is wps office free

Is WPS office free or not?

Welcome to this article here we will discuss the WPS office and whether is WPS office free. What are some features of this WPS office? So please read this full article.


If we talk about the ms office alternatives then there are multiple alternatives are available in the market which we can use alternatively with the MS Office as well as in alternative to LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

But in the case of ms office, we can say that ms office is not actually totally free at all. Either we have to pay for the ms office or otherwise we have to take the pirated version of ms office which will also take some amounts from us.

But if we take the pirated version of ms office then after some period we have to update this version of ms office. That’s why I suggest, that you can use the WPS office and this is one of the best offices according to my recommendation.

But before the use of the WPS office, we have to update this office and we can update this easily, here I mention the steps to download these office packages into your computer, so please follow those steps and download this WPS office package.

Is the WPS office really free? :

If we talk about whether the WPS office is free or not then I would say that it is absolutely free. All though its paid version is available on the market its free version is almost enough for us to do all kinds of office work.

And according to my recommendation you can definitely use the WPS office, it is a very powerful office package and we can use this without paying any kind of money. This also consists of all the software that ms office consists such as word, excel, PowerPoint, and other software also.

And this is very easier to use also. And its user interface is almost similar to Microsoft office. But their difference is in between their names.

For example, in the ms office, you will get the word processing package as the name of the word but in the WPS office, you will get the word processing package as the name of the document.

How to download WPS office :

Here in this section, I mention some of the important steps to download the WPS office inside your systems.

  • Just open a web browser on your computer and type WPS office into that browser.
  • Then visit the first link option and it will take you to the WPS office’s official website.
  • At the top bar section, you will find a download option just click on that option.
  • Here you will get all the versions of WPS office such as the android version, the mac version, for Linux version as well as your windows version. Just select your operating system and download the WPS office according to that operating system.


How much does the WPS office cost? :

All though there are two versions are available on the market one is obviously free of cost. And another is the premium version. However, the premium version is not much costly. If we talk about its costs. Then definitely it will take 29 USD dollars per year. And if we talk about this value in Indian currency it will take around 2000 rupees per year. However, this value also depends on the dollar rate.

Is WPS office better than Microsoft office? :

On the one hand, this fact is true but on another hand, this is not correct. If we notice the money factor then I would say that Microsoft office will definitely take some money from users which the WPS office does not take from us.

On the other hand, if we talk about popularity then I would say that the ms office is much more popular than the WPS office because most people prefer the ms office because it is very much popular.

Is the WPS office banned in India? :

Somewhere the answer is definitely yes and somewhere the answer is definitely not. This office was released in the year 2016 but at that time it was running in India as well as in other countries.

But in later 2020 during the INDIA and CHINA war, the Indian government banned 59 apps from china. And in these 59 apps, the WPS office is one of them. And after that incident WPS office was banned in INDIA and till now it has no option to release the banned.


This article is all about the WPS office and here in this article, we discuss whether that is WPS office free or not. Thank you for reading this article, I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at [email protected]

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