pdf creation option. But on the other hand, the pdf option provides to LibreOffice writer.

Just visit into the file option of Libreoffice and click on the – Export option and you can easily make pdf from here.

Besides that when you will create a pdf into Libreoffice then there are other options is also given for security purposes and you can give a password into your document.

But this feature is not provides to ms office , in ms word if you want to enable this feature then you have to visit online.


If you want to create any drawing in Libreoffice then there is a small tab provides at the bottom of your drawing option.

But this feature not provides to ms office. Therefore if you want to create any kind of drawing then LibreOffice is always better than ms office.

Ribbon converts

Many people say that it is almost similar to Windows XP, but here we also can convert the menus and ribbons to ms office.

To do that just visit into view tab – user interface – click on the taped option .

Now you will observe that all the tabs are open in front of you and it is almost similar to Microsoft Office, Such as – insert tab, data tab, and other tabs.

Further more here you will also see the libreoffice tabs at the top of your document.


The spreadsheet package is available on both the software in ms office as well as in LibreOffice. In ms office the spreadsheet package known as excel and in LibreOffice it known as calc.

Besides that, there are not many differences between these two softwares. And their interface is also similar to ms office, and all the functions and formulas are also the same.


If we talks about presentation softwares then the presentation software package is almost similar of both the packages.

Infact their templates are also similar to one another and they are very easy to use and to do works.

System requirements

If we closely observe the system requirements of both offices then we will notice that LibreOffice is more compatible with various system requirements.

If we talk about the system requirements of LibreOffice then it works on windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, and another version of windows.

Pentium -compatible processor is enough for LibreOffice. And if you have only 256 MB of RAM and 1.5 GB hard disk space then it is enough to support LibreOffice.

On the other hand, if we talk about ms office then it generally needs a 1.6 GHz faster processor, if you use the mac os then you have to use the Intel processor.

Minimum memory is 2GB needed and if you have the macos then you need 4 GB RAM .

It generally needs 4 GB harddisk space inside your computer system.

Operating systems

Another important difference between LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office is in the operating system. LibreOffice is almost compatible or suitable for all kinds of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, GNU/Linux, Android/ Linux, and other types of operating systems.

But this thing cannot happe with ms office and it is not actually supports in all kinds of operating systems.

Update and latest version

If we talks about the updatation process and latest version then libreoffice is more updated then the ms office.

And its update is almost comes within 3 or 4 months.

New features

Ms office 22016 is actually the latest version of ms office and there are some of the new features are available in me office 2016 which actually does not present in LibreOffice.

For instance, if we take an example then the Foxit reader pdf feature is available in ms office but it is not available on LibreOffice.

Some other kind of new features are also integrate into this type of office.

Cloud storage

Microsoft Office provides us some of the options and features through which we can save our documents in cloud storage, cloud storage is actually an online platform through which we can store our documents such as audio, video, images, and other files online.

This feature is not actually provides to LibreOffice ,but that doesnt mean that in LibreOffice we cannot save anything.


In terms of interface i should say that the 2016 interface of Microsoft Office is looks little bit more professional .

While on the other hand, the interface of LibreOffice does not look that much professionals, well that doesn’t indicate that the interface is too bad, it is absolutely good and easy to use for a user.


Well if we compare both the office suites in terms of supports then we will notice that Microsoft Office with the 365 days office subscription comes with lots of support such as call support, text-based message support, generally, I have not use Microsoft office support but I usually use the Microsoft forms which were really good.

If you have any kind of problem then they have a book about this problems and solutions .

On the other hand, the LibreOffice support is actually not there, it is open-source software, free and it also has text support also.

So if you have any kind of problem with Libreoffice then you can read the article from the document foundation or you can also come into our website, you can also check the youtube videos for your help.

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This article is all about the differences between LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office, I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at the

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