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Is Windows 11 Good for Gaming? (Explained)

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Microsoft announced that Windows 11 is going to launch in late 2021, and after the news, numerous people were getting confused about windows 11 and its features, in this article, I am going to discuss one of the most common questions that people confused about. In this article, I am going to discuss is windows 11 good for gaming or not? So, please read this entire article for detailed information.

So, is windows 11 good for gaming? the short answer is yes, windows 11 is an excellent operating system for gamers, it provides lots of features and functionalities for the gamers. Some of the essential features that existed within this operating system are- Auto HDR, Direct Storage, running android apps, GUI creation, 64 bits system supports, etc.

I know most of the things mentioned here are new features and therefore in the below section, I have discussed all the windows 11 gaming features and also discussed the facts that why windows 11 is a good choice for gamers. So read the full article.

Why Windows 11 is Good Choice for Gamers?

In this section, I have mentioned some of the essential reasons why windows 11 is a good choice for gamers-

Free Updates:

If you are a windows user then you know very well, that windows operating systems always bring something new in its update. And most of the updates were very useful for the users.

Within windows, 11 lots of changes have been done within GUI’s within user interfaces and for the gamers, it provides a really good user interface. And if you are a windows 10 user then you should not worry about its updates, it can be freely updated for windows 10 users.

So, you can update your operating system to windows 11 and you can enjoy your gaming performance within this operating system.

Auto HDR:

The term HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, it is a very good feature for game lovers. The high dynamic range of the games looks much more dazzling and attractive.

But to get this feature your monitor must be compatible with HDR, and windows 11 freely provide this feature for its users.

And auto HDR useful to make better games, and it also allows a supported game to render a much wider range of brightness values, colors by providing an extra sense of richness and depth to the image.

It is a feature that Microsoft uses for the Xbox, but now they are porting the same features to the Windows 11 operating systems.

Direct Storage:

This is another exclusive feature provides by the windows 11 operating system, and it is also a very useful feature for gamers.

And Microsoft describes the direct storage features like this- with the help of this feature games will load more quickly within your pc and which will not affects your CPU (central processing unit).

This suggests that now you can easily load much more heavier games in a very fast manner. And like Windows 10 operating system, it does not takes long times to load the games.

And this feature is also well configured and optimized with hardware systems and therefore provides users a cool amazing experience.

Game Pass:

Within Windows 11 the game pass is going to be built-in, and it is a nice update.

With the help of this function, you can play any kind of game without paying any kinds of subscription fees. And this also previously available for the Xbox, but now they are porting the same features to this operating system.

And hopefully, in the future, you will easily get accessed all the games from your Microsoft play store application.

Android Apps:

This is one of the most major changes that have been performed with the windows 11 operating systems, and it is a very cool feature.

within Windows 11 you can run the android applications very easily and in the future, there might be a possibility that android games also will run within your windows 11 operating system.

But remember one thing that all the apps were not available within your Microsoft AppStore, instead of that all the apps were available within amazon AppStore. And this operating system collaborates with the amazon apps.

Virtual Desktop:

This version of windows also allows you to create a virtual desktop and therefore it is really useful for gamers.

The gamers who use their computer for multiple purposes, it is really helpful for those gamers. And gamers can easily customize the desktops according to their requirements.

Besides that, the gamers can also select the windows size, color temperature, screen brightness, sleep settings, and some other essential tasks while playing the games.

Not supports 32 Bits:

Windows 11 operating system is finally ended 32-bit supports and it is now only available for the 64 bits computers, and therefore this windows system supports good quality games. And most of the games were compatible with the Windows 11 systems.

And if you have a 32 bits computer system then you cannot upgrade it to the Windows 11 operating system.

Supports Most of the Games:

Windows 11 is going to supports most of the games within their systems. And all the games that you have run within windows 10 are also going to run smoothly within windows 11, without lacking anything.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11 Gaming Performance

In this section, I have discussed the major differences between both the windows based on their gaming experience-

TopicsWindows 10Windows 11
HDRThe high dynamic range option is not available on Windows 10 OSThe Auto HDR system is available on Windows 11 operating systems
FastWindows 10 requires some time to load the gamesWhile on Windows 11 the games load in a much faster manner than the windows 10
XboxThis feature does not exist within Windows 10 and therefore for some games you have to pay some amount of moneyWithin windows 11 the Xbox features are integrated and therefore you can play all the games within paying any kind of money
Android apps & gamesThis version of windows is unable to run the android apps and gamesWindows 11 very comfortably runs the android apps and in the future, there might be a possibility that it can also run the android games

In ConClusion:

These are some of the common facts about windows 10 and windows 11 about their gaming performance, and based on all the facts, it can be said that Windows 11 is really an excellent choice for gamers, so if you are a game lover then you can use this operating system instead of windows10.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section and follow our website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.

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