Java developer vs android developer

Java developer vs Android developer- jobs, career, salary

Welcome to this article here we will discuss the differences between java developers vs android developers and besides that here we also discuss their professional jobs, salary, and other things.

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Generally, the term java developer stands for those persons who work in the java programming language. Their works are also based on separate factors and other kinds of things.

On the other hand, the term android developer stands for those programmers who work on android development.

There are various programming languages for android development and java is one of them.

Besides there are other programming languages used for android development such as – kotlin.

Java developer vs Android developer

SubjectsJava DeveloperAndroid developer
Release dateJava was initially released in the year of 1996. This means java is very old.The android development was initially released or starts in the year of 2008.
It suggests that android is the latest field.
WorksThe works of java developers are very much.

If you are in the java development field then you have to analyze software, you have to taste software and lots of other things.
If you are an android developer then your work might be somewhere less than that java developer.

You just have to do programming for android development.
SalaryIf we talk about the java developer then the java developer’s salary is a little bit higher than the android developer’s.On the other hand android development is the latest field and the growing field.

So therefore the android developer’s salary is a little bit low now.
FutureThere are multiple new programming languages introduced in the current time therefore the future of Java development is not will be going far.Android development is growing vastly in some countries such as – united states, and India therefore the future of android development is very secure.
JobsAt the current times, there are multiple jobs are available for java developers, because it is a kind of programming language which is used for any purpose.On the other hand, the jobs for the android developer are also very high but not similar to the java developer.
IntegrityIt is possible that you become a java developer till you do not learn about the android developmentBut on this hand, it is not possible that you to become an android developer till you do not learn about java, because it is one of the important programming languages used for android development along with kotlin.
SkillsIf you want to become a java developer then you have to learn about this programming language and besides that, you have also learned about the java frameworks.On this side, if you want to become an android developer then you have to gain knowledge about java, kotlin programming languages besides that we also have to know about the android studio.



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